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Did you ever actually use Mod of Randomness?

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Bug report: I was trying a playthrough with one of my friends but when I tried to spawn the strange portal mini boss using the anomaly detector to fight seed of infection, the boss spawn effect played then nothing else happened. Not sure if its a problem on my end or if the boss doesn't work in multiplayer.
so is there anyone here who can give a guide on how to get all of the items required to summon king slayer III? I am playing as a druid in expert mode
The wiki says plutonium is post moon lord but you can get it with laser drill from the martian event. I know the wiki is outdated but I want to make sure that it isn't a bug
I personally farm king slime for mass-money-gathering, tho I'm not sure if you're playing on expert or normal, and I always play on expert.
thank you, I actually already beat him before you posted this message lol, also, I think King Slayer might be my favorite terraria boss fight I have ever fought, so this is the official start of the king slayer III fan club

it says to add new post I have to edit this one, so does anyone know how to actually SEE anything in the souless caverns?
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Hello there , I'm new here and I'm just here to ask for help with the mod . Here is the situation:
I'm on Tmodloader 1.3 64bit
1.If I use Mod of Redemption v. and AlchemistNPC / Lite I get stuck on one place if I use Battle or Ranger Combination from Alachemist NPC
2. If I use the newest version of Mod of Redemption v.0.8.(something) I get 30 fps ( exactly on half) every time when night comes and also Alchemist NPC problems are gone
If you need more information I will try to provide it .
I have a bug that when i try to make a world with Mod of Redemption on it will just exit tmodloader at somepoint without logs....i tried and made a world but when i only had MoR on and it was a small world.All of my mods are QoL so idk why it just doesnt work with them or when i try to make a large world in general.
this is a really awesome mod. after the full 0.8 would be released, redemption could finally became one to rival the calamity mod.
So, I've got a question regarding the Forest Nymph, please.

I've got the Pixies out, but they're not talking to her. I have an alignment of 2. The only time I ever dipped below an alignment of 0 was in killing The Keeper when they were with their protectee.


Here are some screenshots.
I do have the King's Oak staff.

The Pixies are swarming, but not talking.

This video says it should work just as I'm doing.

What am I doing wrong, exactly, please?
I noticed an issue that happens when I play this mod with Spirit: For some reason the crashed ship doesn't generate. This is as far as I know only an issue with Spirit Mod, as it still spawns with either Thorium or Starlight River. Haven't seen if it gets death'd by other mods like Calamity as of yet though.
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