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Empress of Light

Latest Version Download:
v0.8 Beta

Main Devs:

- Halm | Creator/Coder


- Tied | Co-Creator/Spriter
"What the eggplants does this mod add?" I here you not asking, well, look at the spoiler!


Ritto Gaming:


The Keeper by Invictus

Nebuleus by Invictus

Patient Zero by RANSNEEW

Eaglecrest Golem and Thorn by BoRKman

Patient Zero's Eye by FG

Chicken Coop Village by Kirill Greathly

King Slayer III by BoRKman (Ignore the baby yoda with a big nose, he likes noses)

Abandoned Lab art by Maxwell

Full Sets/Single Pieces:





The Keeper:

Seed of Infection:





Corrupted Xenomite:

Omega Power Cell:



Patient Zero:

Ancient Deity:


Other Weapons:

Usables/Boss Summons:








Abandoned Lab:


Abandoned Lab Mini-bosses:

Other NPCs/Minions:
Town NPCs:

Other Friendly NPCs:
Thorn, Bane of the Forest

"An unfortunate warden of a cursed forest, doomed to be consumed by blighted thorns."
Shoots thorns and stingers, can slash at the player, and summon a mana barrier around him to reflect magic projectiles.

- Thorn Mask
- Thorn Trophy
- Bouquet of Thorns (MASTER)
- Cursed Thorn Bow
- Cursed Root Tendril
- Cursed Grass Blade
- Blighted Boline
- Circlet of Thorns [EXPERT]

Erhan, Anglonic High Priest

"A high priest of Fairwood, tasked himself to purify the forest's curse after it consumed it's warden."
Levitates above the player, casting holy spells to smite you. Eventually gets tired and falls to the ground.

- Erhan Helmet
- Erhan Trophy
- Devil's Advocate [MASTER]
- Holy Bible
- Holy Magnifying Glass
- Binkelinge
- Hallowed Hand Grenade of Anglon
- Erhan's Cross [EXPERT]

The Keeper

"A powerful fallen who had learnt forbidden necromancy, its prolonged usage having mutated her body."
Hovers around the player, shooting bouncing bolts, waves of blood, soul charges, or tries to slash with her scythe hand.

- Keeper's Veil
- The Keeper Trophy
- Occie's Collar [MASTER]
- Soul Scepter
- Keeper's Claw
- Fan o' Shivs
- Keeper's Knife
- Grim Shard
- Heart Insignia [EXPERT]
- Sorrowful Essence
- Keeper's Circlet

Seed of Infection

"A blistering pocket of the Xenomite infection."
Flies around the player, shooting projectiles, charging the player, or summoning small hive growths.

- Infected Mask
- Seed of Infection Trophy
- Cuddly Teratoma [MASTER]
- Toxic Grenade
- Diseased Meatball
- Xeno Xyston
- Xenomite Shard
- Necklace of Sight [EXPERT]

King Slayer III

"A suffering robot with quite an attitude."
Flies around either shooting from his gun, firing rocket fists, throwing flashbangs, summoning drones, or getting up-close. Has bubble shields that protect him from projectiles.

- King Slayer III Mask
- King Slayer III Trophy
- Slayer Projector [MASTER]
- Medal
- Holokey
- Slayer's Rocket Fist
- Hyper-Tech Blaster
- Nanoswarmer
- Slayer's Gamer Controller
- Cyber Plating
- Pocket-Shield Generator [EXPERT]

Omega Cleaver (Ft. Wielder Bot)

"A proof-of-concept weapon of war modified by Girus."
A giant blade controlled by a tiny wielder bot. Slashes at you and fires phantom cleavers.

- Fake Knife Headband
- Omega Prototype Trophy
- Corrupted Xenomite
- Terminal Blade
- Samus Head
- Broken Blade [EXPERT]
- Cleaver Remote

Omega Gigapora (Ft. Wielder Bot..?)

"A modified tunnelling machine, originally of Teochrome design, retrofitted with rocket boosters, various weaponry and very experimental projected shield technology."
Burrows while flinging rubble, shooting bolts and cross-bombs, and firing flamethrowers. Is immune to damage until its shield drones are destroyed.

- Drill Head Head
- Omega Prototype Trophy
- Power Drill [MASTER]
- Corrupted Xenomite
- Omega Power Cell

- Microshield Core [EXPERT]

Omega Obliterator

Flies around firing finger guns lasers, eye beams, missiles, and deadly dashes.

- Obliterator Mask
- Omega Prototype Trophy
- Household Heatray [MASTER]
- Omega Finger Gun
- Blast Battery
- Sun-In-Palm
- Obliterator Brain
- Corrupted Xenomite
- Omega Power Cell
- Obliteration Drive [EXPERT]

Patient Zero

"An unfortunate scientist, mutilated and disfigured by the Xenomite infection."
Shoots powerful blasts and lasers patterns.

- Patient Zero Mask
- Patient Zero Trophy
- Floppy Disk
- Medic Kit
- Heart of the Infection [EXPERT]
- Infectious Gauntlet
- Swarmer Cannon
- Mitosis
- Portable Hologram Projector

Ancient Deity Duo (Ukko & Akka)

"Proclaimed as Gods by the people of ancient times, now resurrected to seek new glory together."
Ukko channels the power of thunder and lightning, and charges riding his chariot pulled by Jyrina, his horse.
Akka channels the power of nature and earth, emitting poisonous bubbles, healing her husband with a spiritual aura, and bending the earth to her will.

- Ukko Mask
- Ukon Kirves
- Ukonvasara
- Ukonnuoli
- Vasara Pendant [EXPERT]

- Akka Mask
- Akka Trophy
- Poem of Ilmatar
- Pihlajasauva

Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos

Nebuleus warps around, shooting stars, throwing piercing nebulas, summoning eyes of the cosmos, and flinging dangerous chains.

- Nebuleus Mask
- Nebuleus Robes
- Nebuleus Trophy
- Gilded Bonnet [MASTER]
- Galaxy Heart
- Ham Sandwich [EXPERT]
- Mysterious Skull [EXPERT]
- Nebuleus Wings [EXPERT]
- Fragment of Virtue
- Constellations
- Piercing Nebula
- Chains of the Cosmos
Abandoned Lab:

A giant structure as large as the Jungle Temple.
Destroy the 3 Mechanical Bosses to deactivate the lab's deadly defence systems, and explore and defeat the minibosses within. Loot will have Floppy Disks which tells the lore of what happened here long ago.

After Moonlord is defeated and you've gotten yourself a Keycard, go back and continue to discover new areas of the lab.

Use an IO-Locator to help find it, sold by Adam the Friendly T-Bot.

Hall of Heroes:

An ancient structure built in the far past, yet it almost feels new.
Contains an altar with the Cursed Gem, used to craft the Chalice of Alignment. The Wayfarer will sell Chalice Fragments that will point to this structure.

Surface Portal:

A green portal you cannot yet enter, and the gateway that lead the creatures of Anglon into the island of Terraria.
Below it lies a peculiar mound of dirt.

Underground Portal:

A blue portal you cannot yet enter, and another gateway that lead the creatures of Gathuram into the island of Terraria.
Inside a nearby hut you may find the Dead Ringer, using it on certain corpses may yield interesting results.

Golden Gateway:

An inactivated portal of gold. Where it leads and what its purpose is remains a mystery for now.

Blazing Bastion:

A demonic fortress on the far-right of the underworld. Its purpose remains a mystery for now.

Discord server for this mod:
Join the Mod of Redemption Discord Discord Server!

Thank you to the epic patrons who support this mod!
Luna!, Lantard, Arche, Rainbr1nger11, catsounds, Nechrom, Sneaklone, HikariAnimator, Noah Felt, Omega D, Albino gonkvader, thunder, Daawnily, Cynx303, Renk, Megaswave, Styxl, Mr. Sarge, Ardlan, Ballistic Banana, Zoey (vocaloid shoegaze album), Joshua DiBella (the fridge man), uncon_arts, Josh Mitchell (Imperator_Zero), Emperor OwO, Waasephi, Smuggy, gtoktas, RansnowATB, DualBlades

The changelog for 0.8 and beyond are within the Discord server, however you can still find the changes of previous versions here:
- Ragnos is removed
- Zephos or Daerel will take Ragnos' place
- Normal Thorn boss changes
- King Slayer III has different dialogue for if you fight him when you've completed all his quests
- Increased amount of Ancient Brass Chunks dropped by enemies
- Quests for Zephos and Daerel
- Druid Staves and Seedbags rework
- Empowered Thorn floats
- Resprited all vlitch stuff and removed Corrupted Paladin
- Removed some swords
- Dark Slime rework
- Keeper rework
- Replaced Xenomite Crystal with Seed of Infection
- Swapped Strange Portal and Unstable Portal sprites
- New boss checklist support
- Config option to replace claimable music with royalty-free alternatives
- Music is now in a separate mod
- Rewritten Floppy Disk and Girus dialogue
- Reworked Town NPCs
- Balancing
- Stufffff

- Reward Bag(s)
- Panacea Pill
- Revival Potion
- Kanite Bullet
- Tasty Steak
- Rare Fragments
- Epic Fragments
- Bucket 'o Chicken
- Ruby Skull
- Shell Necklace
- Hiker's Backpack
- Patching Kit
- Ultimate Potion
- Durable Bow String
- Tough Alloy
- Vacuum Bottle
- Bottled Lost Soul
- Invisible Cloak
- Enchanted Map
- Potion of Courage
- Titanium Sheath
- Adamantite Sheath
- Flint and Steel
- Bearded Hatchet
- Soulblade
- Blade of the Mountain
- Mossy Screecher
- Mud Mace
- Beam Katana
- Viisaan Kantele
- Tuhon Aura
- Verenhimo
- Ukon Runo
- Akan Kirves Trophy
- Ukon Kirves Trophy
- Martian Scam Artist Hat
- Ukko Mask
- Akka Mask

- Mossy Goliath

Town NPCs:
- Wayfarer(s)

- Seed of Infection
- Ukko
- Akka

- Friendly T-Bot sells Irradiated Ebon/Crimstone (Depending on world evil) while there's a blood moon
- Added Glowmasks for Infected Eye, MACE Project, and Patient Zero
- Start of the Spirit Druid rework
- Added boss doors that close when a lab miniboss is alive
- Forest Golems, Living Blooms, Cursed Blooms, and Elder Forest Golems have increased spawn rates while its raining
- Buffed Nebuleus' expert form attacks
- The lab is... functional in multiplayer now
- Living Wood Set Bonus now has a bird to fight for you
- Wood Chests now have a chance to have newly added Acorn Bombs in them as an early-game druid weapon
- Spirit druid armour set for post-plantera
- Rod of Discord is safe to use in the lab after Patient Zero is defeated
- Janitor sells furniture
- Fallen sells Ectoplasm post-plantera

- Last Burden
- Baleful Talisman
- Hateful Talisman
- Spiritual Guide
- Sacred Cross
- Spiritual Relic
- Tin Cross
- Copper Cross
- Wisp Armour Set
- Acorn Bomb

- Ebonwood Forest Golem
- Shadewood Forest Golem

- Complete Lab Overhaul
- Wasteland Evil biomes
- Radiation Poisoning
- King Slayer moves further away from the player while shielded
- Strange Portal won't collide with tiles now
- Afterimage and Shockwave effects
- Chicken Invasion ticks off the Boss Checklist now
- Nerfed a Xenomite Crystal attack
- Nerfed Xenium Visor's set bonus
- Wearing Girus Core in rain won't affect you when holding an Umbrella, wearing an Umbrella Hat or a piece of the raincoat set
- Nerfed lab/wasteland water damage
- Wearing Hazmat Suit or HEV Suit with Girus Core stops you from dying in water
- Nebuleus drops less hearts and stun is shorter
- Fixed Wasteland enemies from not spawning in multiplayer
- Prefixes for Druid weapons
- Nuke will drop after Infected Eye is defeated instead of chunks of dead stone genning underground
- Stuff

- Gieger Muller
- Nebuleus Wings
- Mini-Vlitch Core
- Obliteration Drive
- Circlet of Thorns
- Crown of Thorns
- Heart of the Infection
- Pocket Shield-Generator
- Nebuleus Robe
- Gasroot Seedbag
- Bile Container
- Bionade
- Uranium Raygun
- Plutonium Railgun
- Corium Launcher [UNOBTAINABLE]
- Uranium Tongs
- Plutonium Tongs
- Piercing Nebula
- Cosmic Chain
- Hyper-Tech Revolver
- Android Hologram
- Gravity Gun
- Chernobyl
- Xeno Synthesizer
- Star Serpent's Collar
- Fisson Staff [UNOBTAINABLE]
- P-2 Warhead Receiver
- Uranium Rod
- Cyber Chakram
- Noidan Sauva
- Cloaker Device
- Radiation Pill
- Sigil of Thorns
- Bile Arrow
- Bile Bullet
- Bile Dart
- Flask of Bile
- Bio-Weapon Arrow
- Bio-Weapon Bullet
- Bio-Weapon Dart
- Flask of Corrosion
- First-Aid Kit
- Evil Jelly
- Eaglecrest Spelltome
- Uranium
- Plutonium
- Solid Corium
- Bio-Weapon
- Toxic Bile
- Rad Root
- Biohazard Particle
- Datalog
- Holokey
- Cyberscrap
- Memory Chip
- Ship Hull Plating
- Ship AFTL Engine
- Ship Wiring Kit
- Laboratory Reception Couch
- Laboratory Ceiling Monitor
- Laboratory Reception Desk
- Laboratory Ceiling Lamp
- Holochest
- Radioactive Sign
- Ship Hull Plating
- Ship AFTL Engine
- Ship Wiring Kit
- Cyber Fabricator

- Bile Boomer
- Plague Physalia
- Irradiated Spear
- Superbug
- Radioactive Slimer
- Irradiated World Feeder
- Injector
- Bloated Face Monster
- Bloated Goldfish
- Nerve Parasite
- Xenoling
- Laboratory Turret/Drone

- The Janitor
- Protector Volt

- Chickens can be netted
- Wasteland overhaul, only available with the Xeno Solution
- Nestori's Violin resprite
- Bleeding Sun is a post-PZ weapon now
- You won't be able to stand on the Xeno Forge
- Certain buffs cancel core weaknesses
- Computer and Test Tubes tiles can be placed on tables now
- Some seeds, like the bloodroot one, will activate when hitting an enemy
- Xenium Refinery and Xenium Smelter can be mined with a 200% pickaxe instead of a 300% one
- If Calamity is enabled, places the lab higher on the gen list so the Sunken Sea doesn't vore the lab
- Vlitch Gigipede has a glowmask, along with some other enemies
- While raining at day, there is a chance for hibernating forest golems to spawn
- Forest Golems will slowly regen in rain or in water
- The lab is beatable in Multiplayer now!!!!!!!!!!
- Xenomite Crystal Rework
- Infected Eye Rework
- Slightly switched around King Slayer's attack patterns
- i donno some other stuff
===0.7.4 and Below===
- Vlitch Cleaver overhaul (part 1)
- Nerfed King's Oak Stave and Haunted Ice Stave
- Buffed a lot of hardmode druid weapons
- Buffed most druid armour's defence
- King Slayer doesn't like it when you make him shield up in less than 10 seconds
- Slightly buffed Xenomite Crystal
- Vlitch Cleaver Mega Bolts won't insta-kill you... They'll just deal 200 damage instead
- Wall's Claw's projectiles won't go through tiles anymore
- Vanilla boss bags will have this mod's stuff in yay
- Plant Matter can be used to craft Moss Seed Bag
- Lots of other stuff i forgot
- Oh yeah, Wasteland has grass tiles now
- sans
- Portable Martian Shield Generator will reflect projectiles instead of increasing player's stats
- Fixed issue with non-piercing spirit weapons and the "spirit piercing" effect making the weapons ignore immunity frames
- Nerfed Radium Digger's damage by a ton
- Apidroid has a chance to reflect projectiles back at the player
- Holoshield has a 25% chance to reflect projectiles back at the enemy
- Changed Nightshade Potion to Vendetta Potion
- New structure... ?
- Platinum Flower Crowns actually are crafted with platinum now, instead of gold
- Sapphiron/Scarlion will generate like normal ore, instead of only in the underground layer
- Changed Nature Guardians... Again
- Fixed messages repeating after Xenomite Crystal and Skeletron has been defeated
- Holoshield will have a chance to reflect projectiles
- Replaced Druid Dagger Clusters with Druid Shurikens
- Nature Guardians won't cost mana and last longer
- Added a unique Nature Pixie for the boreal, palm, and mahogany staves
- The Keeper will be surrounded by Dying Souls in phase 2, expert mode only
- All staves will shoot a projectile now (With the exception of the Elegant Marble Stave and Great Skies Stave)
- All spirit weapons will get buffed by soul-related armoury
- Added a Greatstave thats all pre-hm wood staves combined
- Small Lost Souls will give a hint of what drops them in the tooltip
- Tesla Blade's Holo Blade projectiles will shoot 4 lasers instead of 6-8 (donno i forgot)
- Spirit Wyvern will change direction now and its shots will only home if the player has a spirit homing effect thingy
- Dragon-Lead will generate near the bottom of the cavern layer
- Changed Tesla Cannon to shoot LIGHTNING!!
- Changes to Nature Guardians
- New projectile for Ancient Novice's Staff
- Hyper-Tech Blaster shoots phantasmal bolts
- Unsafe Lab tiles are minable after Patient Zero has been defeated, but only with 500% pickaxe power or higher
- Fixed Calamity issue with the lab

- Ancient Power Surge Set
- Cursed Thorn Set
- Small Shadesoul Set
- Shadesoul Set
- Blood Shinkite Set
- Cursed Shinkite Set
===0.7.4 and Below===
- Nightshade Set

- Ancient Mirror Shield
- Ancient Commander's Staff
- Ancient Pickaxe Axe
- Holy Ground
- Cursed Dart Gun
- Cursed Thorn Blade
- Cursed Thorn Pickaxe Axe
- Cursed Thorn Hammer
- Starfruit Seedbag
- Cursed Thorn Seedbag
- Cries of Grief
- Shadebound
- Ancient Power Stave
- Tied's Rapier
- Baneful Moonlight
- Constellations
- Hand-Held Ballista
- Cavalry Lance
- Chickronomicon
- Stone Puppet
- Eaglecrest Glove
- Cursed Thorn Tendril
- Cursed Thorn Bow
- Chick Launcher
- Royal Battle Horn
- Infectious Lance
- Nebulous Starburst
- Staff of the Soulless
- Waraxe of Shade
- Greater Chickman Escutcheon
- Freedom Star
- Firebreak
- Withering Rose
- Cursed Grass Blade
- Cursed Root Tendril
- Ancient Pebble
- Ancient Slingshot
- Ancient Archmage's Staff(s)
- Crimson Witherbrand
- Cursed Witherbrand
- Blood Warmonger
- Cursed Warmonger
- Crimson Storm
- Cursed Storm
- Ashrune Yoyo(s)
===0.7.4 and Below===
- Pocket Sand
- Pocket Sans
- Xenomite Kunai
- Xenomite Shuriken
- Luminite Dagger
- Luminite Shuriken
- Bloodroot Seed Bag
- Ichor Shroom Seed Bag
- Cursed Shroom Seed Bag
- Magma Staff
- Poisonous Sleep Powder
- Haunted Ice Stave
- Druid Shuriken
- Bonfire Shuriken
- Crystal Shuriken
- Spirit Squirrel in a Bottle
- Ancient Soul Caller
- King's Oak Greatstave
- Forest Nymph's Sickle
- Gradivina
- Nightshade Seed Bag

Other Items:
- Terra Bomba(s)
- Galaxy Stone
- Chicken
- Egg Bomb
- Ancient Sigil
- Galaxy Heart
- Lab Access Panel(s)
- Chalice of Alignment
- Heart of Thorns
- Fruit of Thorns
- Galaxy Star
- Unrefined Shinkite
- Blood Shinkite
- Cursed Shinkite
- Cursed Thorns
- Ancient Power Core
- Eye of the Eaglecrest Golem
- Ancient Power Fragment
- Cursed Thorn Piece
- Small Shadesoul
- Shadesoul
- Large Lost Soul
- Radioactive Hardened Sand
- Radioactive Ice
- Radioactive Sand
- Radioactive Sandstone
- Chicken Coop
- Nebuleus Trophy
- Music Box (Patient Zero)
- Music Box (Abandoned Lab)
- Music Box (Abandoned Lab Minibosses)
- Music Box (Hall of Heroes) [UNOBTAINABLE]
- Music Box (Nebuleus)
- Music Box (Cursed Beings of the Forest)
- Thorn Trophy
- Laboratory Door
- Broken Laboratory Door
- Small Laboratory Door
- Nebuleus Mask
- Thorn Mask
- Rooster King Mask
===0.7.4 and Below===
- Plant Matter
- Hovercopter Caller
- Cursed Gem
- Eldritch Root
- Vepdor's Headgear
- Archcloth Throne
- Statue of the Demigod

- Fallen Ancient
- Ancient Archer
- Ancient Timeshifter
- Soulless Wanderer
- Soulless Assassin
- Soulless Duelist
- Greater Chickman
- Chicken Cavalry
- Shielded Chickman
- Chickman
- Chicken Ballista
- Chickman Archmage
- Chickman Chickromancer
- Chicken Bomber
- Bone Chicken
- Eaglecrest Stones
- Chicken Swarmer
- Small Shadesoul
- Shadesoul
- Cursed Bloom
- Sleeping Stones
- Elder Forest Golem
- Star Serpent
- Wasteland Splicer
- Decayed Ghoul
- Pigron (Green)
- Radium Rampager
- Infected Beast
- Radioactive Slime
- Nuclear Slime
- Infected Swarmer
- Infected Grub
- Infected Snow Flinx(s)
- Spiked Radioactive Slime
- Infected Chicken
===0.7.4 and Below===
- Girus Attack Drone
- Girus Attack Hovercopter
- Bob the Blob
- Omega Mk-2 Pilot
- Blood-Boiled Skeleton
- Forest Nymph(s)
- Brain Feeder
- Skeleton Assassin (Intruder)
- Skeleton Wanderer (Ancient Brass)
- Vepdor

- Trojan Chicken
- Rooster King
- Eaglecrest Golem
- Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos
- Thorn, Bane of the Forest

- Removed Stone Golems
- Undead Violinist spawns after Plantera now
- Removed Reinforced Warden's Bows
- Replaced all Noble's Swords with just one Noble's Sword
- Changed how the Xeno Canister shoots
- Xenomite Crystal has more dust effects
- Strange Portal has a new attack
- Resprited Strange Portal and Unstable Portal
- Changed Nature Guardian Buffs part of the tooltip
- Nerfed all Seedbags
- Large Seed Pouch will give the player a chance to throw 1 extra seed instead of a guaranteed 2-3
- Nerfed EVERYTHINNGGGG! (Well, the things that needed it)
- Secret interactions ;)
- Changed Moonflare Bat's appearance
- Corrupted Paladin should actually throw a Corrupted Paladin's Hammer now
- Changed sprite for the Mystic Stave and the bush proj
- Living Wood and Leaves are getting replaced with Living Twig
- Zombie Slayer's Tactical Bow shoots differently
- Mk-3 Microbots take up 2 minion slots
- Changed Wall's Claw stave attack
- Nightshade will spawn less frequently and glow less
- Fixed Tied's dev set doing something or something
- Projectiles that spawn NPCs (e.g Chicken Eggs) should work in multiplayer
- Removed Strange Contract... For now.
===0.6.9 and Below===
- Changes spawn rates
- Changed Druid staves
- Resprited Corpse-Walker Priest and she has a special attack
- Chickens will occasionally cluck
- New plant that grows at night in the forest
- Resprited some weapons
- Nerfed Zombieslayer's Tactical Bow
- Fixed Wasteland spawning
- Fixed Girus Core making you take damage in the sky
- Animations for some skeletons attacking
- Resprited Living Bloom
- World Staves don't deal damage anymore, just buff
- Projectiles from staves have a faster velocity
- Something new with Omega Obliterator ;)
- Nature Guardians for Druid Staves
- Bunch of balancing
- Master Druid Charm now is post-moonlord
- Some Druid Accessories are nerfed
- Resprites of Wasteland enemies
- Can now catch Grand Larvas, Flies, and Lost Souls in Bug Nets
- Fixed a mistake in Creation Druid Chestplate that increased damage by 90% instead of 17%
- Resprited Ancient Brass weapons (By FailureOfMankind)
- Nerfed Gilded Sea Axe
- Kanite Pickaxe is slower mining
- Kanite Pistol needs musket balls to craft
- Girus knows when you defeat a Vlitch Overlord...

- Xenium Set

- Mitosis
- Giant Dandelion
- Syringe Pistol
- Xenium Stave
- Betelguise
- Orion
- Canis Minor
- Sirius
- Ophiucus
- Nano Pickaxe
- Total Corruption
- Frozen Grasp
- Angel's Bane
- Noble's Sword
- Loreholder
- Crowbar
- Incandescence
- DNAgger
- Tesla Manipulator Prototype
- Tesla Rifle
- The Mace
- Tesla Cannon
- Xenium Saber
- Swarmer Cannon
- Blighted Gauntlet
- Radiance
- Bleeding Sun
- Tesla Blade
- Tesla Coil Staff
- Portable Hologram Projector
- Xenium Blade
- Xenium Bow
- Deactivated Xenium Autoturret
- Xenium Lance
- Xenium Staff
- Xenium Railgun
- Dragon Slayer's Greatstaff
- Dragon Slayer's Greatlance
===0.6.9 and Below===
- Wall's Claw
- Ghastly Cutlass
- Tranquility

Other Items:
- Dragonheart
- Keeper's Circlet
- Suspicious Xenomite Fragment
- Druid's Mutagen
- Sorcerer's Mutagen
- Warrior's Mutagen
- Ranger's Mutagen
- Summoner's Mutagen
- Hazmat Suit
- Lab Crate
- Electronade
- Medic Kit
- Xenium Bar
- Raw Xenium
- Molten Scraps
- Empty Mutagen
- Floppy Disk(s)
- Keycard(s)
- Medal
- Unidentified Blueprints
- Xenium Refinery
- Xenium Smelter
- Lab Chest
- Empty Bot Hanger
- Occupied Bot Hanger
- Laboratory Workbench
- Laboratory Chair
- Laboratory Table
- Laboratory Computer
- Server Cabinets
- Laboratory Intercom
- Hospital Bed
- Laboratory Fan
- Test Tubes
- Biohazard Sign
- Death Sign
- Electricity Sign
- Patient Zero Mask
===0.5.9 and Below===
- Rope Hook
- Nightshade Seeds
- Grand Larva (Bait)
- Fly (Bait)
- Nightshade Potion
- Charisma Potion
- Nightshade
- Archcloth Banner
- Music Box (The Omega)

- Infection Hive
- Infected Scientist(s)
- Sludge Blob
- Blisterling
- MACE's Fist
- Space Keeper
- Hive Growth(s)
- Omega Android
- Prototype Omega
- Omega Space Paladin
- Skeleton Nobles (Ancient Brass/Pure-Iron/Sky Squire)

- Infected Scientist
- Stage 3 Infected Scientist
- Irradiated Behemoth
- Blisterface
- MACE Project
- Patient Zero

- Fixed stuff
- Girus' Dagger can be crafted into a thrown version
- Fixed the Xenomite Glaive & Girus Lance not spinning the right way
- Changed Girus Heavy Armour
- Ancient Gold Coins will now give a hint of what they're used for (So you don't trash them)
- UV Armour is actually crafted from Ultra-Violet Plating instead of Martian Plating
- 10 Starlite will be crafted instead of 1
- Nerfed Flak Cannon and requires Hallowed Bars now
- Pirate Cook banner will work now
- Changed back Terra Ball and Mini Thorn Ball so they don't bounce off platforms
- Nerfed Corrupted and Vlitch weapons
- Nerfed some op post-plantera druid accessories
- Fixed a bug with hair and alt hair showing when wearing certain helmets
- Fixed crit on Druid projectiles
- Visually improved the Angelic Stave a little bit
- Fixed spear hitboxes
- Nerfed Warden's Bows and Silverwood Bow
- Removed the Empowered Buff
- Nerfed Nestori's Violin
- Changed spawning of bosses (Keeper always spawns to the right of you)
- Renamed Acorn Staff to Acorn Stave
- Girus Armour for Melee, Magic, Ranged and Summon
- New way of getting Lost Souls (They are passive enemies that spawn after certain enemies are killed)
- Increased defence of the Keeper armour set a little
- Changed hit and death sound of The Keeper her death a little
- Custom sounds are back, Keeper will actually shriek when 2nd phase is reached
- New animation for the Keeper when shrieking
- Nerfed King Slayer III's damage... A little.
===0.5.9 and Below===
- Mysterious Tablet is crafted with Small Lost Souls instead of Ancient Stone
- Resprites of Xenomite Crystal and Infected Eye and their drops
- Resprited Xenomite Tools/Weapons
- Infected Digger and Giant Bats will replace Infected Giant Worms and Cave Bats in Hardmode
- Molten Golem will have a new attack
- Coldblooded Druid armour will give extra mobility on ice
- Shade/Ebondruid armour gives thorns effect
- Buffed the Lost Soul/Wandering Soul armour
- A Jolly Madman now has a special attack
- New dialogue for Friendly T-Bot
- Creation Rose and Death's Grasp Seed Bags will now count for the Seed Grenade recipe.
- Squire won't think you killed King Slayer III even though you didn't.
- Removes the Note on Druid Class from mod.
- Dryad sells Herb Bags
- Forest Nymphs will drop 1-2 Herb Bags
- Druid Daggers are made with 2 of any plant instead of 5 and will craft 200 instead of 100.
- Fixed King Slayer III's multiplayer issue where he just becomes immortal after first shield phase.
- Death's Grasp Seeds will not despawn in half a second.
- Resprited stuff
- Vlitch Annihilator has been overhauled

- Girus Tactical Set
- Girus Techmancer Set
- Girus Overseer Set
- Sky Squire Set
- Bland Gold Crown
- Bland Platinum Crown
- Skull Digger's Mask

- Explosive Barrel
- Moonflare Arrow
- Magnetic Soulbound
- Elegant Marble Stave
- Sunshard Greatstave
- Gauche World Stave
- Ukko's Stave
- Last Redemption [UNOBTAINABLE]
- Moby Digg
- Barrel Bombarder
- Chilli Powder Spray
- Gloop Gauntlet
- Bronze Wand
- Gilded Sea Axe
- Sword of the Forgotten
- Radioactive Launcher
- Wraith Slayer
- Skull Digger's Skull Digger
- Zombie Slayer's Tactical Bow
- Dungeon Warhammer
- Three-Headed Skeletal Warhammer
- Ghost Cutlass
- Steam-Cog Minigun
- Crystal Heart Scepter
- Crystal Heart Waraxe
- Shining Heart Scepter
- Shining Heart Waraxe
===0.5.9 and Below===
- Brynildra
- Gloop Container
- Xenomite Stave
- Plasma Jawser
- Bindeklinge
- Parthius
- Final Art: Dance of Blades
- Brave Lance
- Hero Sword
- Girus Lance
- Druid Dagger Cluster
- Bonfire Dagger Cluster
- Crystal Dagger Cluster
- Golden Orange Tree Seed Bag

Other Items:
- Crown of the King
- Blooming Luck
- Omega Radar
- Obliterator Brain
- Laboratory Panel
- Laboratory Panel Wall
- Music Box(es)
===0.5.9 and Below===
- Infected Core
- Omega Core
- Fried Egg
- Spices (Blue/Green/Orange/Red/White)
- Empty Core
- Ancient Core
- Demonhollow Core
- Forest Nymph's Core
- Gathic Core
- Ithonic Core
- Niric Core
- Nightshade Core
- Thamor Core

- Suspicious Dirt Pile
- Marble Chess Horse
- Granite Cluster
- Lost Soul(s)
- Omega Mk-2 Android
- Sunken Pirate
- Sunken Parrot
===0.5.9 and Below===
- Infected Giant Bat
- Infected Digger
- Pirate Cook

Town NPCs:
- Newb

- Omega Obliterator
- Sunken Captain
- Skull Digger

- Resprites of the Prototype Silver, Space Paladin, Bone Leviathan, Crusher and more.
- Quite a lot of resprites
- Vlitch Cleaver Resprite
===0.4.9 and Below===
- More Druid stuff (Mostly for early Hardmode)
- The Keeper's Staff has been reworked
- Fixed the Keeper despawning in multiplayer when reaching 2nd phase
- Fixed some multiplayer stuff
- Got 4 new spriters so new sprites for the (Rusty) Zweihander, Magic Metal Polish, Bronze Greatsword, Wooden Buckler and Peacekeeper
- Aki's Claw resprite
- Crusher resprite (Its a big boi)
- Xenomite Crystal has new attacks
- Holy bazinga, a lot of moist resprites
- Vlitch Gigipede resprite
- Infected Eye has a new spin-tastic attack
- Overhauled Vlitch Gigipede's fight
- Did stuff with boss despawns
- Fixed bosses being 'defeated' even though they haven't
- Buffed some Druid Seed Bags
- Fixed custom death messages with debuffs
- Stuff I forgot
- Lowered the Strange Contract drop chance.
- Fixed the Dark Soul Minion not dealing damage, but can't figure out how to make it despawn.
- Fixed the melee Keeper armour set from making melee speed slow.
- New AI for some bosses
- New class. (WIP)
- Resprited all the recoloured golems (Except the Stone Golems)
- The Keeper has animation!

- Blossom Druid Set
- Sapphire Set
- Scarlet Set
- Creation Druid Set
- Hardmore Ore Garland(s)
- King Slayer Mask
===0.4.9 and Below===
- UV Set
- Forest Druid's Set
- Dragon-Lead Set
- Coldblooded Druid Set
- Flower Crown(s)
- Intruder Vanity Set
- Ancient Wood Set
- Dryad Set
- Ebondruid Set
- Shadedruid Set
- Gloom Druid Set
- Sunset Helm
- Lost Soul Set
- Wandering Soul Set
- Druid's Hat
- Pouch Belt
- Large Seed Pouch

- Black Gloop Launcher
- Flak Cannon
- Moonflare Stave
- Pleasure (O-02-98)-W
- Angelic Stave
- Plantera's Stave(s)
- Stave of Life
- Adamantite Lily Seed Bag
- Titanium Seed Bag
- Creation Rose Seed Bag
- Death's Grasp Seed Bag
- Ultra-Heated Flamethrower
- Nanobot Launcher
- Slayer's Rocket Fist
- Hyper-Tech Blaster
- Moonflare Stave
- Garden of Madness
- Creation Hamaxe
- Creation Pickaxe
- Lihzahrd World Stave
===0.4.9 and Below===
- Martian Tree Seed Bag
- Great Skies Stave
- Starbound World Stave(s)
- Crystal Stave
- Soul-Guiding Stave
- Hardmode Ore Staves (Living Metal Staves)
- The Belrose(s)
- Daybloom Seed Bag
- Moonglow Seed Bag
- Duality Seed Bag - Liquid Flames
- Duality Seed Bag - Sun and Moon
- Moss Seed Bag
- Druid Dagger
- Mystic Thorn Stave
- Angelic Fan
- Eye Stalk Seed Bag
- Bonfire Dagger
- Crystal Dagger
- Forest Druid's Stave
- Girus Dagger
- Dragon Slayer's Greatsword
- Dragon Slayer's Greatbow
- Lunar Shot
- Corrupted Paladin's Hammer
- Ophos' Forgotten Greatsword
- Portable Martian Shield Generator
- Seed Grenade
- Mysterious Artifact
- Hallam's Steel Sword [UNOBTAINABLE]
- Dusksong, Bond of Dark Souls
- Blind Justice, Demon's Terror
- Mythril's Bane
- Godslayer, Promise of Slaughter
- Honor's Reach, Edge of the East
- Whisperwind, Bow of Blight
- Spellsong, Core of the West
- Midnight, Defiler of the Prine
- Nestori's Violin
- Ancient Wood Sword
- Ancient Wood Hamaxe
- Ancient Wood Bow
- Seed Bag
- Blinkroot Seed Bag
- Vilethorn Seed Bag
- Sky Flower Seed Bag
- Gloom Shroom Bag
- Corpse Flower Seed Bag
- Deathweed Seed Bag
- Crimthorn Seed Bag
- Fireblossom Seed Bag
- Glowing Mushroom Bag
- Heal Shroom Bag
- Icar's Flower Seed Bag
- Shiverthorn Seed Bag
- Waterleaf Seed Bag
- Xenomite Canister
- Acorn Staff
- Ancient Wood Stave
- Boreal Stave
- Ebonwood Stave
- Living Wood Stave
- Mahogany Stave
- Palm Stave
- Pearlwood Stave
- Petrified Stave
- Demonite Stave
- Crimtane Stave
- Donjon Stave
- Hellstone Stave
- Grass Stave
- Lunar Crescent Stave
- Hallowed Stave
- True Hallowed Stave
- True Lunar Crescent Stave
- Terra Stave
- Spirit Bunny in a Bottle
- Spirit Wyvern in a Bottle
- Ancient World Stave(s)
- Mechanical World Stave

Other Items:
- Master Druid Charm
- Druid Charm(s) (Dawn/Dusk/Midnight)
- Tainted Necklace
- Bloody Collar
- Skeleton Watering Can
- Creation Wings
- Ultra-Violet Plating
- Ultra-Violet Plating Wall
- Petrified Wood Dresser
- Petrified Wood Door
- Petrified Wood Clock
- Petrified Wood Bed
- Petrified Wood Trophy
- Cyber Tech
- Sapphiron Ore
- Sapphire Bar
- Scarlion Ore
- Scarlet Bar
- Creation Fragment
- K.I.N.G Core
- Cyber Plating
===0.4.9 and Below===
- Terraria's Will (Boots)
- Forest Shackles (Dawn/Dusk/Midnight)
- Lotus Horseshoe(s)
- Spirit of Life
- Forest Core
- Lotus Rune Banner
- Lily Rune Banner
- Vlitch Plating
- Vlitch Plating Wall
- Moonflare Fragment
- Druid Emblem
- Golem Watering Can
- Power Cell Wristband
- Soul of Bloom
- Druid Essence
- Botanist Station
- Leather Pouch
- Vlitch Scale
- Gloom Mushroom
- Broken Hero Stave
- "Brothers?" Alternative Painting
- Druidic Altar

- Death's Gardener
- Ragged Zombie
===0.4.9 and Below===
- Devil's Tongue
- Skeleton Druid
- Dark Slime (Miniboss)

Town NPC:
===0.4.9 and Below===
- Slicer
- Dark Hunter

- King Slayer III

- Made Blood Worm slower
- Necklace of Sight is an expert drop from Xenomite Crystal
- Increased the chance for the Corpse-Walker Priest to drop the Corpse-Walker Staff from 1/66 to 1/25
- Squire now sells the "Forest Golem" painting after Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated
- Slightly decreased spawn rate for Chickens
- Forest Spiders and Spider Swarmer Queens now drop Spider Fangs in Expert Mode
- Fixed the worms only despawning their bodies and tails after a player dies on multiplayer
- Changed Shadow Worm into Blood Worm since "the crimson needs more worms"
- Many many resprites!
- Stuff I forgot
- Fixes I forgot

- The Keeper Set
- Corrupted Xenomite Set
- Girus Heavy Set
- My dev set ;)

- Vlitch Blade
- The Keeper's Claw
- The Keeper's Knife
- Staff of the Fallen
- The Keeper's Staff
- Bow of the Fallen
- Folded Shotgun
- Vlitch Double Rifle
- Vlitch Annihilator
- Corrupted Xenomite Yoyo
- Corrupted Xenomite Hamaxe
- Corrupted Xenomite Pickaxe
- Corrupted Xenomite Scepter
- Plasma Saber
- Bone Leviathan Flail
- Daerel's Silverwood Bow
- Xenomite Boulder
- Sludge Spoon
- Infected Golem Egg

Other Items:
- Vlitch Trophy
- Corrupted Hero Sword
- Corrupted Worm Medallion
- Gold Chicken Egg
- Radium Hook
- Scrap Metal
- Holoshield
- Vlitch Battery
- Heart Insignia
- Prismite Heart Necklace
- Vlitch Cleaver/Vlitch Gigipede Treasure Bags

- Corrupted Worm
- Corrupted Probe
- Corrupted Blade
- Gold Chicken
- Blood Worm (Replaces Shadow Worm)
- Xenon Roller
- Xenomite Gargantuan
- Irradiated Sludge

- Vlitch Cleaver
- Vlitch Gigipede

- Tons of resprites!
- Fixed texture for Kanite Hook
- Fixed the positions where NPCs spawns from other NPCs
- Balanced some stuff
- Probably forgot some stuff
- Xenomite Crystal's expert drop is now a painting.
- Renamed the old 'Xenomite Blade' to 'Old Xenomite Blade'.
- Chickens will always drop a Chicken Egg
- Increased spawn rate of Chickens
- Decreased spawn rate of Shadow Worms, Wandering Souls and Undead Executioners

- Tied's Marvelous Suit
- Tied's Marvelous Leggings
- Girus Mask
- Hikarite Set
- Shining Hikarite Set
- Petrified Wood Set
- Ye Olde Hat
- Nestori's Wig
- Dewitt's Wig
- Rayen's Tophat
- Flatcap
- Prototype Silver Head
- Android Head
- Vepdor's Headgear
- Tiedemies' Mask
- Xenomite Set
- Infected Mask

- Corpse-Walker Staff
- Chillblood Staff
- The Infected Eye (Yoyo)
- Xenomite Yoyo
- Hikarite Sword
- Hikarite Staff(s)
- Hikarite Repeater
- Chara's Knife
- Xenomite Drill
- Xenomite Eyeball
- The Violin
- Violin Bow
- The True Violin
- Dirt Shortsword/Sword/Longsword/Greatsword/Scrubsword
- Chikyu/Mizu/Kasai/Kuki Katana
- Norowareta Katana
- Wado Ichimonji/Shusui/Sandai Kitetsu
- Xenomite Blade/Hamaxe/Pickaxe/Plasma Pistol/Septer
- Xenomite Staff
- Bronze Greatsword
- Xenomite Glaive

Other Items:
- Dead Rock
- Dead Rock Wall
- "Brothers?" Painting
- Petrified Wood
- Petrified Wood Wall
- Petrified Wood Chair
- Petrified Wood Chest
- Petrified Wood Table
- Petrified Wood Bookcase
- Mk-1/Mk-2/Mk-3 Microbot Factory
- Petrified Wood Fence
- Mysterious Flower Petal
- Icar's Flower/Frost/Fire/Elements
- Strange Skull
- Mk-1/Mk-2/Mk-3 Plating
- Mk-1/Mk-2/Mk-3 Capacitator
- Carbon Myofibre
- Artifical Muscle
- AI Chip
- Necklace of Sight
- Geiger Counter (Replaces the Broken Xenomite Piece)
- Mini-Nuke
- Gas Mask
- Hikarite Alloy
- Black Gloop
- Xen Chomper
- Xeno Solution
- Gold Chicken Egg
- Radium Digger Hook
- Petrified Wood
- Girus Chip
- Corrupted Xenomite
- Corrupted Starlite Bar
- Probably some more banners
- Xeno Forge
- Xenomite Ore
- Infected Eye Trophy
- Forest Golem Painting
- Anti-Crystallizer Band
- Anti-Crystallizer Serum
- Infected Eye Bag
- Infected Lens
- Starlite/Starlite Bar
- Xeno Eye
- Xenomite
- Xenomite Wings
- Some more banners
- Xenomite Crystal Trophy
- Unstable Crystal
- Xenomite Crystal Bag
- Xenomite Piece
- Xenomite Shard
- Strange Contract

- Chillblood Sorcerer
- Unstable Portal
- Prototype Silver
- Space Paladin
- Xeno Chomper
- Xenomite Golem
- Crusher
- Ye Olde Skeleton
- Hazmat Skeleton
- Hazmat Zombie
- Radium Digger
- Rogue T-Bot
- Corrupted T-Bot
- Living Black Gloop
- Gold Chicken!!!!
- Corrupted Paladin
- Undead Violinist
- Corrupt Bat
- Blobble :3
- Android
- Infected Cave Bat
- Infected Zombie
- Infected Worm
- Infected Demon Eye
- Xenomite Eye
- Forest Nymph
- Moonflare Bat
- Sandskin Spider
- Xenomite Fragment
- Xenomite Piece
- Corpse-Walker Priest
- Chickman Cultist

- Infected Eye
- Xenomite Crystal
- Strange Portal (Mini-boss)

- Fallen
- T-Bot

- Re-textured the 'Pure-Iron Battleaxe'
- Slightly re-textured the Brass Battleaxe
- Renamed the 'Brass Battleaxe' to 'Ancient Brass Battleaxe'
- Re-textured Skeleton Dueller
- Added Treasure Bag for King Chicken
- Squire sells Archcloth
- Removed 'Rusted Squire's Sword', 'Wooden Club' and 'Human Bone'

- Kanite Set
- Ancient Brass Set
- Pure-Iron Set
- The Keeper Mask
- The Keeper's Crown
- King Chicken Mask
- Archcloth Robe

- Kanite Tools/Weapons
- Pure-Iron Bow/Staff/Pickaxe/Warhammer/Sword/Battleaxe
- Egg Staff

Other Items:
- Coast Scarab Shell
- Tree Bug Shell
- Kanite Ore/Bar
- Ancient Dirt
- Ancient Wood
- Ancient Wood Furniture
- ???
- The Keeper's Heart
- Gathic Cryo-Furnace
- Ancient Brass Chunk & Ingot
- Gathic Cryo-Crystal
- Ironfur Amulet
- Mysterious Tablet (Summons The Keeper)
- Pure-Iron
- The Keeper Treasure Bag
- King Chicken Trophy
- Anglonic Mystic Blossom
- King Chicken Treasure Bag
- Wooden Buckler
- More Banners
- Egg Crown (Summons a legendary being...)
- Pile o' Grain (Pet Chicken!)
- Ancient Stone Brick/Wall/Brick Wall
- Archcloth

- Bone Spider
- Coast Scarab
- Earthworm
- Fly
- Forest Spider
- Grand Larva
- Living Bloom
- Shadow Worm
- Tree Bug
- Spider Swarmer
- Spider Swarmer Queen
- Undead Executioner(s)
- Wandering Soul
- Bone Worm

- The Keeper (Sprite made by @Zoomo , edited a bit)
- The Mighty King Chicken!!!

- Ancient Sapling
- Ancient Tree!

Rare Weapons:
- Aki's Claws
- Death's Claw
- Falcon
- Golden Edge
- Victor Battletome
- Daerel's Dark-Steel Bow
- Lightbane
- Peacekeeper
- Silver Rapier
Zephos' Sword Slicer

Epic Weapons:
- Xenomite Blade

- Living Wood Armour
- Banners
- Ancient Stone
- Ancient Novice's Staff
-Brass Battleaxe
- Living Wood Items/Weapons
- Noble's Sword(s)
- Old Gathic Waraxe
- Old Rapier
- Warden's Bow(s)
- Rusted Longspear
- Rusted Squire's Sword [Removed]
- Rusted Warrior's Cleaver
- Rusted Zweihander
- Wooden Club [Removed]
- Worn Dagger
- Zweihander
- Abandoned Teddy
- Ancient Gold Coin
- Blackened Heart
- Rusted Sword Fragment(s)
- Chicken Egg
- Dark Shard
- Broken Human Bone [Removed]
- Living Leaf
- Living Wood
- Magic Metal Polish
- Rusty Shield
- Lost Soul (Small, Medium, Large)
- Old Tophat

- A Jolly Madman
- Bone Leviathan
- Chicken
- Dark Soul
- Forest Golem (Normal, Blooming, Wounded)
- Molten Golem
- Shielded Zombie
- Skelemies
- Skeleton Assassin
- Skeleton Noble
- Skeleton Warden
- Skeleton Dueller
- Skeleton Wanderer
- Stone Golem(s)
- Ancient Stone Golem(s)

Support Banners:


King Slayer III Boss Music:
William 'GoukisanNG' Prevett - Betrayal of Fear

Slayer's Crashed Spaceship Music:
PeriTune - Suspense3

3rd Vlitch Overlord Boss Music:
Nick 'Shadowblaze' Nuwe - Chaos Attack


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Last edited:
So, it looks pretty cool, but I have some.. criticism(criticism warning)
-Sprites, for the most part, should not have black outlines, which only about a quarter have.
-Resprites are usually considered less in quality or effort than other sprites
-The Darkened heart's outlines are wayy too thick, they should only be one 2x2 pixel in width
-The Zweihander, rusted or not, are a bit too big to be normal terraria weapons, and are too thin to be breaker blade sized
-The bear thing's shading doesn't have too much contrast, neither does the wooden bat's shading
-About half of these sprites' outlines aren't dark enough
-The strings on the Warden bows things aren't straight, and would therefore make an ineffective bow
-The wooden bat is noisy, and shouldn't have darker lines inside lighter shading, and vice versa
-The Dark shard has some off lines of shading, and is too big to be an item.
-Weapons should be 45 degrees diagonal, form bottom left to top right(brass battleaxe)

-There is no sprite for the Bone Leviathan
-Instead of unattainable, I'd use unobtainable, as that is the word used in other things, and fits the situation best IMO.
So, it looks pretty cool, but I have some.. criticism(criticism warning)
-Sprites, for the most part, should not have black outlines, which only about a quarter have.
-Resprites are usually considered less in quality or effort than other sprites
-The Darkened heart's outlines are wayy too thick, they should only be one 2x2 pixel in width
-The Zweihander, rusted or not, are a bit too big to be normal terraria weapons, and are too thin to be breaker blade sized
-The bear thing's shading doesn't have too much contrast, neither does the wooden bat's shading
-About half of these sprites' outlines aren't dark enough
-The strings on the Warden bows things aren't straight, and would therefore make an ineffective bow
-The wooden bat is noisy, and shouldn't have darker lines inside lighter shading, and vice versa
-The Dark shard has some off lines of shading, and is too big to be an item.
-Weapons should be 45 degrees diagonal, form bottom left to top right(brass battleaxe)

-There is no sprite for the Bone Leviathan
-Instead of unattainable, I'd use unobtainable, as that is the word used in other things, and fits the situation best IMO.
Wowzers, that's a lot of criticism.
I'll try to fix as much as I can.
'Mod of Redemption' is a remastered version of 'Mod of Randomness', never heard of that mod? I'm not surprised, because it no longer works.

This is on Mod Browser, so download it there.

"What the eggplants does this mod add?" I here you not asking, well, it adds back a few things from Mod of Randomness and some fantasy things like different skele-dudes and weapons.

(A few of the items have no use or are unobtainable for now)

- Slightly re-textured the Brass Battleaxe

- Renamed the 'Brass Battleaxe' to 'Ancient Brass Battleaxe'
- Probably some other stuff I forgot

- Ancient Brass Equipment

- Pure-Iron Equipment

- The Keeper Mask

- The Keeper's Crown

- The Keeper's Heart

- Gathic Cryo-Furnace

- Daerel's Dark-Steel Bow (Rare)

- Lightbane (Rare)

- Peacekeeper (Rare)

- Silver Rapier (Rare)

- Ancient Brass Chunk & Ingot

- Gathic Cryo-Crystal

- Ironfur Amulet

- Mysterious Tablet (Summons The Keeper)

- Pure-Iron

- The Keeper Treasure Bag

- Bone Worm

- The Keeper (Sprite made by @Zoomo , edited a bit)

- Re-textured Skeleton Dueller

- Added Treasure Bag for King Chicken

- King Chicken Mask

- King Chicken Trophy

- Egg Staff

- Zephos' Sword Slicer

- Anglonic Mystic Blossom (Unobtainable)

- Ironfur Amulet

- King Chicken Treasure Bag

- Wooden Buckler

- Re-textured a few things

- More Banners

- Removed 'Rusted Squire's Sword' & 'Wooden Club'

- Egg Crown (Summons a legendary being...)

- Pile o' Grain (Pet Chicken!)

- Ancient Stone Brick/Wall/Brick Wall

- The Mighty King Chicken!!!

- Living Wood Armour

- Banners

- Ancient Stone

- Ancient Novice's Staff

-Brass Battleaxe

- Living Wood Items/Weapons

- Noble's Sword(s)

- Old Gathic Waraxe

- Old Rapier

- Warden's Bow(s)

- Rusted Longspear

- Rusted Squire's Sword

- Rusted Warrior's Cleaver

- Rusted Zweihander

- Wooden Club

- Worn Dagger

- Zweihander

- Abandoned Teddy

- Ancient Gold Coin

- Blackened Heart

- Rusted Sword Fragment(s)

- Chicken Egg

- Dark Shard

- Broken Human Bone

- Living Leaf

- Living Wood

- Magic Metal Polish

- Rusty Shield

- Lost Soul (Small, Medium, Large)

- Old Tophat

- A Jolly Madman

- Bone Leviathan

- Chicken

- Dark Soul

- Forest Golem (Normal, Blooming, Wounded)

- Molten Golem

- Shielded Zombie

- Skelemies

- Skeleton Assassin

- Skeleton Noble

- Skeleton Warden

- Skeleton Dueller

- Skeleton Wanderer

- Stone Golem(s)

- Ancient Stone Golem(s)

If you've tried 'Mod of Randomness', you would know about Xenomite and Sci-Fi things, but for now there is only fantasy things.




Its like mod of randomness (Remastered). But still nice.
And yeah Keepers looks cool!
I'm probably gonna do a small update and then take a break from modding for a while.
The update will just change a few things like the spawn rate of the chicken and making the chicken always drop an egg to make it easier to summon the King Chicken.
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