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Modded 1.5?

Would you like to see 1.5+ mods?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Neutral

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I allow to put all my suggestions in a mod or in independent mods.
Actually I would love it and I want to be the first to know that they exist!
But my name needs to be in some place saying that this idea was mine.
You can label any mod you want as a 1.5, and mods will probably keep being created for the forseeable future, only mod I would be interested in is a mod that gives 720p and 1080p screens the same field of view.


I totally get what you are trying to say here. I have been looking for the perfect "vanilla" modded experience, and I havent found very much. But I have found a absolutly outstanding mod proyect called the "beyond the stars" mod, maybe this isn't exactly what are you looking for, but this is the only mod that centers more in expanding the terraria vanilla experience instead of just blatantly inserting content for the sake of pure content. Other than that the only vanilla centred mods out there that i know are Thorium and Spirit.
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