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Modder's Toolkit - a Mod for Modders doing Modding

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Mod Browser (in-game) - Direct link - Alt download link
Open to collaboration on GitHub

This mod aims to provide useful tools to modders. I really hope this mod can grow to become extremely useful. It is open source on Github, so please feel free to add new tools. Future tools will help modders even more as they tweak their mods. To access all the tools, click the small button in the bottom right of the screen, then click the buttons that appear to access each tool.

Current Tools:

REPL stands for "Read–eval–print loop". The C# REPL lets you type code statements during runtime. If you are familiar with the python interpreter, it's kinda like that. The REPL supports autocompletion and auto-suggestion by pressing the tab key. You can press up to edit the last statment run. Enter to run the statement. Copy, Cut, and Paste all work as well.​
Texture Automatic Update/Editing Tool
This tool watches your Mod Sources folder and automatically updates textures that are changed. This tool will greatly increase the speed of iterating on texture work and will also make it easier for spriters to focus on spriting. An alternate mode for this tool is specifying a specific texture, even a texture from another mod, which you can then edit and experiment with.

Hitbox Visualizer
Lets you visualize hitboxes on NPC, Projectiles, and Melee Weapons. Use this to double check your hitboxes.​

Item Defaults Tool
Experiment with item values to find the prefect useTime or damage.
NPC Spawn checker Tool
Runs spawn simulations and reports spawn rates for individual npc.

Dust Tool
Lets you visualize dust in all manner of ways.​
Projectile Spawner
Lets you spawn projectiles..​
Why are these boomerangs acting like pets??

Player Layer tool
Hide/Show player layers​
Interface Layer tool
Hide/Show interface layers​
UI Playground tool
Experiment with UIElements and learn how padding and positioning work - Video
Background tool
Learn how backgrounds work both surface and underground - Video
Shader tool
Quickly test, build, and develop shaders - More info
...more to come, especially if you help!
Planned Features:
  • WorldGen tools
  • Suggestions?
  • UIElement dimension visualization added to UIPlayground
  • Log Sounds tool
  • Background Tool - Video
  • UI Playground Tool - Video
  • Texture Update/Editing Tool
  • Pause/Freeze projectiles
  • Zoom support for hitboxes
  • REPL
    • Better Multiline support
    • External Code Editor option
  • Dust: Copy code to clipboard
  • NPC Spawn rate tool
  • REPL
    • Tile Eyedropper
  • Hitbox
    • Visualize TEs
  • Items
    • Output ItemInfo
    • HoldoutOffser
  • Player Layer tool
  • Interface Layer tool
  • Dust tool now has Dust Chooser
  • Projectile Spawner.
  • REPL available in server console now.
  • Item Defaults tool added.
  • Dust Tool added
  • Initial Release
  • C# REPL - "Read–eval–print loop"
  • Hitbox Visualizer
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Brilliant. This will be so useful for me when I get back into modding again. Even when just playing, this will be fun to mess about with.
Wow this is great! i need to re-build my mod while testing much less in the future with this.
Also the tools in later Updates sound realy cool too
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(Jopojelly is best)
I'VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG AND SOMEONE (Jopojelly) FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's just like coding in any other repl. Is the problem that you don't know c# very well? or is something just not working for you.
I don't know C# at all... sadly.
[doublepost=1492139759,1492139462][/doublepost]I'm trying to edit the pickaxe power and mining speed of the Drill Containment Unit. If that's even possible?
I don't know C# at all... sadly.
[doublepost=1492139759,1492139462][/doublepost]I'm trying to edit the pickaxe power and mining speed of the Drill Containment Unit. If that's even possible?
This mod is for modders to use for experimenting with code. It sounds like you want a mod that will tweak and persist item changes, this is not the mod you want.
v0.1.4 released.

With large content mods, it's pretty hard to figure out the correct spawn conditions for NPC. This release includes an npc spawn conditions tool that reports the percent of spawns to expect in the current player position.

I suggest all modders take advantage of this tool and identify NPCSpawn errors using it.

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