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Im sure most of you guys have at least 1 trophy. You all have a title. Well, what if there were more trophies? More titles you can earn. Well I have some trophy ideas for you! Here are all of my trophy ideas and how they will be earned, and what titles they unlock. HERE WE GO!

Like / Message Ratio

Good Content: Get a 5% Like / Message Ratio (Unlocks Title: Well-Known Terrarian)

Great Content: Get a 15% Like / Message Ratio (Unlocks Title: Respected Terrarian)

Interesting Content: Get a 40% Like / Message Ratio (Unlocks Title: Interesting Terrarian)

Fascinating Content: Get a 80% Like / Message Ratio (Unlocks Title: Fascinating Terrarian)

Captivating Content: Get a 130% Like / Message Ratio (Unlocks Title: Captivator)


Trapped in this world: You're trapped, there is no escape (5000 Messages) (Unlocks Title: True Eye Of Cthulhu)

The Beloved: You posted, they liked. It's a never ending cycle (5000 Likes) (Unlocks Title: Moon Lord)
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