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MY Giant tree(advice is surely welcome)


This is my first ever build and i kinda wanted to try and see what i could make of it.
I am quite happy just curious what kinda advice people have for me
Capture 2018-04-25 17_08_30.png
Capture 2018-04-25 17_08_57.png
Capture 2018-04-25 17_09_12.png
Capture 2018-04-25 17_09_04.png
Capture 2018-04-25 17_08_46.png
Capture 2018-04-25 17_09_09.png


Eye of Cthulhu
Nice, but the trunk is rather rectangular. Try to add more irregularities to the exterior, and to leave less space inside. I.e. segment the main trunk more than it is as of now. It give the impression of wasted space. Try to emulate your branch over the whole structure, and don't forget to use other materials as well.
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