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    So, gotta tell you first, I'M NOT THAT GOOD AT SPELLING, and, nice to meet you all!
    Ok, so i love games, creating art, creative etc. And, fof corse (Correction: Of course,) I have terraria! On my PC. I don't have steam so i have cracked/vanila terraria. (Correction: vanilla.)
    And, i love to work with people to make lots of stuff! We could be famous! I mean, to me that would be so inspiring or, amazing!
    So........ about terraria, I am learning how to code mods and stuff, im making my own mod: TheLivthan Mod, of course i'm not don wit it yet. (Did i spell that wrong?)
    I only well, have 1 item, my own sword, but i have ideas fore craftom meterials and enimes! (I feel like i spelling things wrong, and i have bad grammar, could anyone correct me? XD)
    So, i woud love the work with you! Im really fun! And it would be inspiring to work with a...... awesome person....... I mean, im like 0% famous.... But if you see this...
    Welcome to my life! How im feeling: PLEASE WORK WITH ME, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, that's really how im fealling, XD
    So, i guess yeah! And why am i saying "So," So much? XD
    So, it was nice to meet whoever read this! Bye, and stay ready to crash a diamond! (That's my outro by the way )
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    Hi @xDiamondCyborgx, welcome to the forums.

    If you have a pirated version of the game, please just keep it to yourself. You can read more here: Policy clarification concerning Piracy and Scam Links
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  3. xDiamondCyborgx

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    Oh, thanks............. oh....... well, (Everyone is like famous if they have the REAL version of terarria, but i don't have steam yet so i can't get "real" terraria......................
    And also, did i get any else spelled wrong ;)
    Yeah, some webistes etc. Dont, talk.... about... "piratad" stuff... (pirated, sorry.)
    Ok am i gonna say this every time?
    Bye, and stay ready to crash a diamond!
    TDC signin' out! :D (TheDiamondCrashes)