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Written Media My Life of Music

Hi, My name is King Kirmit, For several years now from time to time I have had this passion for writing that seems to always come back at random times, but has lately been on my mind for a long steady time. The writing that I am interested in is not book writing, although I do tell a story, But I tell this story and many others through my song lyrics. I currently am not verbally expressing my songs but do plan to start as soon as I get the right equipment.

So here I will be posting all of my songs that I have written through the years, I promise you that at multiple moments I will trigger every emotion as you read my songs. I may shock and offend people, but please remember that I mean no personal offense or any sort of attack, I am simply expressing myself freely with no limitations or censorship to the thoughts that conjure in my head. With all that said, Love me or hate me, it makes no difference to me.
I hope you enjoy.
-King Kirmit​

My Ambition
By King Kirmit

My hearts pumpin' pure adrenaline,
High as :red: off of pure ambition,
If what I'm doings really a sin,
Then It's the devil within, :red: I must be Satan embracin',

Keeping my focus best I can while my hearts quick racin',
Sometimes I can't believe the :red: that comes out of my head,
:red:, Sometimes I feel like my memories erasin',
I Can't even remember how or when I went to bed.

But I'm keepin' on my path,
This is my love, It's my passion,
It's a perfect fit for me I did the math,
Cuz' I'm willing to give it all up and wave as I'm passin',
This is my love, It's my passion,
This is my fire, It's my ambition.

Try, try, fail, try, fail, try, why god why, :red:, try, try, why, god, why,
Ok I need to slow down, get high, Hello, I'm high, so high, so fly, so high.

Ok that's better,
now I can focus again,
Ok, Back to the void, be back sometime but I don't know when.

I love the feeling of result when, I sit down with the music and vibe out,
That's when I like to pick up the pen,
And write what my life's really about.

Sometimes I start to feel like,
My stories one of those tragedies,
I know one day someone will feel me on this mic,
I'm sure everyone else sees it as a comedy.

But I'm keepin' on this path,
This is my love, It's my passion,
It's a perfect fit for me now you do the math,
Cuz' I'm willing to give it all up and wave as I'm passin',
This is my love, It's my passion,
This is my fire, It's my ambition,
"My ambition."
Puppet Master
By King Kirmit

You told me I pulled your strings today,
I said you were wrong,
I told you I'm not the puppet master,
That's not what I wanted to say,
I wanted to tell you the truth but I preached a lie like the paster,
Truth is I can make you do anything I may,
Even when were physically astray.

I have the control to make your time slower or faster,
Like a mental mind :red: call me a reality crasher,
Pulling the strings of love,
Call me the puppet master,
Strings attached to the holy dove,
Feed off your soul and "see you later!",
Controlling your mind with my eye above.

So you think what you've found is love now,
Yet despite all you say I'm still your number one addiction,
You love only him but also love me,
Go ahead, Lie to your self, lay on contradiction after contradiction,
Now you realize "oh my god!",
Oh my god is right, now bow.

Call me the master of love,
Call me the eye from above,
Call me the realty crasher,
Call me the puppet master.

If you didn't love me then why do you keep coming back running,
And if I'm not eating your soul then why am I always waiting on your cumming,
You tell me you love me,
Then you act like you hate me,
You couldn't get over him,
Yet you still dated me.

Here is the cold terrible answer,
Why can't you see,
This is reality,
You love me,
You just don't want to see,
Yet your unconscious still speaks to me.

Call me the master of love,
Call me the eye from above,
Call me the reality crasher,
Call me the puppet master.

Love is nature, you shouldn't have to force it,
Nature always brings us together,
You feel the force, yet you fight it,
Let nature take It's coarse,
Let your heart unteather,
Don't cry though, this love will pass like stormy weather.

So I'm telling you one last time,
Call me the master of love,
Call me the eye from above,
Call me the reality crasher,
Call me the puppet master.
By King Kirmit

I need to be alone again,
I'm starting to loose focus,
I'm starting to stall at the pen,
Too much time playing hocus pokus.

She came back with love,
But I put up a wall,
So when push comes I'll shove,
Welcome to the darkness,
Ready to fall.

I've got my gun loaded out huntin' a dove,
I'm burning up inside like the core of the sun,
Still when I close my eyes the devil whispers "are we having fun?".

I'm addicting,
Angels crave a good :red:ing,
but this love's sickening,
my minds straight mixing,
So tonight baby, I need a lonely fixing.

Time to get myself alone,
Smoke some weed and get back in my zone,
Find my greed to set the tone,
I can feel this in every bone, I need to be alone.
Ok I'm feelin' fresh,
Hair's tight n' lined up,
Adrenaline pumpin' like *meth*(backwards),
Yah you can say that I'm up, haha,
My minds still racin',
Emotions I'm facin',
Ready to run so I'm lacin', yup,haha.

Mmm yah lacy drive me crazy,
Just give it to me baby,
Opps I mean Hunny,
Little snow bunny,
That :red2:hs so funny,
Smooth as :red: I'm runny,
So I'm back to makin' money.

My focus is here,
My heads straight not queer,
Come here my dear,
Let me wipe that tear,
Listen to the devil whisper in your ear.

Light and dark,
I'm on my road to tearing my self apart,
I'm a rising star leaving behind my hear,
Fighting just to leave a mark,
I live fine in the dark.

But I stay smart I'm hittin' the bulls-eye like a speeding dart,
Life's a trippy dream weaved roller-coaster,
And I'm diggin' the :red: it in my mind cart,
One day I know I'll have my very own poster.

I'm becoming space bound,
I feel it getting closer,
I just need to find my sound,
I'm getting colder as I hold her,
I grow lonelier as I grow older,
I got alot of weight to let off my shoulders,
At the peek I fall leading the big boulder.

I do it for my music,
This is my choice to pick,
Don't act like you know me,
Don't play like your my homie,
And don't think you can handle my crazy,
It's bad when nothing can faze me,
I'm done being so :red:ing lazy,
Focus, focus, focus, all that I know is, focus, focus, focus.
Here to witness
By Kirmit

The music is coming to an end,
As this dance reaches a stop,
I'm happy for the force I lend,
The rips in reality I mend,
I'm happy to call an angel my friend,
As I wave goodbye I reach the top,
The cycle of why I cry,
And how I learn how to die,
You will be missed,
I know so i wont ask why,
But my hear must be dismissed,
Farewell Hun feel the sun's kiss,
As the devil asks "Did you have fun?",
For I am proud of what I have done.

Welcome to the pyramid of love,
Where the angels sing with the demons,
We're addicted to what this does,
We're killing ourselves to be free again,
Caught up in the cycle,
Spinning in the darkness,
You can't all see where I'll go,
But you're all here to witness.

This is it,
This run's over,
She's so sure of it,
But I can't lie,
I still love her,
We both have certainties,
This is one of mine,
I know you'll desert me,
I just wish I had more time,
We never got as close,
As we did the second time around,
Maybe we don't want that dose,
Could be from what we've found.

All the things I told you,
And all the things I held with in,
I kept so much from you,
I'll keep them hidden,

Welcome to the pyramid of love,
Where angels sing with demons,
We're addicted to what this does,
We're killing ourselves to be free again,
Caught up in the cycle,
Spinning in the darkness,
You can't all see where I'll go,
But you're all here to witness,

I'll always remember the night you held me,
This feels so real,
Every December I'll be feeling sorry,
Can we please change the deal,
I'll always miss my Fionna,
Take my heart when you leave,
So I'll never again be forced to feel,
I'll always be you'r Fin,
Because I can't help but believe you can't fight a love hard as steel,
It seems I've taken the wheel,
But don't worry,
I'm turning it in you'r direction,

Ok, I gotta go,
gotta get out before you leave too deep an impression,
Can't let myself spiral into depression,
"I hope you learned something from my lesson."
Hallway of shadows
By Kirmit

I can hear people talkin' in the hall,
I think I hear my name,
I just hear someone walking in the hall,
Nobodies home so I'm going insane,
I swear someones walking through the snow outside my window,
But when I look not a print, nobodies there,
That's why I sleep with a knife under my pillow,
It keeps me from having these nightmares,
Now I can hear a screaming,
Wait, is that the wind I'm hearing,
Here comes the thumping,
Now the window's words turn to a sharp squealing,
Why am I filled with fear,
I can't seem to fight this feeling,
Don't wanna look in the mirror,
Maybe it's time to stop reading,
Smoke a bowel then off to bed,
Maybe I can dream tonight, yah right,
I wish I could see what it's like to be dead,
So in sleep I try to search for his holy light,
But then the darkness swallows me with the night.
iDon't fear, What you can be!
By Kirmit

Damn dude you could go pro,
Naw really I aint' playen' yo,
I'm really diggen' you :red:,
Every lines like a dope hit,
You know bro, that mic, is a perfect fit,
I'm hot as fire,
better use an oven mit,
Come with me,
I can take you higher,
I can set you free,
Don't trust those who call me a lier,

Listen to what I say,
Practice and you will see,
Just make yourself break away,
Don't fear what you can be,

There's a monster inside,
Caged in a sea of illusion,
And when you have died,
Everything will have been proven,
Close your eyes tight,
Find the animal within,
But there's nowhere to hide,
If you were born chosen,
So we will see tonight,
The last night we suffer this life,
Don't tell me I'm wrong,
I know I'm right,
I've felt it for soo long,
So I've turned out the light,
I'm liven like tech-a-nina,
The only explanation is E.B.A.H.,
So, I have to let me soul fly,
Leave my heart there,
Buried alive,
I'll wave them all goodbye,
As I go on living without a care,
Cause this life is so painful and boring,
I can't get myself anywhere,
But I'll still stay up till the morning,
Going insane pulling out my hair,
I start to feel a force,
Something is pulling me in,
That must be fate taking it's course,
Filling my hear with a sin,
Can't keep fighting these voices,
I just can't seem to ever win,
So many questions I've asked,
What are all of my choices,
So many feelings I have masked,
When can they just go away,

Just listen to what I say,
This will set you free,
The holly contradiction is we pray,
An even brighter path I see,
So make yourself break away,
Don't be afraid,
of what you can be,

So lay me down my lord,
I'm soaring to meet you,
Pierce me with the sword,
Please tell me what to do,
I'll keep you in my head,
If you help me through this life,
I'll walk the world dead,
If you wake me from my dirt bed,
So point blank,
Here I am god,
Hear my cry,
I dream of emotions blank,
Makes sense but it sounds odd,
Take this heart and pain,
Close my eyes as it starts to rain,
I'll see you when I die,
As I rise my way to fame,
My soul is yours to claim,
I just hope that I don't do it all in vain.
Two as a half man
By Kirmit

No, I don't think that I'm stupid,
And I don't think that I'm smart,
Cause I'm smart that I don't think,
That doesn't make sense huh,
Well we just don't think alike cause' I set myself apart,

A or B aint the only choices to choose from,
I choose both as a means to see,
And even though it's contradictory,
I believe, I can be, Two in one,
The fallen father and the holy son,
Thy will be done,
By kingdom's come,
The holy father and his fallen son,

I may not know who I am but neither do you,
And you can't face the unknown cause' you're too :red:ing scared,
So you'll never be able to realize,
I could save you from you're fears,
Cause I'm the light that clears your tears at night,
So I guess I'm you night light,
That explains the battle my head and my heart fight,

One says yes the other says no,
I'm livin' life playin' the death role,
This is the two as a half man show,
Pierce this heart with a love pole,
Hate makes my :red: grow,
So I can :red: you in your hate spitten' hole,

In other words I'm locking your mouth shut with my cock key,
Shut up :red: stop actin' like you hate me,
The more you fight it the more you wanna rape me,
Yah you stupid :red: lets get ready for a sex party,
Or should I say a :red: orgy,
Admit it I'm an :red: hole,
Yah that :red: makes you horny,
So we can lie together and go crazy,
Admittedly I have a holy goal,
I hide it subliminally,
I love hate,
That's why I'm :red:ing crazy.
To the higher powers
By Kirmit

I cleared my mind today to find something,
I saw nothing,
I can't remember what I saw,
But I can still see it plain as day,
I climb to heaven as to hell I fall,
Everything comes together as they all break away,

What comes together as it trys to seperate,
This is my riddle for love and hate,
Put the peaces together to finish this puzzle,
Live it up while you dig you'r grave with a shovel,

I asked what a boy was,
He told me it's the broken and outcast youth,
Then I asked what a girl does,
She said they give the ill real love,
So get sick from the hate if you want proof,

Love will forever follow me,
The faster I run,
But I can't slow down because of the :red: I've done,

So I'm settin' it off tonight no doubt,
I'll conjure a demon in me,
That will make you'r :red: puck like sauerkraut,
I'm gonna yell in your face till you start to cry and not even feel sorry,

With god in sight,
The devil rides my back with all his might,
Don't believe me,
Let me shine a little light,
Let me take off my vest,
See that on my chest,
Let me turn my :red: around,
See that on my back,
Now shut the :red: up before I beat you'r :red: into the :red:ing ground,
Death is a habit that I chase like a rabbit,
Life hunts me down like a sex hound,
"Can you see what I've found?"
I saw a kid at work today,
He was so down at such a young age,
I saw a reflection of myself in a way,
Something kicked in the heart of my rage,
I gave him a little pick me up for free,
Smiled at his mom and said nothing,
But in my head they sang "time heals all wounds',
The only help I ever got as a kid was from some rap tunes,
I did it because I always wished a stranger :red: anyone would have cared for me,
A sign of love a gift or advice or anything,
The mom came ot the counter dumbfounded,
I told her the reason for my gift,
She appreciated the random act of kindness,
:red: made me tear up n' I'm still at it,
Maybe cause my whole life I've been beaten down grounded,
Nobody ever cared to give me a little lift,
Everyone treated me like I was :red:ing worthless,
Always told me I was a stupid piece of :red:,
I never wanted anyone to feel like I did,
What ever happened to showing a little love,
Who :red:ing cares if you know em,
I've had my head in the clouds and I think it just landed,
We all just need to pick up a :red:ing chin or two n' show em',
Despite all this damn hate theres still a little love in the world,
It shows in the strangest of places,
Stop :red:ing judging everyone by their faces,
Who cares what the :red: their race is,
Yah you hate your life and you hate yourself,
But share a little bit of kindness,
Do it for them and your self,
Stop living a life of hatefull blindness,
You can live your own :red:ing life and love everyone else too,
Just don't let love dictate you,
Listen to what I say,
I know you can learn what to do,
Thats all we need,
So take this lesson and cast your seed,
Come on,
All together,
Were taking a stand,
Lets do it today,
Everyone come take my hands if you want to break away,
Lets all rise up and dare to be different,
Break away from the social mold,
Let it all out,
Don't be scared to be twisted and slightly bent,
Reach for the gold,
Dare to be bold,
Learn to love the hot and the cold,
You're already in hell,
So you can only be heaven sent,
"I hope you listened well",
"If you love music, use the pen to vent."
Stories from the dead
By Kirmit

I've got these memories in my head,
Like I'm being told stories from somebody whos dead,

Images from hustlin', jumpin', n' hittin' licks, splittin' the bread,
All this just for a little pay,

Showing me friends n' family dropen' dead whith retaliations pumpin' lead,
What a hell of a wicked way,

Damn these stories being told by the dead,
Damn the memories that won't leave this head,

I used to lie alot as a kid,
Sometimes I have problems mixing up realities,
I'd tell people about things I never really did,
I never meant to lie but they felt so :red:ing real I'd cry over someone selses casualties,

Then the voice whispering started becoming my friend,
We would talk for days :red: everyone else,
He helped me from skipping straight to the end,
He saved my life when I was alone just me and myself,

I feel like all I was ever meant to be was an outcast,
But I'm glad for being pushed away by eveyone,
I only wanted to love,
Everybody judged too fast,
So :red: everybody,
No more love I'm done,

I know I don't mean that,
They weren't my feelings,
Somebody beat me in the head with a bat,

I'm going bannanas can you catch the pealings,

I'm raising this roof,
:red:s bout' to hit the fan,
I'm hard headed heres the proof,
Put me back together if you can,
Just don't call me the humpty dumpty man,

I've got these memories in my head,
Like I'm being told stories from someone whos dead,
Images of hustlin', jumpin', n' hittin' licks, splitten the bread,
All this just for a little pay,
Showing me friends and family droppen' dead with retaliations pumpin' lead,
What a hell of a wicked way,

Damn these stories being told by the dead,
Damn the memories that won't leave my head,

So when you're all alone,
By your self broken to peices,
Let the voice put you in the zone,
Smooth the pains and creases,

Get up and be your own person,
Don't let anyone make you into their version.


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