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Queen Bee
Ah, yes. We were promising so much, but ended up with team members losing motivation, leaving, or both. Our ambitions devastated us. This may one day be resurrected, but to that day, RIP this mod. If anyone really wants this to be resurrected though, and could help us in any way, contact me on Discord: Toastersexual#8382

As you're reading this, this thread is probably locked, and if we would bring this project back to life, we would start a new one. So RIP this thread as well.

Thanks for all support. You guys have been amazing, but our ambitions just...killed us.

~ miniek



Hi there, welcome to the official Negadium thread!

Negadium is the collection name for Mharadium and Negativity, two mods for the game Terraria, if you already didn't know. These mods will be separately downloadable, and you will have the choice to either play them at once or separately. Our mods will mostly focus on post-Moonlord content, aka end-game. Our biggest goal is to create super hard bosses that make you chuckle at the Moonlord fight, while rewarding you greatly for it. In some showcases the items may seem very overpowered, but we assure you: they are not. Remember that they'll be for post-Moonlord content, and we won't make it easy!

The Negativity part is mostly space themed, with some parts of flesh and embodiment in there too. The Mharadium part mostly focuses on things that are demonic and evil. Think demons and hell in this sense. The mod will also add in an alternate lore to Terraria, both parts' lores will not be the same of course, but they will be connected!

The lore of Mharadium is mostly about hunger for power and the search of an artifact, that might be nearer than you expect.
Negativity is about a beast slowly growing in power, consuming everything in its way, and it's coming for you!
The mod is still a work in progress, but release is coming closer for each passing day!
So release date? When it's done. :)

When two insane forces meet, both seeking power, a historical battle breaks out.
Your choice...
Whether you will stop the battle between the forces;
or let them kill you, as you die, along with all other forms of life.
Kill or be killed... more like wipe or be wiped... from existence.

We plan mostly to expand the game after Moon Lord. The game, of course, is awesome as it is already, but there are so many possibilities!
I've always been this "tryhard" type in games, always going for the final bosses and so on. And I think many people can relate to that. We wanna give the players a challenge, a real one. With uncheeseable, challenging bosses, events swarming you from all sides, biomes holding great treasure, but also a great risk of dying...and of course, strong items to counter all of this.
We assure you; it's gonna be a challenge.
Our Team:
We are an ambitious team, consisting of a good amount of people different roles!
Current team:
@Jofairden - Programmer
@movildima - Programmer
@Ionized Nitrogen - Music, lore
@Charon - Spriting, lore
@ShadowDX - Spriting
@Eli10293 - Spriting
@Willsm - Spriting, animation
@DeliciousSaturn - Music
@Evilgrapez - Music

Currently inactive members:
@Eldrazi - Programmer (IRL shizz, y'know)
@Iriazul - Programmer
Pixel (not on TCF) - Lore
@Aesir - Lore
@Percolator - Spriting

@CJT157 - Spriter
@Chazm - Programmer
@Hiccup251 - Programmer
Thanks for your past work with the team!

(Dang, where all dem programmers disappearing?)

Special Thanks:
We also have some peeps to thank extra much!
I wanna start off by thanking...
@Lillnex and @DerpoTheMagnificent
For writing and voice acting (also some sprites). Huge thanks to you two!

Then someone who requires some extra credits is...
@The Mythical Dagger!
Was the first to actually step up and help me with, what was kind of a small mod project for fun back then.
Which soon evolved into Negadium!

Then I also wanna thank...
@Coldshot Boostar
@Exodus Starlit
@Soulkeeper Krohitsu (& the Gyrolite team)@J-50N
For sprite contribution!

The moderators on our Discord:
@Blockaroz, @EchoNex, @TheBezixx, @imkSushi
You're doing a good job, keep it up!

And of course, all you supporters!

If I somewhere forgot you, then let me know in a PM!

Join our Discord Chatroom! Click on the logo below.

Also you could maybe take a look at the website, that I made quite some time ago after a request. It's crappy, I know. :p

Our (very dead) Social Forum.

First alpha version: 1 event, 2 bosses, 3-ish armor sets, 1 new ore
Version 1.0: 2 more bosses, 2-ish more sets, 1 more ore (?), implementation of the lore somehow
Version 1.1: 1 more biome, 1 more miniboss, 1 more set, 1 more ore
Version 1.2: Final boss, 1 more event, 1 more biome, new sets

~ Yet to ask Charon, so keep your eyes peeled ~

Now note that I only listed the "biggest" planned additions, and the numbers are not 100% accurate. So keep that in mind. :)
Also, these aren't the only planned versions. Of course we will continue updating the mods as time goes on!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support! We appreciate it.
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