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New content after hardmode/moonlord.


(the first part of the multitopic fleshed out idea, is relating to the world/nature of terraria)

When you defeat moon lord, you should gain access to a recipe that grants you a portal, this portal will take you to an alien world, this alien world contains a completely different looking environment, with new alien looking caves and biomes, as well as plants and backgrounds, with very strange alien sounding ambiance for each biome, and creature that create sound effects along side plants that are more like creatures and that produce ambiance and noises.

(This is the second part of the ideas/suggestions, that relate to machanics.)

When you defeat MoonLord, the game should transition from Hardmode to Insanity Mode, as a reference to the fact that your character, being crazy enough to actually straight up go to that alien world, "You must be insane!!!" says the Celestial Explorer, after you craft the portal to that alien world [i will get to explaining the Celestial Explorer in the 3rd part of the post]

insanity mode will feature debuffs that can trigger from you being hit by enemies, depending on their type, will give a different mental debilitation debuff, mostly in the form of illusions, seeing things that arnt there, being hurt by these shadows that you see that arnt there for any one else, hallucination debuffs, where your potions/poisons[ill get to poisons in another sub-forum] have their sprites changed/swapped around, you would see freaky monsters and shadow creatures spawned by these mechanics [i will get to the creatures spawned by these debuff mechanics in the third part of this post]

ill probably write down a full list of the insane difficulty specific "Mental triggering" debuffs/debilitation.

your character(s) has been through some heavy and deep stuff, so mental scarring is only normal, even the bravest of warriors would be damaged from what they have been through before the moonlord, and it only gets worse after the moonlord for your character and their life and mental state/decay.

yea we are getting into some really deep stuff here, and its actually supported/inspired by real stuff in life too and my personal life too also in relation to depression and paranoia things ive seen in my past, its all of the symptoms and things associated with what happens to people when they come back from fighting a war or in terraria's case, being a one man army, and fighting huge monsters, and enemies, and constantly under the stress of dodging lasers and explosions. even if your character is one tough anime level cookie, they will be heavily effected by this. just like a normal human would be, when you consider, your character is in a world where every monster is equally anime level of strong and tough, so to the people who live in terraria, this is only normal, the Character(s) will only feel a temporary energy boost and boost to their feeling of self accomplishment, it will only last for some time before their mental decay and scarring catches up with them, hence the insanity difficulty.

as they go through the new difficulty mode and world as suggested from this part of the post as well as the previous part of the post telling of the new world/biomes they will get access to, your character(s) will start to come to terms with their memories, and work through their mental state, they will find themselves, and get past their scarring and become a better person, and transcend their new barrier that holds them back, and conquer their mental state and heal the decay they have experienced, and forge a better life moving forward, with a final ending to the game that gives people comfort that their character(s) and their world would finally be at a satisfying and happy long period of peace and tranquility (before the next game of course), that will probably take place a hundred or so years later after the first game, which would be probably after your character(s) has passed from the world making it a better and safer place, or when your selected character is really old, (depending on how old your selected character is) yes im suggesting an age machanic of sorts, that will allow you to imput the age of your character, and it affecting whether or not they appear in the next game as an NPC or not [another thing i will get to in the NPC sub-forum for an idea for a future terraria game and its story/lore.]

basically you have 3 options in relation to the age range of your character, either he or she is old but isnt old to where they cant be physically active and is still able to fight and do things, its just no longer the player character, and acts more as a follower or a protector of the village you start in, or they are old to where they cant go out on adventures anymore and they act purely as a protector of the village, or your character was old enough to where they died somewhere in between the time before the next game, and the previos one, (also based on the characters age, from the first game would also determine how big and advanced your starting village is, the younger your character from the first game, the larger and more advanced the village is.) it depends mostly appon what you think the best lore for your character from the previous game.

More relating the stress/mental stability/decay mechanic:

the higher the stress/mental stability decay level is, the more difficult enemies would spawn, lets say for example, at 5 stress/mental stability decay, an enemy new enemy would start to spawn, (along side all the other insanity difficulty enemies which arnt related to the mental stability mechanic)

also, lets say you hit stress level 50 and then a higher teir version of that stress level 5 enemy would spawn, and then at stress 500 it would spawn the T3 version (T3 being the higher teir for the normal stress enemies)

(max stress level would be 1000 maybe)

every 200 stress level you would be able to spawn a mental stability specific boss, (or it possibly spawning by itself.)

every 200 stress would have its own unique boss, each more deadlier and stronger.

until you get to the stress 1000 one which is the end boss of the mental stability mechanic as well as every T3 version of each of the normal version enemies would only be spawning from the mechanic's spawn table.

also every 333 stress would unlock an event that can randomly trigger and happen, much like pirate invasion or goblin invasion or pumpkin moon.

333 would be a undead/normal mode themed event but with much harder versions of the normal mode enemies that look alot more dead/undead.

666 would be a demon/hell/hardmode themed event, where it would feature much harder versions of the hardmode/hell enemies, and make them look much more demonic.

999 would be an event themed event, where it would take almost every enemy from all the other events, and make them look more wraith like.

each event would have its own end boss, which would be a much harder version of the end boss of each difficulty and a way more threatening version of them that is much more freaky looking.

333 would have an undead version of wall of flesh, (you killed it so it came back undead xD)

666 would be a Demonic looking version of moon lord that would be called "Demon King Moon Lord", (you pretty much killed an evil entity that would pass as a space version of satan in hell xD, you would litterally be slapping evil in the face, meta ECKS DEE)

999 would be a messed up death looking wraith version of what ever the final boss of insanity would look like. (you would quite literally be fighting death as the final end game boss xD, i mean it doesn't get any more meta and satisfying than that, especially when you beat death to death, OmegaLUL)

this one was long because i had a lot of mechanic ideas for this game and future terraria games, that someone could potentially and somehow reasonably create into reality.

remember these are just idea's dont take them too seriously, im just making ideas and hoping something sticks, for either vanilla or for mods.

hopefully vanilla though.

(edited at 9/19/2018, added more info about the stres/mental decay mechanic;
sorry it took me forever to add more, im hoping this helps fill out more of the blanks, i hope this idea is picked up at some point, the more detail is added to the idea, preferably by the devs and for vanilla, i will add more later, most likely relating to the enemies, new world, new biomes, new bosses and items ect, i must rest though, creative juices need to flow again)
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While a new expansion to the vanilla game would be an addition which I would welcome, the addition of features which go along the confines of "mental stability" would not be suitable to call itself at home in Terraria.

Terraria is a sandbox where the world is open to you and you only. The world can barely influence except for lowering your healthbar, so adding things such as insanity (or mental health and social health) and physical health/wellbeing just doesn't bode well in Terraria. Maybe in a mod, but not in vanilla. Terrara isn't a survival horror game like Don't Starve and that's what makes it unique.


i dont mean the insanity/mental stability mechanic to be a horror thing, i mean more along the lines of it being forged to work with the type of game terraria is.

also on a semi related note, to your "isnt a survival horror game." i would argue agianst that, concidering, crimson, corrupted, hell, moon lord, and the pillar entities, wall of flesh, undead, pumpkin moon (which is literally a horror themed event), the fact that during blood moons rabits turn into blood thirsty enemies, sacrificing the guide to summon the wall of flesh, demonic stuff, freaky nightmare fuel looking aleins, the fact that everything in crimson is completely messed up looking, the fact that you have to actually survive that stuff to progress the game, and if you die all the time no progress would be made.

i would say that with all that in mind, terraria is a horror/fantasy survival game, especially when hardcore mode exists, you play on hardcore and the game becomes a hardcore horror/fantasy survival game.

also what is and isnt horror can be very subjective, because it is not limited to the definitions of a genre, its also from what people think is actually scary and freaks them out, and from what they think is horror, as long as its within fears of people, and intended to be scarey, so with that in mind, the stress/mental stability mechanic could subjectively be horror, but not intentionally being horror, but has the possibility of subjective horror still there.

which is why every media with horror in it is very different from each other.

im sure when they made hell/crimson/corrupted/bloodmoon/pumpkin moon/moonlord/celestial entities/the alien mobs/most bosses/every mob in crimson hell and corrupted/the music of each biome and event, that their intended idea for those parts of the game specifically was to freak people out, make it scarey, and as threatening and horrific or spooky as possible all within matching the style of game that terraria is, while most other stuff being subjective horror/potential horror, and everything else just being the normal chill and happy fantasy game stuff.
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Just because there can be evil or spooky things in a game doesn't mean that the game is a horror genre. There can be some creepy things in games, but that doesn't automatically place the game into the "horror" category. Take Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for example.
When the Shadow Queen awakens, it seems pretty eerie. The music dramatically changes to a low tone, slow paced beat that is intended to cause a feeling of discomfort. Not to mention Boos. Ghosts are usually associated with horror. While that example isn't exactly a good one, I'd like to just point it out :p. Does that make the game a horror based RPG? Certainly not, it just adds variability to the game. I'd say that fantasy can have horror aspects, so Terraria is better off as a fantasy game, but not scary enough to be placed into the horror category.
With that said, there can be some stuff that can be scary to some people. But that is not the intention of the game. Games like Amnesia purposely put frieghtening parts as that is the purpose of the game. Terraria is not intended to be a horror, it is a parody(in some regards) fantasy sandbox. Re-Logic isn't trying to scare the player at all. They add original content and use various mediums of enemy types and enviroment types to add variety and act as a parody, if you will.


as i said, its subjective horror, its horror in the way where its not fitting itself in the inconsistent genre that is constantly under change, but has the ability to be put in that genre through subjective means, while also fitting itself in its own idea of horror, also the only time i see a parody is pumpkin moon and the blood thristy white rabbit, and thats all, everything else is much more serious, i look at said everything else and it looks quite intentionally modern horror themed, the only other parodies i see is non-horror references it has to other games, and a cross over event they added a while ago, but thats all in terms of parody.

paper mario thousand year door is a game that doesnt have gore, blood, undead monsters that look mutilated, or creatures that look mutated beyond recognition, a literal wall of flesh, aliens that look straight out of a space horror game, cataclysmic looking events, bosses that look like they are from a castlevania or something you would fight in a post apocalyptic themed horror fantasy game. i mean come on, you fight a straight up floating throbbing bloody brain that opens up to show it has a mouth and in that mouth it has an eye, or an undead worm at some point that when you slaughter its body its slaughtered parts take control of themselves and can move still...... and the most iconic boss eye of Cthulhu, which Cthulhu anything is the pinnacle of horror related stuff and then the steampunk/cyberkid horror looking mechanical versions of the bosses, you straight up have demons and human sacrifices in the game.. that are required to summon the wall of flesh..

when i see these biomes i see them making real biomes trying to make a legit theat in the game, and them trying to make the player feel something, fear, freaking out, threatened, you cant really deny that those parts of the games arnt horror, other wise they wouldn't have been crafted to be so messed up and freaky, they would have been dumbed down severely, to where even a child wouldnt be afraid of it, and the music would sound like alternative version of the complete opposite of scary, like hollow or forest theme world or ocean biome theme, or the more neutral mood sounding cave/desert/snow biome/mushroom themes.


And the fact that all these pinacles of horror and fear are exaggerated is the purpose of a parody, isn't it? Terraria isn't a game where it deliberately gets "under your skin" to elevate its relevance, the fun of Terraria comes from the idea that Terraria is a free-roaming sandbox that is unique in the fact that it also has visible progression. And yes, I do not doubt the numerous attempts that Terraria shows genuine feats of horror throughout the game. I am not adverse to how the game shows visible evil and mentally disorientating aspects such as corruption and massive amounts of freaky gore. But like I said, the game takes it to a point where it can be comfortable to the gamer. If Terraria was completely horror based, you probably wouldn't even see a non-evil biome in the game. Take the art style and medium for example: The pixels form together to make a charming, yet comfortable experience for the player, despite some of the horror-based intentions. If Terraria was a 3D game with these horror aspects, then I would say that it could be a lot more scary due to the more developed and in-depth representation of these monsters. But because that the game is made on a simple 2D plane with pixels, the horror aspect isn't delved into and reinforces the fact that the game is a parody. The true feeling is that the character the person is playing is experiencing the fear, but the player is experiencing the fun. And if you still aren't the horror type in any way, then it is your choice to play Terraria in the first place. Terraria got a T rating for a reason, so expect it to have some unsettling references and aspects inside of it. That is why the game is popular the way it is today, and if we adhere to what the suggestions proposes, that wouldn't be quite a great addition. It would go waaaay over the standards for horror in the game, and would probably be recieved as negative by the community.

Again, I do not deny the fact that the game tries to inject fear into the player. But because horror is subjective, Re-Logic made it such in a way that it can be seen as a parody. The horror is not placed in such large volumes and the references to other media in a pixel format reinforces that fact. Again, you can't take a game too serious if one of the swords is a cat sword, can you?

If you wish to view Terraria is a Horror game, be my guest by all means. Just please know that not everyone views it as this way, as you said: Horror is subjective. So it would make sense for some people(like myself) to not get uncomfortable. Since Terraria tries to appeal to various audiences, trying to make the game completely a Horror game would drive away more people than bring in. I like Terraria as it is, it found itself as a worthwhile game inside the large community of video gamers today. So take it as you will, I'm will not stop you if you wish to have a horror experience, but that isn't Terraria's deal entirely. If you see past the horror, you'd see a lot of other potential Terraria has in it's other genres.
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