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This has been copied over from Terraria Online, I figured I liked this idea alot so its one suggestion I figured was worthy to carry on over... Also I was being a bit lazy...

This suggestion was previously from the Terraria Online froums, but that forum has died and as such the link to the thread there wouldn't lead to anywhere good.


Extra Idea: Heres an idea, a new map making mode in which the things below would be available, once the map is fully done the player can publish it and it would become playable. This would also include a test function.

Just a small idea, I know I am just wasting my time typing this here and I doubt it will get any support whatsoever but its an idea, its in my head, and it wants out badly.

The idea is a couple new placable furniturelike items mainly designed for use in adventure maps, I have yet to think about how they are obtained(if anyone wants to help with that be my guest!) but I think they would make the creation of adventure maps a bit more fun.

Another idea is more types of keys and locked doors, so temple keys and locked lihzahrd doors wouldnt be the only thing map makers would be restricted to.

First thing, the Boss Altar
Boss Altars would allow players to store items within them and select the boss that they want to summon, once the items are placed in the altar and the boss the player wants to have summoned is set, the player can hit a confirmation button to lock the altar. In order to get the items in the altar, the boss chosen for the altar must be killed, bosses spawned via altars only drop the altar's contents and will not trigger certain boss flags like the normal bosses do. Some bosses with certain requirements would not have those requirements, for example, mech bosses/some prehardmode bosses wouldnt require nighttime, plantera wouldnt require jungle, golem wouldnt require plantera being killed, etc, and for example, killing plantera via the altar wouldnt trigger HM dungeon or Drop the usual plantera loot.

Example of the altar: A player making an adventure map wants the player to fight Skeletron Prime for say... a ruthless north pole(I know it sounds OP but this is just an example!) So the player puts a ruthless north pole into the altar, sets it to spawn skeletron prime and hits the confirmation key, then his friend tests the altar, summons skeletron prime from the altar, kills skeletron prime and skeletron prime drops the Ruthless North Pole that the player put in the altar, this could also be used to make bosses drop keys so the player could advance in custom adventure maps.

Another option for this altar would be to make the bosses drop hearts when killed, this would be toggleable, so if players want people playing their map to get some hearts after killing a boss, they would simply toggle an option on the altar itself before hitting the confirmation button.

Second thing, the Wave Altar
The wave altar would work similarly to the boss altar, but would instead allow the player to make a small event with waves of fixed enemies(chosen by the player), it could be used for monster arena minigames or for minibosses in custom maps. Wave altars would allow the player to choose how many waves they want to fight in it and what enemies will spawn in those waves, to advance waves in altars, all enemies in those waves need to be killed. When all waves are completed, the items stored in the wave altar are dropped at the altar for the player to take. Also enemies spawned via the wave altar have no drops, so say cave bats for example wouldnt drop chain knives, depth meters or bat banners when spawned from a wave altar.

Example: A player making an adventure map wants to make it so you have to fight a few waves of enemies for some prizes, the player places down the wave altar in their arena room they made and then places a Chlorophyte Partisan, 20 Healing Potions and a Megashark in the wave altar, they then set the altar to spawn the following enemies in 5 waves.

Example wave:
Wave 1 - 10 Toxic Sludges
Wave 2 - 5 Armored Skeletons, 5 Skeleton Archers
Wave 3 - 3 Derplings, 3 Herplings
Wave 4 - 8 Moss Hornets
Wave 5 - 2 Paladins

The player then hits the confirmation button and the wave altar is ready to be used, the player's friend tests it, and the wave altar first spawns the 10 toxic sludges, then when they are killed it spawns the 5 armored skeletons and 5 skeleton archers, then after that it spawns the 3 derplings and 3 herplings, then it spawns the 8 moss hornets, then lastly the 2 paladins, once all 5 waves were defeated the altar drops the loot, a Chlorophyte Partisan, 20 Healing Potions and a Megashark, the same items the player placed into the altar.

Third Thing, More Keys and Locked Doors.
Locked Lihzahrd doors shouldnt be the only type of door, and temple keys shouldnt be the only type of door key, most of not all doors should have keys, like for example, locked Iron Doors would take Iron Keys to unlock. Locked Lead doors would take Lead Keys to unlock, and so on. This would allow for a larger variety of locked doors in custom maps.

As I said before, I doubt this will get any support, and considering the gigantic wall of text, I think most people will go TL;DR. I tried to explain the idea as best as I can, and if by some miracle Redigit adds this, I would be very happy, if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this suggestion, let me know please. :)

EDIT: New ideas are now below!

Edit Boss stats with boss altar!
The ability to give altar spawned bosses custom stats, Have the altar spawn a super weak plantera or a super powerful skeletron! The choice would be up to the map maker!

Edit Wave monster stats with wave altar!
Like the boss altar, players could set how strong or weak monsters in each wave of the wave altar would be, this would add alot of customization to enemies in custom maps!

Special locked chests and keys!
This is for those who want to add a choice in what loot a player gets, or want to have special locked chests, this would allow all chests to have a locked variant and a key type to unlock them, ever since the biome keys now require plantera to open the chests with, I feel this would be needed for adventure maps. Another idea is to add special "adventurer's" variant of the biome keys which would not require plantera dead in order to use, these keys wouldn't be legitimately obtainable and would only be useful for custom maps.

Custom NPCs and Shopkeepers!
This is a fairly simple one, a sort of platform players could place that spawns a custom NPC, the player could set the dialog of the NPC and also set what items the shop owner sells and for how much they are sold for, once again this would only be available for map makers.
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These could possibly be unobtainable items so that people have to be a trained map-maker to use it.

If you look at the link in the OP, you will see that it is a suggestion I brought over from TO. This idea is purely for adventure maps. Although if they were unobtainable, I am not sure how people would make use of them. ._.
Unobtainable doesn't mean that TEdit couldn't get to it...

Anyways, I support this 9000+%, since I see so many uses for it, and so many arenas could be built as challenge maps. Love it.
Sorry for the gravedig, but I feel this should return, I have also added several new ideas to this to help support terraria custom map makers.
I had ideas like this before, mostly with the doors and chests there were more, I spent like, a whole day thinking of ideas to help with adventure map making, buuuuuuut I forgot to write it down so I don't remember most of them anymore :/. I do like your ideas though

Oh my god yes. I love making adventure maps and this would help so much! Support!

Maybe the altars could be craftable with luminite? That way they are obtainable for people who don't use editors, but will require a player to have beaten the final boss a few times.
Yeah. Maybe the boss altar could look like a golden glowing altar shaped like demon/crimson altar until it was set, in which it resembles the boss it was set as?
Like King Slime's could be a blob with a crown on it, and Skeletrons could look like a cluster of bones, and the mech bosses could all be circuitry?
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