WIP New Moon Lord drops, and Celebration replacement.

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    Pretty much exactly what it says on the title.
    A few things that I found to be unfair about the Moon Lord's drops are that:
    -There are 3 melee drops, but only 2 drops for the other classes.
    -The celebration is lame.
    -The minion drops are all sentries.
    -None of the ranged weapons that it drops can shoot more projectiles per second than the Chain Gun, breaking a minor trend in the previous updates.
    So here are my proposals:

    Ranged weapons:

    -Missile Massacrer (Celebration replacement):

    Damage: 65*3 (Yes, it is a rocket shotgun)
    Use time: 15 (Because it's endgame, and the Snowman Cannon needs to stop being the best way to completely ruin a world).
    Ammo: Rockets.
    Tooltip: Because normal rockets aren't enough.
    Knockback: 5 (1 for the subrockets).
    Effect: Shoots 3 rockets (1 is shot normally, and the other two have a 30-gredee angle in relation to the center rocket) that themselves shoot smaller versions of themselves (Called subrockets) in 6 directions (Think of the Lunatic Cultist's ice orb attack) 6 times per second, up to 12 times. The small rockets deal a small fraction of the main rockets' damage (But can break blocks if Rocket II/IV are used).
    If the rockets hit an enemy before shooting all their subrockets, they'll deal additional damage equaling the damage all the remaining subrockets would have dealt.
    Fully automatic.
    Of course, the Celebration would still be obtainable. It would now have a 4% (It's a joke item anyways, so I guess only completionists will really care that much) drop from the Moon Lord, which can drop independently from the other drops.

    Burst Destroyer:

    Use Time: 10
    Ammo: Bullets.
    Tooltip: This may shoot a lot of bullets, but there are never enough.
    Knockback: 0.5 (Extremely weak)
    Effect: Shoots a 5-shot burst, similarily to the CAR, but each shot shoots a spread (45 gredees) of 5 bullets, effectively making it a mix between the CAR and a shotgun. (To be exact, it shoots 5 shots with an UseTime of 2, then, it has a 10-frame delay between bursts).
    Fully automatic.

    Magic weapon:

    Ricocheting Ravager:

    Damage: 90
    Use Time: 8
    Mana usage: 20
    Effect: Shoots a ricocheting projectile that spawns a vortex upon hitting a block. The vortex acts similarily to the Inferno Fork's fireballs, and can shoot beams at nearby enemies that damage and pull enemies to the vortex. The vortex lasts for 4 seconds. The main projectile can ricochet up to 10 times, essentially making it a mix between the Shadowbeam Staff and the Inferno Fork.


    Eye Beam Staff:
    Damage: 60

    Knockback:3 (Weak)
    Mana: 20
    Use Time: 30
    Effect: Summons a miniature version of the True Eye of Cthulhu that orbits around the player and can only use ranged attacks.
    Their attacks consist of a spread of projectiles, and a large beam. The large beam is shot for 1 second, is shot from the PC's position, and becomes stronger the more eyes have been summoned. The beam has a 3-second cooldown, during which the eyes shoot a spread of 3 light cyan balls, which inflict the Electrified debuff, at a speed of 4 volleys per second.
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    I found a typo.
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    Yeah. I found a another Spore and Terraria fan.
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    To toss in an old suggestion,

    I would trade the Lunar Portal Staff for a staff that summons True Eye of Cthulhus (that teleport and go through blocks) which shoot bolts (that pierce enemies, never miss, and go through blocks) - kind of like the actual True Eye of Cthulhus you fight during the boss battle; except for the "never missing" part which I felt if left out would make it a downgrade from the Stardust Cell Staff.