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New Npc: The Lawyer!


Eye of Cthulhu
This is my first thread or post on here so it might be a little bad..

The lawyer would be a npc that would move in after you have 5 npc in prehardmode.
The lawyer would allow you to kick npcs out for 5 gold, the same npc message would appear, but it would be
“Blank” the “blank” has moved out!
The message would be the same color as when they move in,
The lawyer would also allow you to change your username for 10 gold,
He would also sell the tuxedo set for 2 gold each, a brieferang (briefcase that functions like a boomerang) for 5 gold,
The brieferang would do 25 damage (not sure about that yet) and would throw out papers at enemy’s when it passes/ hits them,
He would also sell a gavel which could be used as a hammer to mine blocks,
You are guilty!... of buying things from me!
If you get monster guts on my floor one more time I’ll, I’ll, never mind
(If party girl is present) That party person is too messy, too much confetti,
(If pirate is present) (pirates name) is extremely unsanitary! He doesn’t even brush his teeth!
(If cyborg is present) (cyborgs name) can really be clean! He’s a nice fellow!
(During a party) Party’s are OK, as long as they aren’t too messy!
Thanks for reading the suggestion!
Please help me come up with names for him I can’t imagine any!
Should this be added into the game? I would like being able to change my username, and the idea of a npc that likes being clean.
Please post things that’s I should add to the thread!
Npc names suggested by the community:
Ace, Oswald, Phoenix (credits to SkeletalDestroyr)
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Lord Garak

You know you can already remove NPCs from housing or just dump lava on them if you're really that desperate?

Meowmere Lord

Yeah you could do that but I mean there are some achievements in the game that you get for doing something wrong like dying by a dart trap. this could be one of those oops achievements to kick a npc


Eye of Cthulhu
Yeah but this is a way to remove them without burning them, or killing them,
It’s like if there’s a certain npc in a house that u don’t want, u want another npc to live there, but you can’t build a house at the moment.
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