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Which "Quick Heal" method do you prefer?

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Many of you probably know, that in 1.2.4, the following was listed as a bug fix:
  • Changed the Quick Heal to use the best fit healing item instead of the first.
This does indeed help and is a good improvement. For example:

If you're fighting The Destroyer but accidentally heal using a mushroom you picked up before the battle, you would not heal enough and probably die, especially if you urgently needed to heal at that moment.

However, this can also be quite a big annoyance, and I find that this often affects me and others. For example:

While mining underground, you stumble across some Healing Potions in a Gold Chest. The next time you instinctively press "H" to heal (or whatever you set your "Quick Heal" hotkey to) you consume a Healing Potion and waste it, when you didn't need it at that particular moment and would have preferred to use a Lesser Healing Potion.

The only way to avoid doing this, is to manually use the healing item you want to use at that specific moment.
This would have to be done by placing it in your hotbar, taking up a slot which could be used for more important items, or using it while in your inventory, which is a risk to do while engaged in combat with an enemy or boss, and cannot be done at all if you use "auto pause".

The "Quick Heal" hotkey should be pressed instinctively when needed, and people should not have to think "Wait a minute, I'd rather drink Bottled Honey than my Healing Potion" before pressing the hotkey.

That's where this simple suggestion comes in.
All what needs to be added is a simple toggle, such as this:


Above is an example of what the toggle setting could look like.

With this toggle, everyone would be satisfied, as you can pick which method you prefer. It would also be on the in-game settings menu, so you could switch in-game if needed.
I've seen many people suggest a toggle between the current colour sliders and numbers, and this is basically the same thing. A toggle between the removed old version, and the new version.

That's all really, just a simple toggle button between the current way "Quick Heal" works, and the previous way.
It doesn't seem difficult to implement at all, since the coding for the old way of "Quick Heal" could just be recycled.
or just place it at favorite in 1.3.
Favouriting an item prevents it from being "stacked, sold, or quick trashed" only. Doesn't say anything about consumption.
At least, that is what is revealed in the video, we don't know everything yet.
I thought quick heal would pick the most appropriate item, so it wouldn't make you drink a greater healing potion if a mushroom would have brought you to full health
I thought quick heal would pick the most appropriate item, so it wouldn't make you drink a greater healing potion if a mushroom would have brought you to full health
I'm not too sure, I believe that it just consumes the best healing item you have.
Even so, there are times when I would rather drink a Lesser Healing Potion than a Healing Potion, just for the sake of saving the better potions for bosses or invasions. But the situation may differ, and people have their preferences so that's why it's a toggle.
I thought this was something else that could be fixed by key binding.
Right now, the heal hotkey consumes the absolute best healing item in your inventory. As useful as this is when you get Greater Healing Potions on a daily-ish basis, it's annoying when you're saving up those precious Healing Potions when you just start off, assuming you don't find a Mushroom biome.
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