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Ninja/Assasin/Stealth class, and many new stuff related to it


This new class would be all about stealth, with a lower defense comparing to other classes, but a higher mobility, it's arsenal would be of katanas and other stealth melee weapons, thrown weapons, smoke bombs and other tricks.
>katanas would be a new type of weapon, the already existing katana would became one of them, katanas deals the class' type of damage and they attack using a 3 hit combo, the first two hits are two slashes that covers a bigger are but deal less knockback and damage and the third is a stab with the katana that deals more knockback and damage, and while wielding the katana the player will get a movement boost. There also are other melee weapons that deals this class' damage
>most throwing weapons such as shurikens and knives now deal the class' type of damage instead of ranged, the exceptions are javelins and grenades that would deal melee and ranged damage specifically, and there would be a bigger variety of shurikens and knives, shurikens and knives have differences between each other like reach, damage, attack speed and penetration
>smoke bombs are a consumable item that can be used to teleport the user for a very short distance, applying a debuff that doesn't allow the usage of more smoke bombs while in use, early smoke bombs have a short travelling speed, larger cooldown and can't travell through blocks, the later it gets the better the bombs will get and will also be able to apply some status effects

Class progression:
*Early pre-hardmode:
The player might want to explore caves for shurikens and knives from pots and iron ores for iron ingots, and to the jungle surface for some bamboo, with iron and bamboo the player can craft the first katana: bamboo katana, and once a travelling merchant arrives the player can go for a katana, about the armor progression the player might go for the best ore armor available such as gold/platinum and other stuff to get ready for the bosses, the player can also upgrade knifes similar to arrows, shurikens and arrows can also be crafted with iron ingot and some wood. The boss this class might want to defeat first is king slime, he don't just drop the ninja armor that would have been reworked for this class, but also is the first ninja armor, unless if the player wants to try it's luck with desert fossils to get fossil armor that also has been reworked for this class, also killing the king slime releases the new ninja npc from him, which can be used to buy ninja related stuff, such as shurikens, knives and smoke bombs, and king slime has a chance to drop the ninja glove, that can be used to fire shurikens or knives with a chance of not consuming them and also dealing extra damage. After defeating king slime the player might be ready to take down eye of cthulhu and the evil biome boss(EoW/BoC), won't be userfull specifically for the class but the boss progression, and with evil biome ore ingots the player can craft evil knives or teeth shuriken and the decomposing or carnificine katana.

*Later pre-hardmode:
After having defeated 3 bosses, and fitting the same requirements as the goblin army, a ninja invasions might happen, with ninjas that jump and move around and use different weapons which they have a chance to drop, going from shurikens and knives to nunchakos, ninja forks(idk their names), etc And after defeating a ninja invasion the ninja npc will start selling better stuff. After all of that the player can go for better gear in the jungle out of jungle materials now that he's better prepared and even kill the bee queen for sting knives that are dropped every time she's skilled and a chance to get the needles that are a ninja forks alternative that she has a chance to drop. When prepared the player will want to go for skeletron to get acess to the dungeon, where he can get bones for bone knives and shurikens and also kill fallen sakurai for ninja plating used to craft the samurai armor, the player can also find the tidal wave that's an alternative of katana for the wall of flesh and bone nunchakos that are an alternative of nunchakos, and also the shadow key for underworld loot. In the underworld the player can find even better gear from hellstone bars and shadow chests such as great flame that's another katana option and flaming glove that's a better glove option, so he can be prepared for the wall of flesh and start hardmode

Content added along:
-Ninja npc: A new npc released from king slime once defeated similar to the diver npc from thorium mod that's a great mod, once the king slime is defeated once he will no longer have the ninja npc inside him, no it's not that painted hair fortnite streamer, it's the much better npc that sells ninja related stuff, most of them focused on the ninja class. his favorite biome is the jungle and his favorite npc is the guide since i heard somewhere that the ninja inside king slime is guide's brother.
-Ninja invasions: a new invasion event with ninjas that moves quickly to any place not mattering the heigh, using different ninja weapons and dropping many stuff that isn't just for ninja class.

I might finish this post later, i still have great plans for the hardmode part of it, including a new biome and two new bosses that would be enjoyable and worth killing for every class, specially for ninja class obviously.
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