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No Block Litter
v1.1.0.0 | v1.1.0.2
(Terraria v1.3.5.3 / tModLoader v0.11.8.6 | Terraria v1.4.3.2 / tModLoader v0.12 Alpha)

A mod that prevents many projectiles from creating tiles in the world.

Included projectiles:
  • The snowballs thrown by Snow Ballas
  • The balls of sand shot by Antlions
  • The balls of sand shot using the Sandgun
  • Tombstones
All of these projectiles can be configured to either place their respective block, drop the corresponding item, or simply vanish instead of placing a block.

Downloads (tModLoader v0.11.8.6):
- Mod Browser
- Direct Link (Mirror)

Downloads (tModLoader v0.12 Alpha):
- Mod Browser
- Steam


- Release
- Changed homepage, added icon.
- Added sand- and tombstone-related changes. Added config options. Renamed mod to "No Block Litter".
- Fixed bugs introduced by a recent alpha update.
- Fixed bugs introduced in the "OnSpawn hooks" alpha update.
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Nice. At first it looks like funny idea but after this bois fill everywhere with snow blocks it starts to hurt.
Ooh yes! Sounds awesome!
Snow balla are extremely annoying.

Now just need something to prevent goblin peons from dismantling your doors...
woah! and, wait, is that new?! was it my note on it that inspired it, or was it just a coincidence? I'm curious.

but either way, that's awesome news!

these guys are among the enemies I hate the most, due to their behavior to mess up your structures and landscape, and fixing stuff after them is annoying.

I should get back into modding too, now that t-modloader has an alpha for 1.4. but I dunno how to code stuff XD
This mod has been updated.
  • The mod now covers four types of block littering: Snow Balla snowballs, Antlion sandballs, Sandgun projectiles, and player tombstones. The mod has been renamed accordingly to "No Block Litter".
  • All four of the littering types covered can be configured to change how they function:
    • Vanilla leaves the projectile unchanged, allowing the tile to be placed.
    • Item makes the projectile drop an item instead of placing a block.
    • None makes the projectile vanish instead of creating a block or item.
  • The mod has been released on the tModLoader v0.12 Alpha and updated on tModLoader v0.11.8.6.
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