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No life fruit spawning

No life fruit are spawning in my world, I am at 400 health and it is in hardmode with all 3 mech bosses defeated. The only problem might be that I got 400 health in another world before switching to a large world for long term progression. Does anyone know what the problem is?


Just to make sure, you defeated the mech bosses in this world we're talking about, right? And it's in hardmode and all. Right?

If that's so, when did you defeated the mech bosses? Was it just now, or more in-game days ago?
You only need 1 mech boss down for life fruits to start growing. But it can take a few in-game days until you have a noticeable amount in the jungle.

It can also help, if you destroy jungle bushes here and there, to encourage the vegetation to renew, and maybe it will be something else to grows in the place where earlier it was just a bush.

It also can be a big help to have a metal detector, and spelunker potions. Metal detector will show the highest tier stuff. The jungle by that point is full of clorophyte everywhere, so it will almost always shows that, but sometimes it will show life fruits (and life crystals) when they're nearby. they might grow in previously undiscovered places, or areas where they're hard to spot, so spelunker potions can be a huge help finding them.

if you have all 3 mech bosses down anyway, might as well craft a drax or pickaxe axe, and mine some clorophyte too, meanwhile.
if you leave 1 clorophyte block there, it will grow into a larger vein again, over time. (you can also "plant" them yourself too, in mud, and they'll grow. only works below a certain depth though)


Yes, I defeated the twins 3 ish ingame days ago, are you sure that it is not because I switched worlds with already 400 life?
It doesn't matter where the HP is from. Or even whether you have maxed out HP for pre-hardmode. If you would have less than 400 HP, life fruits still would start to grow, as soon as one mech boss is down - in that world (and only if it's in hardmode - you can fight the mech bosses in pre-hardmode worlds too, if you take the spawn items from another world that is in hardmode, but life fruits won't grow in pre-hardmode worlds, as far as I know.).

Do you have a jungle town? if you have one, that would make things a lot faster, since you have a base somewhere in the jungle you can teleport to, via the pylon system (if you're on PC/Mobile), and try to scout around the area with a metal detector (or its upgrades) in inventory. bring some spelunker potions too, and if you notice "life fruit" on the metal detector, drink a spelunker potion, and try to look around that area.


Yes I have a jungle town. Thank you so much for helping, I really appreciate it :) I will now go farm nymphs.
No problem.
Looking for nymps is tough though. I dunno if it's even possible to farm them...
If you don't have a metal detector, you can try with just spelunker potion too. Though a metal detector can be a huge help.
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