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  1. Random name for town npc

  2. Smaller file size (change wav sound)

  3. My regret on creating this poll

  4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ay... vote me pls

  5. Planet sized orbital meal of ur mom's sphagetti

  1. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    lo I came out with a story of sort. It’s not read worthy.

    The undead of this world
    Looming in the darkness sat a shadowy figure of one.
    How long or when it's been there, one could only assume.
    What sickens you more, a cockroach or a cockroach the shape of a man?

    It desires a solace that is not death but how could that be?
    "Leave anything long and stagnant enough and it'll start to rot and smell.
    Why don't you try it out on something organic and moist?"

    Why did you do it? Are you really that disillusioned and disturbed?
    ":red: you.” says he with a grin.

    Only the ticking of a father clock soothe its empty heart now.
    For time does not move with this wretched being.
    At least in its own head, it works fine just for everyone else.
  2. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    I'm actually interested to ry this mod out (i'm trying out many mods at once all the time). I'm waiting patienly until you fix the non spawning bug :) Just so you know :)
  3. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

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  4. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

  5. Dr. Lapis

    Dr. Lapis Eye of Cthulhu

    I made the Record Player waaaaay back at the start of my game. Placed, played the song, nothing happend. I'm in hardmode now. Still nothing. tAPI r15. WTF

    P.S. Of course i made a house for him and placed the player inside the house
  6. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    You have to have it in ur inventory it's stated in the tooltip. Altho you gave me an idea to change the spawning method... MAybe not Should I?
  7. Dr. Lapis

    Dr. Lapis Eye of Cthulhu

    Oh, sorry, I thought I should spawn him like this :D

    Well, I'll check out the real way.
  8. GonnaPwnHard

    GonnaPwnHard Terrarian

    I trapped Test Dummy, and i set auto-hit him with my shield.
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    And how much Test Dummy defense have?
  9. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    A lot. But there'sa plenty loopholes to take them down so it should be okey?
  10. GonnaPwnHard

    GonnaPwnHard Terrarian

    Lel, santank gifts do like 100 damage to them.
    Pls the sword play is impossible.
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  11. GonnaPwnHard

    GonnaPwnHard Terrarian

    NEW BUG: Terraria might crash if you are fighting Sugar Overdose Fairy.
  12. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    Something might have overloaded or just the usual crash with these things. dun think I can do anything about it o.
  13. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    updated with content and fixes! Hopefully I didn't missed anything.

    On another news... usually I don't want to share my boring tales while making this mod but here's an incident, yesterday I've crashed tAPI in the worst way possible n all of my loaded mods turned into corrupted files, luckily the source of my mod was unharmed else I'll be flipping tables.

    NINJA EDIT: Showing off a pic of my character

    THIRD EDIT: Welp dont wanna bum this thread again so here's another character
    and since this'll be the last update before 1.3 here's more stories
    The story of how I discovered scaling in gimp and scaled all the vanilla sprites. The end.
    As you can see the 999999 hp boss is finally here. It'll crash yo game if you die. It'll crash yo game anyway even if you don't die.
    - Noscope out
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  14. Danger808

    Danger808 Steampunker

    Hey are you only suppose to deal 1 damage to the crimson knight or is there a way to deal more damage to him?
  15. Rejn

    Rejn Cultist

    I wonder if this mod works with 1.3? Or it's only 1.2
  16. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    Its tAPI so 1.2 only.
  17. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    Nah, its defence's high but not that high. So any weapon with a decent enough damage will do.
  18. iliveoffmodsd

    iliveoffmodsd Terrarian

    Hopeful for a comeback of this mod.