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  1. Random name for town npc

  2. Smaller file size (change wav sound)

  3. My regret on creating this poll

  4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ay... vote me pls

  5. Planet sized orbital meal of ur mom's sphagetti

  1. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    ello hello, tis a content mod here.

    This mod adds a single town npc.

    The Weapons Keeper

    It’ll be your source to over 100 weapons and items. Most of them stored away as rare drop from boss battles it'll be supplying.
    The bosses will also drop their trophy. It'll be quite a task gathering every item in this mod without cheating.

    HyperBuddyTrophy.png TestDummyTrophy.png SwordPlayTrophy.png ThanatosDragonTrophy.png CometRiderTrophy.png ProtossCarrierTrophy.png
    CoffinCrackerTrophy.png CPinwheelTrophy.png CGravelordNitoTrophy.png ChillDragonTrophy.png TumbleweedTrophy.png FabledWaspQueenTrophy.png
    SugarOverdoseFairyTrophy.png LandSharkTrophy.png DerpLordTrophy.png CTheBlackKnightTrophy.png CTheCrimsonKnightTrophy.png OversizedBoneSerpentTrophy.png
    TheGrandEaterofWorldsTrophy.png QuadCannonTrophy.png

    In order to spawn this town npc, you’ll need
    10 Wood [​IMG] and a Work Bench [​IMG] to craft the Broken Record Player BrokenRecordPlayer.png

    It spawns only during the day and not immediately.

    Once you have the npc, it’ll sell you more items as you progresses throughout the game.

    -Blood Moon
    -after beating plantera
    -During an eclipse

    Rocket Bunny Staff – summons rocket bunny minion
    TrueImmolationSword.png A fire sword
    GoldenGlock.png Golden Glock
    WoodenTotem.png IronTotem.png MoltenTotem.png HallowedTotem.png
    Summoners Totem
    Storm Piercer Gun - crafted from sniper rifle and magnet sphere
    A dubstep cannon

    The stuff in this mod can be very basic and generic
    Cool beans you'll probably never use again.
    NuclearRodShooter.png HazardRocketLauncher.png BehemothCannonC.png ShroomiteMissile.png PixiePortalStaff.png MerrymakingHorn.png

    Narwhal ! by @DerpoTheMagnificent
    Spawn conditions(rare): Hardmode, raining, ocean biome
    Flying fish ai (slow in waters, dun know how to fix that sorreh)
    Drops corals, unicorn horn and 5% banner NarwhalBanner.png

    Download Here
    Made with tAPI r15 (Terraria
    Tips: Some of the bosses drop weapons that are effective against one another.

    -fixed and balanced some things up

    (2/8/2015) "Possibly last" Update
    -small cleanups, silver bars, 3 armor sets and some 1.3 mobs
    +1 boss
    -found exploitation in this mod you're free to abuse

    (25/6/2015) Content Update 1.0.9
    -all mobs now have buff immunity
    -nerfed Zeus's lightning staff to mortal level

    (12/6/2015) Content update 1.0.8
    -fixed potions price n more

    (29/5/2015) Update 1.0.7
    -added content
    -moved summon items to fight section
    -random names for town npc

    (23/5/2015) Update 1.0.6
    -Fix for r15

    (10/5/2015) "Ran out of gas" Update 1.0.5
    +3 wep, ite, b0ss
    -more minor polishing

    (2/5/2015) Boss Update 1.0.4
    +8 weapons
    +8 items
    +4 bosses
    -easier bosses but they de-spawn if you die

    (26/4/2015) Boss Update 1.0.3
    +7 weapons
    +8 items
    +4 bosses

    (19/4/2015) Update 1.0.2
    +12 weapons
    +8 items
    +2 bosses
    + unnecessarily huge wav sound

    (12/4/2015) 1.0.1
    -small changes and fixes

    (11/4/2015) Released 1.0.0
    +1 NPc

    +29 Weapons


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  2. _Mish

    _Mish Skeletron Prime

    Nice sprites!
  3. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Apparemment, these sprites look nice !

    Try a greyish colour for this golden gun all around it (+ it seems you forgot some black at the end of it)

    I'll check the mod out and see if I support it :)
  4. Adding to my next tAPI playthrough, looks gr8
  5. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    Figured I updated this mod enough to give it a good kick in the bum. Here it is people, possibly the best update this mod will ever have. Added two bosses from Dark Souls.
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  6. Pawlick

    Pawlick Spazmatism

    Dark. Souls. No. JUST NO. I LOVE THIS MOD ALREADY! :redspin::redmunch:
  7. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    Pawlick likes this.
  8. _Mish

    _Mish Skeletron Prime

    Yum yum! I like this very much. The spriting is great!

    Just a little note, the spoilers for the items are a little awkward... see if you can fix it!

    BTW love the rocket bunny!
  9. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    I just like it that way, do people want to go deeper into the spoilers? :dryadtongue:
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  10. _Mish

    _Mish Skeletron Prime

    We need to go deeper :)
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  11. Party Remi

    Party Remi Terrarian

    Buddy, the boss summoner items have a different encoding and it doesn't seem to summon them at all...
  12. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    okey I tried this mod in tAPI r15, a buncha stuff such as dust, debuff, minions, boss summoning items, etc doesn't work. I'll say, this mod doesn't work fine at all with r15.
  13. Party Remi

    Party Remi Terrarian

    seems like you have to recode everything then :p
  14. felipejoys

    felipejoys Terrarian

    I can' t seem to spawn the NPC. I'm using r14 and have the vynil in my inventory. Is he hardmode?
  15. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    Nope. Maybe it just takes a while to spawn for you.
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  16. Party Remi

    Party Remi Terrarian

    bro, seriously, you gotta update that >->;
  17. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    For the mod to work in r15?
    I found a simple name change will do it, not sure why having a _ at the end of the item's name would mess things up in the first place. Aaand... now the items with recipe crashed tAPI unexplained.
    I might upload a fix on weekend if that is what you want.

    On aother topic I'm curious on how this mod will turn out in multiplayer. Since I've no way of testing it, I didn't add the necessary stuff for multiplayer.
    Will anyone who tried this mod in multiplayer care to fill me in on this?
  18. ~[Icarus]~

    ~[Icarus]~ Steampunker

    Interesting mod
  19. Truancy

    Truancy Terrarian

    Can't get him to spawn in r15.
  20. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    It doesn't spawn immediately... Give a day or two. I'm sure it'll spawn eventually...