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    The Nurse. The Nurse is my least favorite NPC in the whole game, and there's good reason for that. She has no real use. Once you get a Heart Lantern, a Campfire, and Honey in one place, she essentially becomes a waste of a whole room. Why pay her to heal you when you can sit in your Jungle Resort & Honey Spa for 10 seconds? And that's really all she's there for, to heal you, and to waste space. And you have to pay to use her! It's outrageous! It's time for a medical revolution! The gentle laborer shall no longer suffer from the noxious greed of The Nurse! Whew, okay. Sorry, got carried away there. So here's what I propose. Instead of making her a dedicated merchant, how about we make that a side thing, but also buff her healing capabilities, give her a quest system, with quest exclusive accessories and weapons!
    This should be self explanatory, stuff given from using the Nurse's healing & shop.

    Immunization Shot immuneshot.png (Buff)
    Applied via Nurse healing.
    Gives you immunity to debuffs for 2 minutes.

    IV Bag IVBag.png
    Increases chance for enemies to drop hearts by 5%
    Increases heart pickup range by 10 tiles.
    Buyable with 15 gold.

    Genetic Mutator Geneticmutator.png
    Allows you to change skin color, eye color, and gender, for when you make a mistake in character creation/just want to change appearance.
    Tooltip: ‘I feel like a new man!’
    Buyable with 35 gold once Skeletron has been defeated.

    Scalpel Scalpel.png
    45 Throwing damage.
    Very short throwing range.
    Very Weak Knockback.
    Insanely fast speed (8)
    Buyable with 5 silver once the Wall of Flesh has been defeated.
    An Extraction quest is very simple. Find enemy/boss that Nurse wants, hit them with a big 'ol syringe, go back to Nurse, get paid, but before you can do that, you need one of THESE.

    Fluid Extractor emptyextractor.png (empty) fullextractor.png (full)
    These big 'ol suckers are given to you upon choosing her "Quest" option. Once acquired, you can then go out and stick it into your target! Of course, you can only do this once every Terraria day.

    Possible quotes for activated quests:
    “Have you seen one of those Flying Fox things? They’re like foxes with wings but they’re the size of people! Saw (Name of Guide, if he’s not present, this is replaced with “Someone”) get picked up by the collar of their shirt by one of them. Luckily I was there. Anyways, get some of their blood for me and you will be rewarded.”

    “I’ve got some… interesting news. There’s a giant plant monster in the Jungle known as Plantera, and I’m fascinated with them. It isn’t just an Angry Trapper, which just gnaws at you when it walks by, this thing clings to walls and crawls toward you! I would absolutely love to get one of their samples under a microscope, so get to the Jungle and stab her with this.”

    “Now, this might sound ridiculous, and may go by the laws of logic itself, but I need you to try and get a fluid of some sort from a Skeleton. ...Okay, before you ask. Yes. I’m completely aware that the concept of a Skeleton itself is the idea of a organless, fleshless, meatless corpse that’s alive, but if you find SOMETHING inside of one of those things, you will be handsomely rewarded.”

    “I’ve been reading up on a lot of zombie apocalypse novels & medical documents, and I feel like we can very much be on the verge of a cure. I need you to get a sample of a zombie’s blood. If we can find out what we need to stop the virus, this could be huge!”

    Note that the previous quotes weren’t the only ones, but rather just examples of what she might say. I don’t have the time nor sanity to list every single enemy in Terraria.
    Once the quest has been completed, she will say one of these quotes:

    “Thank you! And of course, as part of my promise, here is your quite literal blood money.”

    “You really filled this thing, jeez. Anyways, here’s your reward, thank you!”

    “Ah yes, this will do, this will do. Now, come back tomorrow and I should have something new for you.”

    “Thank you for doing this for me! A single syringe is filled with limitless opportunities for medical breakthroughs.”

    “Wouldn’t you love to get one of these samples under a microscope? Oh, listen to me, getting all giddy about medical research.”

    “Thanks. I tried to get (Name of Arms Dealer) to do this for me, but he is really squeamish when it comes to blood.” (only if Arms Dealer is present)

    “Thank you! You’re so much more trustworthy than (Name of Angler). Little squirt tried to convince me that one of these things was full of blood. He put ketchup in it.” (only of Angler is present)

    “I’ll be real honest. I only made you do this because (Name of Merchant) and I made a bet that I couldn’t get one of these samples. 20 silver coins here I come!” (only if Merchant is present)
    A quest simply can't be good without loot! Any and all new items in this section are explained in the next section titled "QUEST-SPECIFIC ITEMS".

    Pre-Hardmode enemy rewards
    7-10 Healing Potions
    3-4 Ironskin Potions
    3-4 Regeneration Potions
    3-4 Swiftness Potions
    1 Bonesaw (Weapon)
    1 Stethoscope (Accessory)
    20-80 silver coins
    2-5 gold coins
    1 Surgeon Mask + 1 Surgeon Uniform (Vanity Head + Shirt)
    1 Brain In A Jar (Furniture)

    Pre-Hardmode boss rewards
    10-13 Healing Potions
    2-3 Dangersense Potions
    2-3 Spelunker Potions
    2-3 Hunter Potions
    70-140 silver coins
    3-6 gold coins
    1 Chainscalpel (Weapon)
    1 Virusthrower (Weapon)
    1 Defibrillator (Weapon)

    Hardmode enemy rewards
    10-13 Healing Potions
    5-8 Greater Healing Potions
    1-2 Obsidian Skin Potions
    1-2 Gravitation Potions
    1-2 Water-Walking Potions
    60-130 silver coins
    3-5 gold coins
    1 Pacemaker (Accessory)
    1 “Anatomy Of A Skeleton” Painting (Furniture)

    Hardmode boss rewards
    12-15 Healing Potions
    10-12 Greater Healing Potions
    1-2 Heartreach Potions
    1-2 Endurance Potions
    1-2 Lifeforce Potions
    5-10 gold coins
    1 Laser Scalpel (Weapon)
    1 Matter-Displacing Charge Rifle (Weapon)
    1 X-Ray Gun (Weapon)
    1 “An Apple A Day” Painting (Furniture)
    All new items acquirable via quests.

    Chainscalpel Chainscalpel.png (Melee)
    Weapon type: Chainsaw
    15 damage.
    Fast Speed (24)
    Weak Knockback.
    7% crit chance.
    Axe power: 50%
    Tooltip: ‘Good idea on paper, awful in practice.’

    Virusthrower Virusthrower.png (Ranged)
    Weapon type: Flamethrower
    14 damage.
    Average Speed (29)
    Extremely Weak Knockback.
    4% crit chance.
    Uses gel as ammo.
    Has a chance to inflict “Poisoned”
    Tooltip: ‘Awful idea on paper, amazing in practice.’

    Defibrillator Defibrillator.png (Magic)
    Weapon type: Short-ranged bolt of lightning (About 5 tiles long), hitscan.
    28 damage.
    Very Slow Speed (35)
    No Knockback.
    9% crit chance.
    Uses 16 mana.
    Has a chance to inflict a new debuff called "Shock Therapy", which does 3 damage a second for 10 seconds, but if any enemies are near an enemy with this debuff, they automatically get inflicted with this debuff too. Bosses & minibosses immune to debuff.
    Tooltip: 'CLEAR!’

    Bonesaw Bonesaw.png (Melee/Utility)
    Weapon type: Broadsword
    10 damage.
    Very Fast Speed (11)
    Extremely Weak Knockback
    4% crit chance.
    Has a chance to inflict “Crippling Wounds”, which reduces the amount of damage the enemy does by 6 points.
    ‘Chop chop chop all day long! Chop chop chop while I sing this song!’

    Laser Scalpel Laserscalpel.png (Melee)
    Weapon type: Spear (Very small, about 4 blocks long)
    40 damage.
    Average Speed (30)
    Weak Knockback
    10% crit chance.
    Can cause “On Fire!”
    Tooltip: ‘For when you need to cut through flesh, the operating table, and the floor in one swipe.’

    Matter Displacing Charge Rifle MDCR.png (Ranged)
    Weapon type: Gun (Hold Left-click to charge a shot)
    20-100 damage, damage is dependent on time spent charged.
    Very Fast Speed (11), uses charge function. Takes 3 seconds to charge up a supercharged shot.
    Extremely Weak Knockback - Strong Knockback.
    15% crit chance.
    Uses bullets as ammo.
    Bonus effect: All shots fired through the gun are replaced with Uranium Bullets, which inflict the Shock Therapy debuff.
    Tooltip: 'Nikola Tesla has never been more disappointed with you.’

    X-Ray Gun XrayGun.png (Magic)
    Weapon type: Laser (Similar to Heat Ray)
    36 damage.
    Very Fast Speed (11)
    Extremely Weak Knockback
    6% crit chance.
    Uses 9 mana.
    Special effect: All human enemies (Zombies, Pirates, Cultists, Lunatic Cultist)’s giblets turn into Skeleton giblets on death.
    Tooltip: ‘A million times hotter than TNT.'

    Stethoscope Stethoscope.png (Accessory)
    Every 4 seconds, any enemies on screen will have a beating heart sprite appear on them for a second, revealing their location if they’re in the dark.

    Pacemaker Pacemaker.png (Accessory)
    After being hit, your health regen is increased for 4 seconds.

    Surgeon Set Surgeonset.png (Mask + Outfit, no pants in set)
    Vanity - No status effects applied

    Brain In A Jar BrainInAJar.png (Furniture)
    A 2x2 jar with a brain inside of it.

    Anatomy Of A Skeleton Anatomyofskeleton.png (Painting) *Placeholder sprite*
    A 3x3 painting showing the anatomy of the human skeleton.

    An Apple A Day anappleaday.png (Painting) *Possible placeholder sprite*
    A 3x3 classic “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!” poster that’s usually posted up in doctor’s offices.
    Accessories that can be made with new accessories via Tinkerer.

    Mechanical Heart mechanicalheart.png *placeholder sprite, possibly, maybe*(Accessory)
    Increased Heart Pickup range and drop chance, after being hit, your health regen is increased for 4 seconds.
    Crafted with: IV Bag & Pacemaker at Tinkering Station.
    The Nurse is in desperate need of SOMETHING to make her worthwhile. As it is when I get a Nurse rather than someone like, a Demolitionist, or Merchant, I groan because I could've gotten an NPC that's SIGNIFICANTLY better. I feel as though the changes suggested would help make the Nurse a more valuable character.

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    This is a really awesome and detailed suggestion! It would make the nurse MUCH more useful than she is now! Support!
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    How about also combining it with the Heart Necklace? It needs a new upgrade too, seeing corruption have that Celestial Cuffs.
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    my god, yes. lol

    This is great! great detail, and you did a good job of getting your idea across.

    Full support!
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    Love it.
  6. Maybe. That isn't a bad idea!
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    This is a genius idea, full support by me.
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    Come to think of it, I don`t go to the Nurse for healing very often ether...SUPPORT! I think it`s time that she get`s an update.
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    The mechanical heart accessory seems vey nice! Now all you need is an accessory that is the combination of the Charm of Myths and the Mechanical Heart! Overall a very good suggestion, keep up the good work!
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    Okay I support this idea.
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    Cough Cough, I think that I am a great NPC.
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    Nurse > All
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    you cant cheat bosses with the other npc's :p. ( Great Suggestion )
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    Personally, i use the nurse all the time. however, this way would be better i think.