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tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread


the Steam cloud sometimes messes things up and causes Tmodloader to crash.
Are there problems with any other games too?
Edit:I'll have to read your stuff later since I'll be offline for now.
I hope someone else can fix it while I'm gone
Good luck ;)


Dungeon Spirit
it does the same with terraria and thats it
Then the problem is with Terraria, not tModLoader. The first thing that you should try is to verify Terraria's cache.
(Right click on game > properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files...)


I have an issue. When I try use the menus in tModloader (specifically the Mods menu and Mods Browser) my mouse will teleport whenever I click on anything. The typing still works. Also many of the mods will not load even though the game says that they are loaded. Plus when I try to attack or use items the game moves me right at the same time.


Hey. so my friend is having trouble with a mod. it won't get disabled, and he has tried deleting the mod, but nothing has worked. please help???


It should be enough to do this in your player file:
if (Your accesory){

Projectile.NewProjectile(player.Center.X, player.Center.Y, 0f, 0f, ProjectileType<Your projectile>();
If you want a max projectile cap, you can look into ExampleMods Elemental shield.
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