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Okay, so I might be addicted to Terraria.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by adalialives, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    Pssh, who needs emergency exits? If the internet burns, I burn with it.
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  2. Fruitbat

    Fruitbat Terrarian

    RNG stands for Random Number Generation, which is randomness in drops, critical strike chances and so on.

    Anyway.. welcome to TCF!
  3. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    OH. I actually knew that, I just thought it was going to be something else. I know a bit about statistics, so it's just one small factor to me in grinding for items, and then I keep forgetting about crits in this game.

    Fun fact, if you ever want to know the approximate number of enemies you'll need to farm to get an item, I can probably tell you. Of course, with RNG and the gambler's fallacy, it's not always accurate, but I take that into account and I'm usually right. Thank you, Pokemon.
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  4. Ingenious

    Ingenious Terrarian

    What gear are you taking to the Twins? Armor and weapons? I don't dodge well either, so I was abusing the Hallowed armor set and the strongest sword I could get my hands on...
  5. Arfster Is Chill.

    Arfster Is Chill. Terrarian

    I sent you a friend on steam, if you are ever down to bum rush terraria, and go hardmode in less then a day I'm your guy to come to,

    oh and btw try to join The Carbon Based Lifeforms

    were a private group here on the forums. :)
  6. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    I don't have Hallowed yet because I haven't beat any of the bosses, but typically I've used Adamantite with the caster variant with Cursed Flames and Crystal Storm, though I'm going to also try Orichalcum, which I've used with the melee variant and a moderately well-forged Cutlass. I'm thinking I may go mine more Orichalcum to make the caster variant and try again. It would be helpful if I had Titanium, but alas, it was Adamantite.
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  7. Ori

    Ori Golem

    In my opinion Adamantite or orichalcum are the best for fighting the mechanical bosses. Then again i was playing ranger. I think going for orichalcm gear is a smart move, it's set bonus is like the best thing against the destroyer if you haven't beat him yet. If you could get your hands on a cutlass aswell i would strongly recommend you use it.
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  8. Ingenious

    Ingenious Terrarian

    Sixth is right, and I apologize, I forgot about you not beating any bosses. >=\ My bad!
  9. Zinnia

    Zinnia Lunatic Cultist

    Edit oops wrong thread.... um Hi~ Welcome~
  10. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest The Destroyer

    Several hundred online hours, several thousand offline hours here.

    HUGE Dr. Who / Arrow fan, and welcome to the forums!
  11. DannieJ312

    DannieJ312 Steampunker

    Welcome! It's kinda funny that I'm welcoming you, and I just joined a few days ago but your title caught my eye. lol I myself am brand new to Terraria, and only got the mobile version a little over a week ago, though I haven't played it much because it crashes and is so behind, so I'm getting PC version in a few weeks. I'm addicted too....when I actually get to play. I'll be 24 in about two weeks. I have a husband and a son and I'm OBSESSED with Doctor Who! Most of the music I like is Indie Rock like Bastille and Imagine Dragons and Mumford & Sons. It's nice to meet you! You sound really cool! Maybe we can have a real conversation at some point, if you're not too busy getting your face ripped off by metal.
  12. Alexplays999

    Alexplays999 Terrarian

    I have terraria for all systems except for pc because I refuse to get a credit card but I have beat all bosses except for the pumpkin moon frost moon event bosses and moon lord I constantly look at terraria during class and look at it listen to the music and have played it for 3 days straight before, I know im addicted.