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Okay, so I might be addicted to Terraria.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by adalialives, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    I EV train and breed for IVs. I don't do much shiny hunting, I'm more for the competitive side. I have to check and see if I still have the Paras; I tend to immediately give my shinies away to my friends who want them if I'm not a fan of the Pokemon. I do, however, definitely still have a shiny Sigilyph (caught randomly in the wild, go figure, I was doing my first playthrough of maingame Y) and a stupidly nicknamed Drifblim called "Yellow??" someone Wonder Traded to me once I find the damn game card those two are on. Also a shiny orange Florges but that's not going anywhere.

    I'll take a look and see if the Paras is still there sometime today.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 8, 2015 ---
    You have to build up and get to the gate to the next world, amirite?

    Let me know if you get a early/midhard!
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    GIRGHGH Golem

    Usually takes me a few days to do that because I'm so cautious solo.
  3. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    It took me a few weeks, so it's not like it's a rush. I'm smart until you give me control of a mouse and a virtual sword and then before you know it I'm so done you can take me out of the oven and stick a fork in me.\

    Edit: quoted myself. Brilliant. I need sleep.
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    GIRGHGH Golem

    I COULD do it in an hour, but I like to keep my world as stable as possible, especially with a corruption smack-dab in the middle of my jungle.
  5. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    Hoo boy. Yeah, I've got a few worlds like that. And then I've got this one small world where everything's just really confused. I think Terraria had had a few too many drinks when it generated it, because it plopped my dungeon literally in the middle of the ocean. Hang on, I'll get a cap.

    Look at this. What the hell is this? It's one of the worlds I made to find a Sandstorm in a Bottle and decided to go check out the dungeon for kicks and I got to the edge and I just - what?
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    GIRGHGH Golem

    You should check out the world generation thread if you think that's wacky.
  7. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    Where is this thread? I have a mighty need
  8. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    900+ hours since July 18, 2012. It's not an addiction, it's just how Terraria is.
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  9. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    If I'd been playing that long, assuming a steady one-third rate of decay per month, and assuming I never played less than five hours a week, I'd have 820 in six months. By two and a half years, I'd be at 1300, and that's assuming a very generous decay rate and a very low minimum play time.

    GIRGHGH Golem

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  11. Ingenious

    Ingenious Terrarian

    And I thought getting suprised blind-sided by Dungeon Guardians on the opposite side of a neighboring biome was "What the %$#@" material. XD The fun of being forced on small worlds in mobile.

    If you ever end up getting mobile (I strongly suggest you don't until 505 Games gets their act together and releases a badly-needed patch they've sat on for close to a month), we're pretty active posters and blow the forums up with enough screen shots and strategies to make Brady Strategy guides look weak. :merchantgrin:
  12. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    You can use cursed bullets, but in my experience what really gets the twins down is a fast gun (IE: uzi) with crystal bullets, and golden shower.
  13. Ingenious

    Ingenious Terrarian

    I just focused on beating up the Laser one first, and then turning to the Cursed Flames one, but I'm on mobile and I had sticky-analog problems. -_- True Night's Blade with some reforging really made them cry too.
  14. Krasunir

    Krasunir Terrarian

    Hi there
  15. Ori

    Ori Golem

    Yep, terraria will eat away at your hours. The good thing about it is that the hours never feel wasted as there is so much fun stuff to do.
    Right now i have kind of been having "Terraria fever" where i get a strong urge to buy anything terraria related. I didn't really notice until i was thinking about buying terraria guides for the phone, at this point i'm thinking this have to stop so i start playing it again to cure this "fever" and most of my exams will be done within a week or two so i'd be happy to play with some other enthusiasts! :D
    I'm known as Genrul, Cake and DiD among my friends.
    I may be a bit greedy sometimes when it comes to items but at most times i behave and share.
    I have never once gotten mad over any video game ever. (Wat?)
    I have 369+ hours of playime in terraria and have been playing it a little bit more recently.
    Also before i forget,
    Hi! :happy:
  16. Gex004

    Gex004 Skeletron

    Why hello ther...
    Dammit :sigh:

    Jk,jk nice to meet you hope to see you around the forums:happy::happy:
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  17. Arfster Is Chill.

    Arfster Is Chill. Terrarian

    He, are you interested in doing multiplayer?

    My steam is like, Arfster Is Chill

    if ur down I'll try to find a host
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  18. kkbubble

    kkbubble Terrarian

    there are two 3 letter terms that become your food. DPS and RNG. they will lead you soul to salvation
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
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  19. adalialives

    adalialives Terrarian

    Unfortunately, I have a Corruption world. I could always go pop hardmode in one of my small Crimson worlds, I guess, I'm at the point where I can melee the Wall of Flesh without needing a healing potion.
    That's what I tried, but I was having major issues for some reason with the dodging when I did.
    Hi! Yeah, it got worse when my one IRL friend told us he had like 100 hours and had gotten halfway through hardmode, whereas I was over 100 at this point and hadn't even gotten to hell, let alone summoned WoF. At that point it was like, I MUST SURPASS HIM
    I know about DPS, I have a reasonably well-forged Cutlass, but I've got no idea what RNG stands for.
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  20. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    Welcome to the forums! Rules to the left, emergancy exits to the right!

    And don't worry about being addicted to Terraria, there's bounds of people addicted to it more. Infact, i tjink i played it for 666 hours
    (Yes, 666)
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