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    Originally, this mod was just going to be a couple recipes I liked using, but then I decided to try learning how to make a couple accessories

    This mod adds a few very useful recipes. I'm continuously adding recipes and tweaking existing ones, so check the Recipe Browser for the latest.

    Also adds some OP accessories (with complicated recipes) which can really super-charge the Player. The OP accessories are all called Pixels, because before I gave them individual pictures, the pictures were 1px squares of different colors. And the name just kind of stuck, because I had better things to do than think up a new name.

    To balance out how powerful these accessories are, I gave them recipes that require platinum coins - LOTS of platinum coins!

    The current accessories (sorted by cost) include:

    Build Range Pixel (COST: 1 Platinum Coin)
    Massively increases block placement range. Splelunker buff. Adds Platinum Watch buff. Immune to Blackout, Darkness, Obstructed and NoBuilding debuffs

    Water Pixel (COST: 1 Platinum Coin)
    No breath timer underwater. Allows swimming. Allows you to walk on water, but NOT lava. Massively boosts fishing.

    pixelmelee.png pixelrange.png pixelmagic.png pixelminion.png
    The Attack Pixels - In addition to all the buffs mentioned, these accessories also provide infinite Night Vision and Hunter buffs.
    Melee Pixel (COST: 2 Platinum Coin)

    Massively increases melee weapon speed, crit, and damage.
    Immune to Knockback.
    Immune to Withered Weapon debuff.​

    Range Pixel (COST: 2 Platinum Coin)
    Massively increases range weapon crit and damage.
    Immune to Confused and Cursed debuffs.​

    Magic Pixel (COST: 2 Platinum Coin)
    Massively increases magic weapon crit, damage.
    All magic needs 0 mana.
    Massively increases mana and mana regen (why I included this when everything requires 0 mana, I don't know).
    Star Cloak buff. Immune to Mana Sickness, and Silenced debuffs.​

    Minion Pixel (COST: 5 Platinum Coin)
    Increases number of minions slots by 20.
    Massively increases minion damage (in theory; doesn't always work).
    Immune to BrokenArmor and WitheredArmor debuff.​

    Ice Pixel (COST: 5 Platinum Coin)
    Ice Skate and Tiger Climbing Gear.
    Immune to Chilled, Frozen, and Frostburn debuffs​

    Jump Pixel (COST: 5 Platinum Coin)
    Increases player speed and jump height.
    Immune to Slow, Weak, OgreSpit, and Webbed debuffs.
    Adds Compass and Depth Meter buffs.​

    Floating Pixel (COST: 6 Platinum Coin)
    No fall damage.
    Infinite Magic Carpet
    Immune to Stoned debuff​

    Fire Pixel (COST: 8 Platinum Coin)
    Let's you walk on water, lava, and fireblocks.
    Take no damage from lava.
    Immune to Burning, OnFire, and Cursed Inferno debuffs​

    Life Pixel (COST: 15 Platinum Coin - when you see how powerful this is, you'll understand why it's so expensive)
    WIP: It's so OP than I'm working on breaking it down into 2-3 new accessories

    Massively increases HP, regeneration, and defense.
    Immune to Venom, Poisoned, and Bleeding debuff.

    gelsword1.png gelsword2.png gelsword3.png gelsword4.png gelsword5.png gelsword6.png
    Gel Swords - You'll need a lot of gel to complete this crafting tree!!
    Each sword has a broadsword swinging primary attack / shortsword stabbing alternate attack (right-click).

    Boomerang.png Boomerang3.png Boomerang4.png
    Gel Boomerangs - You'll need a lot of gel to complete this crafting tree!!
    Currently works like a normal boomerang with a lot of knockback!
    WIP LIST: Working on designing the last two boomerangs in the crafting tree. Want to design them with an alt-attack like the gel swords do.

    Icons provided under the Creative Commons 3.0. Many thanks to Lorc for providing these icons at

    PLEASE NOTE: I'm not experienced with C# at all! This is a WIP and serves to help me learn.
    You can see all my code on my GitHub page at
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  2. exarobibliologist

    exarobibliologist Terrarian

    v1.5 UPDATE
    Reduced the gel cost of swords.

    Added gel boomerangs. Each gel boomerang can be hot-swapped with its gel sword counterpart.
    As of right now, boomerangs only have one throw attack, but I'm working on making them like gel swords with an alt-attack.

    More recipes!
  3. FruIT 2

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    2 Platinum Coin and all magic needs 0 mana... very cheating mod
    It will not be interesting to play with him
  4. exarobibliologist

    exarobibliologist Terrarian

    It's very OP! However, you don't need to play with those accessories.

    The recipes are less cheaty (well, some of them).
  5. ShadowTiger

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    > Interesting mod comes out with self-declared overpowered recipes.
    > People lose self control and self-accountability.
    > Blame mod author for their own lack of self-control.

    This is a great mod that does interesting, unique things. If you want to use it, great! If you don't want to use it, don't even install it. If you use things that you didn't want to, that can't possibly be the author's fault.

    I know I plan on utilizing the builder item for my own projects. There's a certain luxury on not having to worry about boxing yourself in while building. :p
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