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Hello there,
This is the Orchid Mod, a content mod that aims to add content to the game in polished and refreshing ways.
You will not find the usual vanilla class items load here, most of Orchid content is, and will be based on
new classes, with unique and complex mechanics, and new interesting biomes/structures to explore.

Orchid's content is heavily inspired, and tries to respect vanilla guidelines as much as possible.
Thus, the mod is balanced around the main game, nothing should overpower it, and the classes
should blend in as much as possible with the main ones.

I'm heavily open to suggestions and criticism, nothing is set in stone, especially when it comes to balance.
If you find any oddities, balance issue, or would like to see something in the mod, please, tell me !
Also, if you've been enjoying the mod, come and say hi ! It's the people talking with me on discord that have been keeping this project going !


General Information

@Verveine - Das me !
@S-Pladison - Spritebatch guy, likes tea and bees.
@multibanana - Spriter, fixated on fruits and spinning dice.

The mod is available for download on the TModLoader Mod Browser !
A lite version of the mod, featuring only the mineshaft is also available on the Mod Browser.

Join the Orchid Mod Discord Server!

Orchid Mod Wiki

Upcoming Content :
- Alchemist and Gambler HM content
- Internal changes, potential 1.4 port

Mod Trailer by GidGudWo




The mod currently adds one new class and a large structure found underground.

World Generation
The Mineshaft generates in the middle of the map, roughly one third of the world deep.
It aims to give a smoother start to the game, by easing the access to life crystal and gold chests early on.
Essentially, this allows to phase through the boring first hour of gameplay, without giving everything straight away, nor removing the vanilla spirit of the game.

You can find various breakable tiles in the mineshaft, that may or may not give interesting gear.
There is also an unique chest, always containing a special mineshaft item.

The mineshaft should be compatible with modded biomes with no issues (see the ice biome below) as long as they are not hardcoded in postworldgen.

Screenshoots :
Note that some lights have been placed manually for the sake of visibility.



You can also find smaller mineshafts in your world, their location may vary !


Note : Orchid's classes are more complex than vanilla classes, and are destined to experienced players.
EDIT: 09/18/2021 : OUTDATED INFO, needs to be updated

The shaman is highly developed within the bounds of a Terraria playthrough, with content available throughout the journey.
This content includes 7 unique armor sets and 15 individual armor pieces, 30 accessories, 25 buffs, and 87 weapons.
These numbers covers cross-mod content items.


The Shaman class can be seen as a mashup of vanilla Mage and Warrior classes, and of Thorium Mod's Bard.
It relies heavily on different shamanic bonds given by its weapons.

There are 5 available bonds:

Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit.
Every shaman weapon will give one of these when used.

Almost weapons also interacts in a way or another with shamanic bonds.
This means that weapons will not show the extent of their power unless used with enough bonds, and it not just a matter of raw stats.
Mastering the shaman class implies a good weapon and timing management during combat.

Here are a few examples :


Shamanic weapons that does not interact with the number of active bonds are called Orb Weapons.
They can be used as the first weapon in your rotation without loosing efficiency, and will compensate their lack of adaptability by giving various "orbs" to the player.
Hitting with enough orbs above you will complete an orb cycle, and trigger various effects, going from a simple heal to a burst of homing embers!

Here is an example :

Back to shamanic bonds, each one of them can be improved with gear, and you can use a custom keybind to release their power !

Here is the fire one :

The Shaman class has it's own, non-intrusive UI. You can use it to actively track your them !
Here is a comparison between an early game shaman UI, and a late game one, with a lot of bonds modifiers.

Finally, since they are what makes the whole class unique, you have plenty of ways to modify the way your bonds works, and the effects they give.
Usually, this takes the form of additional effects occurring whenever a specific bonds is active, and it is provided by various accessories and/or armor sets.
This can go from adding a poison effect to your shamanic attacks to summoning orbiting leaves around you !

The gambler is a class (almost) entirely based on RNG and deckbuilding.
It rewards player abilities to adapt to the cards they draw during a fight.
It's weapons can be divided into three distinct categories:

Playing Cards :

Playing cards are the bread and butter of the gambler. You will be using them most of the time.
Their effects can vary, from stealing usestyles to existing classes to hitting with unusual methods.
The twist is : You cannot choose which one you draw in combat, and you have to adapt along the way.
The player has the possibility to change and manage his deck whenever he wants to.
Cards are "consumed" upon use, and stored in a special inventory. You do not have to worry about them bloating your bags.
The player can attack with cards (interact with his deck) by using a specific item.

Oh, and of course, you can't just put the best cards you find in your deck.
Most of them have requirements, or interacts in one way or another with your current deck.


Chip Weapons :

Hitting with card weapons will generate a resource, symbolized by gambling chips.
These are used by a category of gambler weapons. They aim to give a more stable (and usually not random) alternative to card weapons in some situations.
This can be useful in situations where you're not happy with the last card you drew, and would like to avoid a downtime,
allow for a quick burst of damage, or whatever the weapon you chose does.


Dice :

The last type of gambler items is constituted of the dice items.
All of them will give a specific buff, for a specific duration, and only one dice buff can be active at once.
Said buff can be anything, from a flat stats boost to effects on enemy hit.
Whatever it is, the buff strength will be determined by the value of your roll.
Dice can be used during downtimes, and will allow the player, at the cost of a few chips, to gain a buff for a short while.
Is it worth rerolling if you a bad roll ? It's up to you to discover !


Card Sets :

Inspired from many card games, some gambler cards are part of a set, meaning they have thematical or practical similarities.
While these sets can be used to quickly identify cards you'll like, gear can improve the effects of a specific card set !


UI :

The gambler also has it's own intuitive UI, sitting next to your character.
In order to avoid bloating the screen, elements will only be displayed if necessary (currently used by the player).
Do not worry, you'll quickly understand what is what ! :dryadwink:


The alchemist class is heavily inspired by the spellcasting system of the Magicka games.
Every single weapon used by the class can be considered an ingredient, and has a specific element.

The available elements are :
Fire, Water, Air, Nature, Light, and Dark.
Items using the Light and Dark elements are only obtainable in hardmode.

Alchemist Weapons :

Directly attacking with alchemist weapons has little to no effect.
The player has to mix them in order to create custom and powerful attacks.
Each element can only be used ONCE in every attack, two different items sharing the Fire Element are not usable together !
Even is not directly stated in the tooltip, every alchemist weapon effects will gain in strength based on the number of ingredients used.
The player should be able to adapt to different situations, and make different flasks based on them.
The class is very slow, and doesn't hit often because of that mechanic. Be sure to make every hit count !


Hidden Reactions :

Because making your own attacks wasn't complex enough, the alchemist class also introduces a new keybind.
The player will be able to use it to trigger hidden reactions, that can be ... well. Anything.
The alchemist will have access to different hints towards finding them in game, such as NPC dialogue or tooltips.
Mastering (and finding) them will key in being a strong alchemist !
They work, in a way, like cooking recipes. Put the good ingredients in, press the key, and see what happens ! :dryadsmile:
Triggering (or failing do to so) an hidden reaction will activate a cooldown, displayed by a debuff. Its duration depends on the reaction.

Catalytic Elements :

Some weapons will release "Catalytic elements" that can be interacted with using special items.
Keep an eye open for them, and get ready to pop'em bubbles to decimate your foes !


Mixing UI :

Tired of manually switching through weapons ?
The classes offers a new, interactive UI to quickly mix them, and prepare powerful attacks !


Resource :

The Alchemist uses a custom resource called potency.
Its goal is to refrain the player from mindlessly spamming abilities, and eases the balancing of the class overall.
It implies a rather slow-gameplay, but gives you the time to make the good choices when it comes to fighting, without worrying about losing efficiency !
(Also, who knows, maybe will you find ways to refill it faster in your adventure ? :dryadwink: )

Just like the other classes from this mod, the Alchemist has its own UI.
This one is very simplistic, and shows your current potency (resource) and the elements currently in use.
The size of the potency bar depends on your maximum potency !


Cross-Mod Content
The mod is fully compatible with the Thorium Mod !
You are (almost !) guaranteed not to find any incompatibilities or incoherences while using both mods.
This Compatibility mainly affects the Shaman Class, which has 4 armor pieces (including a full set) and 34 weapons only obtainable if it is enabled.
Essentially, you are able to get Shaman weapons from Thorium bosses and materials, by doing a normal playthrough !
It IS planned that the gambler and the alchemist will get the same treatment, but not for their initial release.

If you are a mod developer and would like to interact with orchid content in any way, please, contact me !

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Draka for doing a lot of sprites for the mod and different artworks used on this page.
@Yuyutsu , @East , @KittyKitCatCat and Ayshia for helping me early on.
@Barometz for making the wiki, and a single, very important, weapon sprite.
@catsounds and amber doing a lot of sprites for the mod.
Chozochorizo and Malfernas for testing the mod.
You, for reading the thanks section.
@DivermanSam for supporting me
The Tmodloader Discord Community (especially @absoluteAquarian , @direwolf420 and @jopojelly ) for helping with the code.
Re-Logic for creating this game.
The Tmodloader Team as a whole for creating this awesome API.

Changelogs have been moved below !
Last edited:
I will not be updating the changelogs here anymore!
You can find them on the Steam Workshop page and on Discord :)

Legend :
Older Versions
Current Version

v1.2 :
- Release

v1.2.0.1 :
- Changed the TmodBrowser homepage link to the forum mod page.
- Added Miner armor to Mineshaft Crates loot table.

v1.2.1.0 :
- Smoothed the mineshaft appearance when changing biomes
- Added more room types to the mineshaft
- Fixed floating ingots glitch
- Randomised ingots type when spawning the mineshaft (no more piles of copper bars only)
- Balanced mineshaft loot (kinda ?)
- Polished mineshaft generation overall
- Haunted the mineshaft
- Added mineshaft chest (locked)
- Added a way to open said chest :)
- Added a custom item to fill chest (no spoilers !)
- Changed the mod icon
- Started implementing ruins structure (not available yet)

- Optimized code, fixed mistakes.
- Lightened the generation process a bit.
- Haunted Candle will now spend less time invisible, and be a bit more useful.

- Fixed a bug where the ghost wouldn't map the mineshaft correctly.
- Copper key will now stacks in piles of 1 instead of 99
- Added Shaman, a new class playable over the pre-hardmode part of the game.
- Added 14 Shaman Weapons.
- Added 1 Shaman armor.
- Added 9 Shaman Accessories.
- Added Harpy Talon (post EoC material).
- Added Shaman UI.

- Shaman UI position will now scale with screen size.
- Shaman UI will not display anymore if the player inventory is open.
- Added /UI command, reloading the Shaman UI.
- Waxy Vial bees will now spawn in a more consistent way.
- Molten Ring droplets will now spawn in a more consistent way.

Additions :
- Added Adorned Branch in surface Wooden Chests.
- Added Meteor Phasestaff.
- Added Depths Baton.
- Added Shamanic Empowerment Potion and corresponding buff.
- Added Amber Idol.
Changes :
- Shaman projectiles will not be tagged as "magic" anymore.
- Changed the /UI command description.
- Changed Blum tooltip.
- Changed Blum and Perishing Soul use sound.
- Fixed a bug where trying to open a Locked Miner Lockbox located directly next to another one would have weird consequences.
- Locked Miner's Lockbox is no longer a workbench.
- Locked Miner's Lockbox is now an actual chest.
- Changed Topaz Idol sprite.
- Changed Harpy Tunic female sprite.
- Amber Scepter will now increase life regeneration

Shaman content update

Additions :
- Added a room to the mineshaft (thanks Five)
- Added Cobalt Spangenhelm.
- Added Palladium Spangenhelm.
- Added Mythril Spangenhelm.
- Added Orichalcum Spangenhelm.
- Added Adamantite Spangenhelm.
- Added Titanium Spangenhelm.
- Added Hallowed Spangenhelm.
- Added Chlorophyte Spangenhelm.
- Added Shaman Emblem (Obtainable by killing the Wall of Flesh).
- Added Spectral Skull.
- Added Heavy Bracelet (Obtainable by killing mimics).
- Added Shamanic Magnet.
- Added Cobalt Scepter.
- Added Palladium Scepter.
- Added Mythril Scepter.
- Added Orichalcum Scepter.
- Added Adamantite Scepter.
- Added Titanium Scepter.
- Added Sanctify.
- Added Broken Hero Scepter (Obtained by killing Mothron)
- Added True Sanctify.
- Added True Depths Baton.
- Added Terra Scepter.
- Added Bulb Scepter (Obtainable by killing Plantera).
- Added Martian Beamer (Obtainable by killing Martian Saucers).
- Added Ice Flake (Obtainable by killing Ice Queens).
- Added Abyss Fragment (Obtainable by killing Lunatic Cultist).
- Added Abyss armor set.
- Added Abyss Stormcaller.
- Added Abyss Predinct.
- Added Nirvana (Obtainable by killing Moon Lord).
- Added The Core (Obtainable by killing Moon Lord).
- Added Rune Scepter (Obtainable by killing Rune Wizard).
- Added Pirate's Glory (Obtainable by killing Flying Dutchman).
- Added Crystal Scepter.
- Added Goblin Stick (Obtainable by killing Goblin Summoners).
- Added Corrupt Cane.
- Added Ichory Cane.
- Added Reviver of Souls.
- Added Lizhard Silk (obtainable by killing Lizhards)
- Added Sun Priest armor set.
- Added Sun Ray (Obtainable by killing Golem).
Changes :
- Increasing your shamanic critical strike chance will now actually increase your shamanic critical strike chance.
- General Vanilla critical strike chance and damage enhancing items (such as Destroyer Emblem) and buffs (Well fed, Wrath, Rage) will now increase shamanic damage and critical strike chance.
- Harpy Tunic animation has been changed a bit.
- Changed Vile Spout and Spine Scepter tooltips.
- Vile Spout and Spine Scepter are not classified as magic weapons anymore.
- Fixed a bug where the shaman UI wouldn't stop displaying after drinking a mana potion.
- The Shaman UI will now stay visible for 3 seconds without empowerments active before disappearing.
- Changed Blum Tooltip
- All gemstone scepters have been reworked to make them more practical and unique.
- Gemstone scepters projectiles will now emit light.
- Only 1 mineshaft ghost will be able to spawn at once.
- Feather Scepter projectiles will now spawn at the tip of the weapon
- Meteor Phasebeam mana cost changed from 2 to 10, but the weapon will now shoot longer per use (leading to an overall mana cost reduction), and the mana cost will be reduced for each active shamanic empowerment.
- Fixed Haunted Candle sometimes sliding for no reason.
- Changed Haunted Candle sprite.
- Bee Seeker damage reduced by 3, but increased by 5 if you are covered in Honey.
- Shamanic critical strike chance, damage and damage resistance empowerments will now give 4% instead of 5% per tier.
- The Locked Miner's Lockbox cannot be broken anymore.
- Increased Blum's damage by 1, the weapon speed will now scale with the number of active shamanic empowerments.
- Nerfed Vile Spout and Spine Scepter base range, their range will now scale with the number of active shamanic empowerments.
- Depths Scepter will now shoot a beam is you have at least 3 active shamanic empowerments.
- Perishing Soul projectile will now spend more time mid-air before being launched, but will take less time to load if you have multiple active shamanic empowerments.
- Spore Caller will now empower it's next use if the projectile hits past half it's lifespan.
- Feather Scepter projectile shouldn't hurt your eyes anymore when it gets bigger.
- Changed Feather Scepter tooltip, it will now shoot one more projectile if you have 3 or more active shamanic empowerments.
- Mineshaft Pickaxe will now allow the player to turn around when using it.
- The Shaman UI will now display shamanic empowerment effectiveness upgrades(the cross symbol) up to +10 (instead of +3) using a color gradient.
- Shaman Weapons tooltips now have some color to improve readability.

Shaman early-game buffs and content update.

Additions :
- Added Gemstone Tiaras.
- Added Dark Shaman set.
- Added Blood Shaman set.
- Added Scepter of Starpower.
- Added Shadow Weaver (Corruption Orbs).
- Added Blood Caller (Crimson Hearts).
- Added Spirited Water (Dungeon Chests).
- Added Spirited Wax.
- Added Venom Sigil (Black Recluse drop).
- Added Toxic Sigil.
- Added Prismatic Idol.
- Added Enchanted Scepter.
Changes :
- Spine Scepter is now craftable.
- Spine Scepter now gives life regeneration on hit.
- Balanced Spine Scepter range.
- Balanced Vile Spout range.
- Fixed a typo in The Core tooltip.
- Changed a lot of weapon sprites (thanks catsounds !) :
- Spine Scepter
- Vile Spout
- Perishing Soul
- Blum
- Meteor Phasestaff
- Depths Baton
- True Depths Baton
- Sanctify
- True Sanctify
- Adamantite Scepter
- Cobalt Scepter
- Reviver of Souls
- Terra Scepter
- Changed Waxy Vial sprite.
- Fixed Sun Ray tooltip.
- Changed Perishing Soul tooltip.
- Reduced Harpy Talon drop chances.
- Made Blood Caller and Shadow Weaver to be dropped by Shadow orbs and Hearts.
- Reduced Blum drop chance.
- Temporarily removed mineshaft ghost
- Temporarily removed mineshaft chest

< v >
Bugfixes and polishing

Additions :
- Added Chlorophyte Scepter (Craft).
- Added Fire Bat Scepter (Shadow chests - 1/6).
- Added Harpy Anklet (Craft).
- Added Harpy Agility Potion (Craft).
- Added Sun Priest Cloak (Craft).
- Added Sun Priest Satchel (Craft).
- Added Mourning Torch (Mourning Wood Drop - 1/12).
- Added Sun Priest Torch (Craft).
- Added Ichor Scepter (Craft).
- Added Corrupt Scepter (Craft).
- Added Treasured Baubles (Undead Miner drop - 1/5).
Changes :
- Added an indicator for the current empowerment level on the shaman UI.
- Moved all shamanic empowerment upgrades and bonus icons 10 pixels to the right on the shaman UI.
- Moved all shamanic empowerment upgrades will now stack to the right-most place available on the shaman UI. No more gaps between them.
- Added Adorned Branch to Wooden Crates loot table (1/45).
- Added Spirited Water to Golden Lock Box loot table (1/7).
- Added Shadow Weaver to Corrupt Crate loot table (1/36).
- Added Blood Caller to Crimson Crate loot table (1/36).
- Reduced the amount of dust emitted by Scepter of Starpower projectiles when close to disappearing.
- Fixed a mistake in Meteor Phasestaff tooltip.
- Made the spawn of bees caused by Waxy Vial or Spirited Wax prettier.
- Mineshaft Crates can now drop 5-10 bombs instead of 5-9, will drop 20-50 flares instead of 20-49 when a flare gun is dropped, and can now drop the Enchanted Scepter, at 1% rate. Bombs droprate lowered from 8% to 7%.
- Changed Abyss Precinct sprite (another cat resproot :) )
- Changed Sun Priest Hood sprite and spritesheet.
- Changed Sun Priest armor set effect dusts.
- Sun priest armor set smites cannot apply venom/poison/toxic sigil poison anymore, nor spawn SpectralSkull souls or proc Spirited Water/Wax Mana and life regeneration.
- Changed Abyss Precinct tooltip and orbs appearance.
- Heavy Bracer is now visible on character.
- Spirited Water is now visible on character.
- Waxy Vial is now visible on character.
- Spirited Wax is now visible on character.
- All Gemstone Idols are now visible on character.
- Prismatic Idol is now visible on character.
- Melted Ring is now visible on character.
- Changed Melted Ring name to Molten Ring.
- Nuisance debuff will not show anymore if the player has no active shamanic empowerments.
- Changed Abyss Stormcaller sprite.
Fixes :
- Fixed Prismatic Idol tooltip.
- Fixed a graphical issue where the icons displayed above shamanic empowerment timer bars where 1 pixel too small.
- Fixed Blood Caller tooltip.
- Fixed an issue where de Diamond Tiara would give +100% shamanic damage instead of +10% (oopsie).
- Fixed 25 shaman projectiles being tagged as "magic".
- Removed and optimised a lot of code, while making it a tiny bit easier to read for our brave wiki editor 💙.
- Fixed a visual glitch with Reviver of Soul flames animation.
- Fixed the spawn position of Goblin Stick projectiles, made them visible, and reduced the quantity of dust they emit.
- Re-wrote how "orb weapons" works. You should not feel any difference.
- Fixed a crash occuring when placing either Spectral Skull or Melted Ring in a vanity slot.
- Fixed Depths Baton tooltip.
- Fixed a bug where you would keep orb weapons stacks after respawning.
- Terra Scepter will now properly give a level IV empowerment.
- Abyss Precinct will now properly give a level V empowerment.
- Fixed Terra Scepter tooltip.
- Fixed True Depths Baton tooltip.
- Fixed Terra Scepter homing orb damage to properly take player shamanic damage into account.
- All of Nirvana Projectiles will now properly give a level V empowerment.

< v >
Shaman Prefixes, Remixes, and more fixes.

Additions :
- Added 2 small mineshafts to the world. (around 1000 blocks away from spawn in each direction).
- Shaman Weapons can now be reforged.
- All vanilla "global" and "common" prefixes can be obtained, with the exception of those that modify the weapon critical strike chance.
Added 19 prefixes, specific to shamanic weapons :
- Studious
- Hopeful
- Unique
- Challenged
- Useless
- Pathetic
- Focused
- Balanced
- Effervescent
- Enraged
- Ethereal
- Complex
- Occult
- Diabolic
- Voodoo
- Magnetic
- Runic
- Conjuring
- Occult
- Diabolic
- Spirited
- Magnetic
- Runic
- Conjuring
- Voodoo
Added 2 prefixes, specific to accessories :
- Natural (+1s shamanic empowerment duration)
- Spiritual (+2s shamanic empowerment duration)
- Added Hallowed Baubles (Craft)
- Added Fragile Present (SANTA-NK1 drop - 1/12)
- Added Sinister Present (Craft)
- Added Abyssal Wings (Craft)
- Added Avalanche Scepter (Ice Chests - 1/7)
Changes :
- Re-wrote how Rune Scepter damage is calculated (you should not see any changes).
- Treasured Baubles will now affect Ichor Scepter, Corrupt Scepter and Terra Scepter.
- Sun Priest torch and Sun Priest Satchel are now vanity items, dropped by lihzahrds, and cannot be crafted anymore.
- Fragile Present inherited Sun Priest Satchel effect.
- Sinister Present inherited Sun Priest Torch effect.
- Mineshaft ore bars will not spawn in piles of random bars anymore, but in a pile of a random, set, bar.
- The Miner Lockbox (unlocked) will now spawn again in the mineshaft, making the Haunted Candle obtainable.
- Enchanted Scepter spawnrate in Gold Chests is now 1/9.
- Mineshaft Crates and Mineshaft Pickaxe tiles are not detected by spelunker effects.
- Blood Shaman armor set effect will restore 2 hp, but has now a cooldown of 1 sec.
- Changed Shamanic Magnet recipe.
- Molten Ring and Blum droprate increased to 5% (from 3.33%)
- Changed Molten Ring droplets appearance and dust.
- Reduced Dark Shaman and Blood Shaman sets armor to (3/4/3 (10)), and reduced their value.
- Adorned Branch will now shoot more projectiles if you have 2 or more active shamanic empowerments.
Fixes :
- Fixed Chlorophyte Scepter tooltip.
- Fixed Mourning Torch tooltip.
- Fixed Heavy Bracer tooltip.
- Fixed Abyss Precinct fragment and Chlorophyte Scepter crystal spawn position with Treasured Baubles equipped.
- Corrupt Scepter is now craftable. (Sorry -.-)
- Ichor Scepter is now craftable.
- Fixed a bug where shamanic orbs would sometimes not disappear, or behave weirdly with Treasured Baubles equipped.
- Fixed Emerald and Sapphire Idols rarity.
- Fixed Meteor Phasestaff rarity.
- Fixed Harpy Anklet and Harpy Agility Potion not working in some cases. Also changed how the potion works, it's sprite, name, and made it to increase harpy anklet damage.
- The Shaman UI will now appear higher when an invasion UI, so it doens't overlaps the progress bar.
- Fixed shamanic orbs sometimes spawning at the wrong place if you're mowing fast while attacking.
- Cobalt and Palladium Spangenhelms are now properly crafted at a normal anvil.
- Fixed Shaman Emblem rarity.
- Gemstone tiaras will now properly give 6% increased shamanic damage. Not 60%.
- Fixed Titanium and Hallowed Spangenhelms value.
- Crit chance will now properly be displayed on all shamanic weapons.
- Blum will now properly have 4% base crit chance, not 0%.
Weapon Changes :
- Meteor Phasestaff base Mana cost increased to 13, and damage is reduced with projectile distance travelled. Also changed dusts.
- Perishing Sould : Redid the dust work to be more clear.
- Spore Caller : Changed Weapon sprite and Buff tooltip.
- Terra Scepter : Changed Buff Sprite, rarity, and value.
- Enchanted Scepter : Changed weapon sprite.
- Bee Seeker : is now "The Hive", an orb weapon, projectiles no longer homing, changed value.
- Feather Scepter : projectiles will not disappear instantly when they touch the ground, no longer get bigger, and their their damage increase is now indicated with dust.
- Chlorophyte Scepter and Abyss Precinct : changed crystal leaf and abyss fragment sprite and/or positioning to avoid overlapping with other orb weapons' orbs.
- Corrupt Scepter and Ichor Scepter : both cannot shoot more than 1 projectile at once anymore, reworked projectile and shower projectile dusts, changed value.
- Fire Bat Scepter : projectiles will now spawn at the tip of the weapon, pierce up to 15 enemies, and have a reduced detection radius when homing. Also fixed weapn value.
- Enchanted Scepter : projectiles will now spawn at the tip of the weapon.
- Rune Scepter : Mana cost increased to 7.
- Depths Baton and True Depths Baton : Projectile will now go through tiles when not going staight (allows to use it on flat surfaces).
- Pirates Glory : Changed projectile dust, will now iflict Midas for 5 seconds if you have 3+ empowerments, will now grand speed empowerment III, changed use sound, use animation, use time, mana cost, value, and rarity.
- Blood caller and Martian Beamer : Changed projectile dust.
- Adamantite Scepter : will not shoot more projectiles anymore at the end of an orb cycle, but the shots will deal double damage, changed weapon tooltip.
- Crystal Scepter : changed value.
- Bulb Scepter : changed rarity.
- Sun Ray : Is now a channeled beam weapon, adapted stats.

- A lot of weapon empowerment level and/or types have been changed :
- Level 1 : Start -> End of evil biome (included).
- Level 2 : -> End of PreHM
- Level 3 : -> Mechanical Bosses loot
- Level 4 : -> Golem loot
- Level 5 : -> end.

< v >
Bugfixes, and, uh.

Additions :
- Can't tell yet, sorry ;)
Changes :
- Scepter of starpower projectile now spawns closer to the player.
- Corrupt, Crystal, and Ichory Scepters are now crafted at a mythril anvil.
- Added an 'UNOBTAINABLE' tag to some items, to avoid confusion.
- Changed some weapon sounds.
Fixes :
- Fixed Cloud Burst potion tooltip.
- Fixed Adorned Branch spawning in dungeon chests.
- Fixed Enchanted Scepter spawning in pyramid chests.
- Fixed Phoenix Blaster spawning instead of Extractinator in Miner Lockboxes.
- Fixed Shaman Weapon prefixes being applied to other mod custom classes.
- Fixed Shaman Orbs breaking vines, and other natural tiles.
- Fixed Spore Caller, Blood Caller and Echanted Scepter tooltips.

< v >
Thorchid [Thorium Compatibility Update]

< Standalone Additions >
- Added Deep Forest Charm (Ivy Chests : 20%).
- Added Dryad's Gift (Sold : Dryad).
- Added Ritual Scepter (Sold : Witch Doctor).
- Added Shroom Key (Drop : HM Mushroom Biome : 0.04%).
- Added Abyss Pickaxe (Crafted).
- Added Abyss Hamaxe (Crafted).
- Added Light Concentrator (Crafted).
- Added Boom Shroom (Dungeon Biome Chest).
- Added Wyvern Moray (Fishing in sky lakes : 1%).
- Added Downpour Crown (Crafted).
- Added Downpour Tunic (Crafted).
- Added Downpour Kilt(Crafted).
- Added Downpour Elemental (Spawns in the Sky during Rain in Hardmode).

< Thorium Cross Content Additions >
(Obtainable only if Thorium Mod is enabled) :
Items may have missing effects if used without Thorium Mod enabled.
- "Added" Aquaite Scepter (Crafted).
- "Added" Orchid Scepter (Crafted).
- "Added" Thorium Scepter (Crafted).
- "Added" Thunder Scepter (Thunder Bird drop : 25%).
- Added Basillisk's Fang (Crafted).
- Added Berserker Wrath (Crafted).
- Added Chiroptera (Viscount drop : 14.29%).
- Added Coalesced Conduit (Granite Energy Storm drop : 20%).
- Added Draconic Rage (Crafted).
- Added Ecliptic Flare (Crafted).
- Added Festering Fork (Patch Werk drop / Sold : Confused Zombie).
- Added Fibula (Crafted).
- Added Gate to the Fallen (Coznix drop : 20%).
- Added Geode Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Ice Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Isis' Command (Crafted).
- Added Jellyfish Dynamizer (Queen Jellyfish drop : 20%).
- Added Magma Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Molten Bomb (Crafted).
- Added Monowai (Crafted).
- Added Naga Fizzler (Crafted).
- Added Onyx Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Opal Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Orbital Minefield (Star Scouter drop : 16.67%).
- Added Prime's Laser (Crafted).
- Added Reliquary Candle (Lich drop : 14.29%).
- Added Shadowflame Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Symbiosis Catalyst (Crafted).
- Added Taiga Truncheon (Borean Strider drop : 20%).
- Added Terrarium Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Titan Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Valadium Scepter (Crafted).
- Added Will of the Lurker (Abyssion Drop : 16.67%).
- Added Vampire Tiara (Crafted).
- Added Vampire Tunic (Crafted).
- Added Vampire Sarong (Crafted).
- Added Titan Spangenhelm (Crafted).
- Added Vampiric Membrane (Viscount drop : 100%).

< Weapon Stats Changes >
- Abyss Precinct got reworked entirely.
- Sanctify got reworked entirely.
- True Sanctify got reworked entirely.
- Prismatic Resonator [Crystal Scepter] got reworked entirely.
- Depth's Baton damage set to 57 (from 62)
- True Depth Baton damage set to 62 (from 98). Maximum number of projectiles set to 4 (from 6).
- Meteor Phasestaff damage set to 11 (from 13). Now inflicts On Fire!
- Echanted Scepter damage set to 17 (from 20). Damage increase is now 10% per active empowerment.
- Rune Scepter damage increase is now 10% per active empowerment.
- Reviver of Souls damage increase is now 3.5% per active flame.
- The Hive damage inscrease is now 25% if you are covered in honey.
- Spore Caller will now shoot a different number of spores based on your number of active shamaic empowerments. Its buff now increases the base damage by 200% and lasts 15 seconds (from 5).
- Ichor and Corrupt Scepter tooltips and mana cost changed.
- Pirate's Glory knockback reduced by a lot.
- Goblin Stick now inflicts the shadowflame debuff for 5 seconds.
- Amber Scepter Empowerment level set to 2 (from 1).
- Sun Ray Empowerment level set to 4 (from 5).
- More minor damage adjustements.

< Weapon Projectile/Appearance Changes >
- Inaccurate weapons projectiles will now be smoother, a bit more accurate, and spawn closer to the player.
- Pirate's Glory projectile dust changed.
- Ichor and Corrupt Scepter projectiles now pierce, but only the first hit will fill the orb.
- Changed Meteor Phasetaff projectile appearance and penetration.
- Changed "laser type" projectiles no ignore water and look a bit better.
- Depth Baton secondary projectile is now more reliable. and removed the piercing effect from the main projectile.
- Goblin Stick appearance and behaviour changed.
- Feather Scepter projectile now pierces infinitely.
- Changed Chlorophyte Scepter orb sprite.
- Titanium Scepter projectile is now similar to other hardmode ore scepters.

< Droprates/Recipes Changes >
- Added Ritual Scepter to the recipes of Prismatic Resonator, Corrupt Scepter and Ichor Scepter.
- Changed Treasured Baubles drop rate to 20% (from 10%).
- Changed Martian Beamer drop rate to 25% (from 10%).
- Changed Mourning Torch drop rate to 10% (from 8.3%).
- Changed Fragile Present drop rate to 10% (from 8.3%).
- Changed Ice Flace drop rate to 10% (from 7.7%).
- Changed Pirate's Glory droprate to 10% (from 6.67%).

< Item Sprite and Name Changes >
- Prismatic Resonator [was Crystal Scepter].
- Spore Caller.
- Corrupt Scepter.
- Titanium Scepter.
- Mythril Scepter.
- Harpy Armor (items).
- Blood Shaman Armor (items).
- Dark Shaman Armor (items).
- Sun Priest Armor (items).
- Abyss set and material (all items) [Credits to Amber].
- Shamanic Empowerment Potion.

< Armor/Accessory Changes >
- Harpy Anklet damage is now increased by 10% if you have an Harpy Agility potion buff active.
- Blood Shaman and Dark Shaman sets are now sidegrades to the Harpy Set. Adjusted their stats and rarity.
- Reduced Waxy Vial healing on crit to 3 (from 5), and added a cooldown of 0.5 seconds.
- Spectral Skull projectiles will now live longer and goes in the direction of your cursor.
- Molten Ring projectile is now a bit smaller and will not spawn through blocks anymore.

< General Changes >
- Removed useless "damage range" from a lot of shamanic weapons tooltips.
- The Shaman UI will now give information when hovered with the mouse.
- Getting a lower-level shamanic empowerment will no longer replace the old one, only refresh the timer.
- You cannot gain shamanic empowerments by hitting Dummies anymore.
- You cannot trigger shamanic on-hit effects by hitting Dummies anymore.
- Shamanic projectile will not home towards dummies anymore.
- Shamanic Movement Speed empowerments will now give 5% movement speed per level (from 10%).
- Changed the mineshaft stairs.
- "5 slots orb weapons" loading is now a bit more flexible.
- Abyss Armor set laser is now a proper laser.

< Thorium Compatibility Changes >
- Added a "-Shaman Class-" line to tooltips if Thorium is enabled.
- Thorium Mod critical strike chance related gear and effects will now properly affect Shamanic critical strike chance.
- Broken Hero scepter won't drop if Thorium Mod is enabled, and you will be able to craft True Sanctify and True Depth Baton with Broken Hero Fragments.

< Fixes >
- Fixed warnings in the logs.
- Moved the Shaman UI during the pumpkin and frost moon events.
- Most shamanic projectiles should now work in multiplayer. The orbs, however, won't be displayed for other clients.
- Sun Priest Cloak will now properly work in multiplayer.
- Shamanic Weapon Prefixes will now properly work in multiplayer (No more error spamming).
- Fixed the Waxy Vial and Spirited Wax bees not spawning properly in multiplayer.
- Fixed the small mineshafts sometime spawning above ground.
- Hive Pack will now interact properly with shamanic weapons/accessories bees (50% chance instead of 100%).
- A lot shamanic weapons projectiles will not be miscentered anymore.
- Martian Beamer is now obtainable.
- Fixed the abyss armor set effect being usable with only the helmet on.
- Fixed Reviver of Souls flames sliding on player death.
- Fixed Depths Baton tooltip.
- (Hopefully) fixed issues where vanilla tiles would be broken when the mineshaft is generated.
- At least some cases have been fixed.
- Hardmode ore Scepter weapons projectiles cannot go through blocks anymore
- Fixed the amound of shamanic damage granted by vanilla items.
- All Shaman projectiles can now critically strike.
- Critical Strike Chance increasing Accessory Prefixes will now properly increase Shamanic Critical Strike Chance.
- Sun Stone, Moon Stone accessories and their upgrades will now properly increase Shamanic Critical Strike Chance.
- Fixed Mineshaft Pickaxe tooltip.
- Shamanic Empowerments will now properly be reset upon death.
- Fixed Scepter of Starpower projectile.
- Fixed a lot of shaman projectiles going through walls.
- Fixed Perishing Soul projectile visuals.
- Fixed The Hive tooltip and sell price.
- Fixed True Depths Baton tooltip.
- Fixed Feather Scepter projectile dusts.
- True Sanctify is no longer a magic weapon.
- Fixed Heavy Bracelet tooltip.
- Dark Shaman Tiara will now properly affect shamanic attack empowerments bonus.
- More small fixes.

< v >
Thorchid Debug

< Additions >
- Added test Items for Alchemist and Gambler classes.
- Added Lodestone Scepter (Crafted).

< Changes >
- Improved all shamanic weapons tooltips.
- Various knockback effects will not affect knockback-immune NPC anymore.
- Will of the Lurker damage increased by 50, now pierces and passes through tiles.
- Abyss Precinct damage reduced by 50.
- Terra Scepter mana cost increased by 2.
- Reduced Martian Beamer mana cost by 4 and damage by 20.

< Fixes >
- Some Gold chest items couldn't spawn in the Miner Lockboxes.
- Thorium Scepter is now crafted at a Thorium Anvil.
- Fixed Corrupt and Ichor Scepters tooltips.
- Fixed Geode Scepter Tooltip.
- Festering Fork maggots do not glow anymore.
- Berserker Wrath, Titan Scepter and Reliquary Candle will now give the correct shamanic empowerment.

< v >
This is why you don't code at 4 am

< Fixes >
- Fixed Worldgen crashes if Orchid and Orchid Mineshaft are enabled at the same time.
- Shamanic weapons will now display their true empowerment level.

- Martian Beamer will now properly work in multiplayer.
- Martian Beamer is now properly affected by Thorium Mod's "Martian Weapon Damage".
- Fixed Ecliptic Flare tooltip.

< v >
Gambling with Potions
# Additions #

< General >

- Added Boss Checklist Compatibility (includes thorium cross-content).
- Minor Mineshaft tweaks.

< Shaman >

- Replaced shaman empowerments with bonds, they no longer give flat stat bonuses.
- Added the Shamanic Bond trigger keybind.
- Shaman no longer uses mana. All mana-related effects have been removed.
- Shaman weapons no longer fill their duration bar in a single hit.

- Added Shaman Rod (Bought : Witch Doctor : 2 gold).
- Added Depths Weaver Rod (Crafted).
- Added Ice Cycle (Drop : Ice Mimic : 33.33%).

- Added Furnace Sigil (Drop : Demon : 3.33%).
- Added Frostburn Sigil (Drop : Undead Viking : 3.33%).
- Added Floral Stinger (Drop : Plantera : 16.66%).
- Added Wyvern Tail Feather (Drop : Wyvern : 6.66%).
- Added Destroyer Necklace (Crafted).
- Added Diabolist Rune (Drop : Diabolist : 5%).

- Added Depths Weaver Set (Crafted).

< Gambler >

- Added "Loaded" as an accessory prefix (+1 max chips)
- Added Croupier NPC.

NOTE : Playing Card will be abbreviated PC :
- Added PC Forest (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Glowing Mushroom (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Desert (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Ocean (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Hell (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Snow (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Jungle (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Shuffle (Bought : Croupier).
- Added PC Lesser Healing (Drop : Pots : 0.06%).
- Added PC Embers (Found : Surface Chests : 20%).
- Added PC Bubbles (Found : Water Chests : 20%).
- Added PC Icicle (Found : Ice Chests : 20%).
- Added PC Enchantment (Found : Gold Chests : 20%).
- Added PC Living Sap (Found : Living Chests : 50%).
- Added PC Guardian of the Night (Drop : EoC : 33.33%).
- Added PC Blue King (Drop : King Slime : 33.33%).
- Added PC Corrupted Nightmare (Drop : EoW : 33.33%).
- Added PC The Hivemind (Drop : BoC : 33.33%).
- Added PC Poisonous Queen (Drop : Queen Bee : 25%).
- Added PC Curse of the Dungeon (Drop : Skeletron : 100%).
- Added PC Bouncy Beginnings (Drop : Slimes : 20% > 0.1%).

- Added Gold Chip (Crafted).
- Added Platinum Chip (Crafted).
- Added Fossil Chip (Crafted).
- Added Meteor Detonator (Crafted).
- Added Gambling Chip (Bought : Croupier).
- Added Rusalka (Found : Dungeon Chests : 12.5%).

- Added Gambling Die (Bought : Croupier).
- Added Gemstone Die (Crafted).
- Added Wax Die (Drop : Queen Bee : 25%).

- Added Vulture Talon (Drop : Vulture : 100% without Thorium).
- Added Tiamat Relic (Found : Dungeon Chests : 50%).

- Added Lucky Sprout (Bought : Croupier).
- Added Added Conqueror's Pennant (Bought : Croupier).

- Added Outlaw Set (Crafted).
- Added Tiamat Set (Crafted).

< Alchemist >

- Added "Brewing" as an accessory prefix (+1 potency)
- Added Potency (item).
- Added Chemist NPC.

- Added Daybloom Extract (Crafted).
- Added Blinkroot Extract (Crafted).
- Added Waterleaf Extract (Crafted).
- Added Shiverthorn Extract (Crafted).
- Added Moonglow Extract (Crafted).
- Added Deathweed Extract (Crafted).
- Added Fireblossom Extract (Crafted).
- Added Glowing Mushroom Extract (Crafted).
- Added Attractite Flask (Bought : Chemist).
- Added Glowing Attractite Flask (Crafted).
- Added Slimy Flask (Drop : King Slime: 33.33%).
- Added Cloud in a Flask (Found : Gold Chests : 12.375%).
- Added Fart in a Flask (Found : Gold Chests : 0.125%).
- Added Ember Flask (Found : Surface Chests : 10%).
- Added Seafoam Flask (Found : Water Chests : 20%).
- Added Living Sap Flask (Found : Living Chests : 50%).
- Added Poison Flask (Drop : Hornets : 4%).
- Added Royal Jelly (Drop : Queen Bee : 16.66%).
- Added Spirited Water (Found : Dungeon Chests : 12.5%).
- Added Hellfire Oil (Crafted).
- Added Demon Breath (Found : Shadow Chests : 16.66%).
- Added Goblin Oil (Drop : Goblins (Army) : 2%).
- Added Gunpowder Flask (Bought : Demolitionist).
- Added Blood Mist Flask (Drop : Blood moon enemies : 2%).

- Added Empty Vial (Bought : Chemist : 20 silver).
- Added Alchemist Stabilizer (Bought : Chemist : post Queen Bee)
- Added Phosporescent Thread (Hiddden Reaction).

- Added Wheighted Bottles (Bought : Chemist : 1.50 gold)
- Added Meteor Toolbelt (Crafted).
- Added Preserved Corruption (Drop : Eater of Worlds : 20%).
- Added Preserved Crimsom (Drop : Brain of Chtulhu : 20%).
- Added Blooming Bud (Found : Jungle Chests : 20%).

- Added Catalytic Knife (Crafted).
- Added Crimson Catalyst (Drop : Crimson Hearts : 20%).
- Added Corrupt Catalyst (Drop : Shadow Orbs : 20%).
- Added Riptide (Found : Dungeon Chests : 12.5%).

- Added The Alchemist's Cookbook (UI item) (Sold : Chemist).

- Added Phosphorescent Set (Crafted).
- Added Blooming Set (Crafted).

# Changes #

- Due to the addition of new ones, Orchid accessory prefixes are now 25% more common.
- All Orchid Chest items will now appear in the 2nd chest slot, and move other items 1 slot to the right (this will avoid unobtainable items due to chest bloat in modpacks).
- Only a single Orchid Mod item can spawn in a chest.
- Completely reworked the shaman empowerment system (now called bonds), changed all shaman items accordingly.
- Changed shaman items tooltips.
- Reworked the shaman UI accordingly.
- Orchid Classes Accessories and Armors now have class tags if Thorium is enabled.
- Shamanic bond bonuses are now displayed up to +15.
- Shaman UI mousehover text appears higher, and is now more sparse.
- Shortened a lot of shaman set bonuses.
- The Nuisance debuff will now remain visible for a bit longer once shamanic bonds are gone.
- Changed the Harpy set recipe.

- Changed the following drop/apparition rates :
- Bulb Scepter > 16.66%.
- All Orchid Queen Bee drops > 16.66%.
- Adorned Branch > 10%.
- Spirited Water > 12.5%.
- Enchanted Scepter > 12.5%.
- Blum > 2%.

- Changed the following sprites :
- Sanctify
- True Sanctify
- Valadium Scepter
- Blum
- Shaman Gem Idols
- Spirited Water
- Waxy Vial
- Dryad's Gift
- Spirited Wax
- Mythril Scepter
- Mythril defense (Buff)
- Sinister Present
- Fragile Present

- Changed the following item names :
- Avalanche Scepter -> Avalanche
- Spirited Water -> Ondine Tear
- Spirited Wax -> Waxy Tear
- Waxy Vial -> Waxy Incense

# Shaman balance changes #

- Prismatic Idol is now crafted with a Shaman Emblem, and now gives 10% increased shamanic damage.
- Reworked the Boom Shroom weapon (now Bloom Shroom) entirely.
- Increased jellyfish dymanizer damage gain per bounce.
- Spore Caller usetime is now a lot faster. Projectiles cannot harm enemies for a brief moment after being shot.
- Goblin Stick damage is now 54 (from 58).
- All gemstone scepters damage reduced by 1, and usetime reduced by 4 (faster).
- Abyss Stormcaller damage is now 110 (from 120).
- Ice Flake damage is now 72 (from 96).
- Terra Scepter secondary projectile damage reduced by 20%.
- Light Concentrator base damage is now 25 (from 30).
- Orchid Scepter damage is now 18 (from 20).
- Festering fork damage is now 15 (from 17).
- Abyssion Scepter usetime is now 4 (from 4.8).
- Reliquary Candle damage is now 75 (from 70).
- Terrarium Scepter damage is now 94 (from 84) and orb damage is now 80 (from 20).
- True Sanctify orb damage is now 45 (from 30).
- Sanctify orb damage is now 30 (from 20).
- Symbiosis Catalyst damage is now 50 (from 35).
- Draconic Wrath damage is now 45 (from 35).
- Corrupt Scepter and Ichor Scepter mana cost is now 7 (from 11).
- Isis' Command damage is now 35 (from 32).
- Basilisk's Fang crit chance increased by 1% per active bond.
- Coalesced Conduit orb buff duration is now 30 seconds (from 15).
- Chiroptera damage is now 28 (from 25), 20% increase bat spawn chance.
- Shadow Weaver buff stats are now 10% (from 5%).
- Ice Scepter damage is now 14 (from 10).
- Scepter of Starpower mana cost is now 5 (from 7).
- Meteor Phasestaff damage reduction with range greatly increased.
- Nerfed Vampire set damage increase by 2%.
- Enchanted Scepter base damage is now 10, increased scaling.
- Meteor Phasestaff damage is now 7, added scaling.
- Pirates Glory damage is now 12, added scaling.
- Tiaras armor set removed.
- Scepter of Starpower now gains critical strike with bonds.
More minor changes ...

# Fixes #
- Fixed Orchid UIs moving in weird ways when zooming.
- Fixed display issues when favoriting shamanic damage-dealing accessories.
- Fixed Will of the Lurker droprate in normal mode.
- Fixed various items width and height.
- The Shaman UI will now display the correct movespeed value when hovered.
- Fixed Molten Ring having knockback.
- Fixed Mourning Torch tooltip.
- Titan Scepter crit damage bonus will not happen anymore when the weapon doesn't crit.
- Fixed Naga Fizzler empowerment level.
- Fixed Ice Scepter mana cost display.
- Fixed Spore Caller tooltip.
- Fixed Bee Seeker tooltip.
- Fixed Terra Scepter tooltip.
- Fixed Feather Scepter tooltip.
- Fixed Blood Caller tooltip.
- Fixed Lodestone Scepter tooltip.
- Fixed Abyss Stormcaller tooltip.
- Spirited Water and Spirited Wax now have a proper cooldown.
- Fixed Molten Bomb projectile dust and sprite.
- Fixed Topaz Tiara not improving the correct bond.
- Fixed Opal Scepter buff increasing armor penetration.
- Fixed Fire Bat Scepter having 2 rolls at appearing in a chest.
- Fixed Mineshaft Crate droprate.
- Fixed Thorium Scepter and Festering Fork secondary projectiles not giving shamanic bonds.
- Fixed Shaman projectiles not having on-hit effects on dummies (this still won't give shamanic bonds).
- Fixed Vampire Armor spritesheet.
- Fixed Mineshaft Crates working as workbenches.

< v >
# Additions #

< General >
- Added Census - Town NPC Checklist compatibility.

< Gambler >
- Added Playing Card : Jelly Clouds (Bought : Croupier).
- Added Vulture Charm (Crafted).
- Added Slimy Lollipop (Bought : Croupier).

# Balance changes #
- Playing Card Enchantment now pierces up to 2 targets and now deals 16 damage.

# Fixes #
- The Bound Chemist can now spawn in multiplayer.
- Fixed Bouncy Beginnings slime behaving weirdly in closed spaces.
- Fixed Meteor Phasestaff tooltip.
- Fixed King Slime card bounce sounds.
- The Propulsion hidden reaction now properly cancels fall damage.

< v >
Hotfixes (more !)

# Fixes #
- Playing Card : Blue King projectile doesn't gain damage by floating anymore.
- Fixed Slimy Lollipop tooltip.
- Fixed Alchemist projectiles trajectory with a zoomed UI.
- Fixed Bound Chemist not working in multiplayer.
- Fixed Croupier not spawning in multiplayer.

< v >

# Additions #
< Gambler >
- Added the Crooked Accessory Prefix (+1 maximum chips).

# General Changes #
- Reworked Playing Card : Curse of the Dungeon and changed its sprites.
- The Loaded Accessory Prefix now gives +2 maximum chips.
- Added a "Failsafe" system to orchid chest items, at least 1 instance of every orchid chest item will now spawn per world.
- Exceptions to the previous rule are Fart in a Flask (Not guaranteed to spawn) and Tiamat Relics (at least 3 relics should spawn).
- Due to this failsafe, multiple orchid items may spawn in the same chest.
- Removed a questionable easter egg.
- Made most Orchid items obtainable from the corresponding fishing crates.
- Reworked Blood Caller, Shadow Weaver projectiles and all gem scepters to be a bit more accurate, easthetically pleasing and mp friendly.

# Fixes #
- Fixed Playing Card : Guardian of the Night behavior in mp and some visuals.
- Fixed the Loaded accessory prefix addded value being 10 times higher than indended (also changed its tooltip).
- Fixed Storm Spirit shooting twice as much projectiles in MP.
- Drastically reduced the odds of a Shaman biome chest not spawning
- Fixed Spine Scepter, Vile Spout, Blood Caller, Shadow Weaver, and all gem scepters projectiles partially with Blood and Gore off.

< v >
Fixes, Balance and Mineshaft Content
# Additions #

< General >
- Added Static Quartz (Mined : Mineshaft, Dropped : Mineshaft Skeletons : 1-3).
- Added Salvaged Toolbox (Found : Mineshaft).
- Added Escape Rope (Found : Mineshaft).
- Added Fragile Wood (Crafted).

- Added Static Quartz Spear (Crafted).
- Added Static Quartz Blowpipe (Crafted).
- Added Static Quartz Dart (Crafted).
- Added Static Quartz Schythe (Crafted - Thorium Mod Cross-Content).
- Added Static Quartz Set (Crafted).

< Alchemist >
- Added Forest Samples (Crafted).
- Added Gelatinous Samples (Crafted).

# General Changes #
- Added a tag to test items.
- Massively Buffed the spirit bond main active ability.
- Changed Empty Flask Tooltip.
- Changed Daybloom Extract recipe (mushrooms -> acorns).
- Catalytic Dagger is now sold by the chemist, removed recipe, and changed its name to Catalytic Syringe.
- Changed Spectral Skull tooltip (shortened).
- Cobalt Scepter orb effect now increases active bonds duration.
- Removed Barometz.
- Alchemist weapons now display crit chance.
- Changed all references to "Tiamat" into "Tyche".
- Bound Chemist is now tracked by the Lifeform Analyzer.

- Reworked alchemist spores, and made each subtype unique in behaviour :
- Removed extracts flat damage increase if another element is used.
- Changed all extracts tooltips (except mushroom).
- Changed Air and Water spores to make them more recognisable.
- Extracts now release more spores for each ingredient used that is not a spore extract.
- Attactite counts as an extract for the above (changed its tooltip).
- Fire spores now repeatedly twitch towards the target in an inaccurate manner, and deal massive damage on contact (buffed all fire spore damage by 4).
- Water spores are very accurate, and goes faster the further they are from their target. They also reduce the enemy velocity on hit.
- Air spores now phase through tiles, and will pierce targets that are unnafected by attractite. They will try to follow the cardinal directions.
- Nature spores will now bouce on the ground towards enemies, dealing a second, delayed, instance of AoE damage on hit.

Changed the following sprites :
- Empty Flask.
- Daybloom Extract.
- Blinkroot Extract.
- Waterleaf Extract.
- Shiverthorn Extract.
- Moonglow Extract.
- Deathweed Extract.
- Fireblossom Extract.
- Glowing Mushroom Extract.
- Catalytic Dagger.
- Crimson Catalyst.
- Corrupt Catalyst.
- Ripple.
- Shaman Emblem.
- Mineshaft Crate (Tile).
- Gemstone Die (Buff).
- Honey Die (Buff).

# Balance changes #
- Attractite and Glowing attractite Flasks potency cost reduced by 1.
- The Glowing Mushroom Extract buff now lasts for 5 seconds when going into its aura.
- Changed Blood Mist Flask droprate to 2.5%.

# Fixes #
- Fixed Bound chemist not being freed with autopause on.
- Fixed Destroyer Necklace buff tooltip (20% > 15%).
- Fixed Aquaite Scepter tooltip (wrong bond).
- Fixed multiple mineshaft generation issues.
- Fixed Abyss Weapons, Nirvana, The Core, and multiple other shaman weapons projectiles not behaving properly with gore turned off.
- The spirit bond main active ability will not fill inactive bonds anymore.
- Fixed Blooming set tooltip (typo).
- Fixed Shamanic empowerment potion tooltip (empowerments -> bonds).
- Fixed Natural and Spiritual prefixes tooltip (empowerment -> bond).
- Fixed Frostburn Sigil tooltip (uh...).
- Fixed Diabolist Rune tooltip (typo).
- Fixed Meteor Phasestaff being able to deal no damage, and fixed its dust.
- Fixed Gambler Die, Honey Die and Gamstone Die BUFF names and tooltips (dice -> die).
- Fixed Depths Weaver armor defensive effect being triggered by water instead of earth, and changed its dust effects.
- Fixed Shiverthorn Extract tooltip.
- Fixed PC : Shuffle tooltip (clover -> club).
- Fixed PC : Desert tooltip (cacti -> cactus).
- Fixed PC : Guardian of the Night tooltip (typo).
- Fixed Coating bonus damage not working in multiplayer.

< v >
Hidden Reactions rework, Gambler/Alchemist polishing.
# Additions #

< General >
- Added Ornate Orchid (Drop : Plantera Bag : 5%).
- Added RC Remote (Drop : Elf Copter : 2%).
- Added Square Minecart (Found : ???).

< Gambler >
- Added Scavenger Potion (Crafted).
- Added Gambler Dummy Card (Bought : Croupier).

- Added PC : Detonator (Found : Mineshaft Chest : 100%).
- Added PC : Erratic Magic (Drop : Goblins : 2%).
- Added PC : Spirit Tear (Drop : Dark Casters : 3.33%).
- Added PC : Spiky Gelatin (Drop : Spiked Jungle Slimes : 4%).
- Added PC : Spiky Gelatin (Drop : Lava Slimes : 4%).
- Added PC : Deep Forest (Found : Ivy Chests/Jungle Crates : 20%).
- Added PC : Sky (Sold : Croupier).

- Added Copper Chip (Crafted).
- Added Tin Chip (Crafted).
- Added Bouncy Chip (Crafted).

- Added Rainbow Gambler Deck (Crafted).
- Added Pirate Gambler Deck (Drop : Flying Dutchman : 9.5%).
- Added Dog Gambler Deck (Drop : Flying Dutchman : 0.5%).
- Added Jungle Gambler Deck (Found : Ivy Chests/Jungle Crates : 5%).

- Added Elemental Lens (Sold : Croupier : Elemental Set).

- Added Elemental Card Set.

< Alchemist >
- Added Recipe Scrolls (8 variants) (Various sources).
- Added Jungle Lily (Bud, Bloomed) (Found : Underground Jungle / Fished : Jungle Crates).

- Added Stellar Talc (Found : Sky Chests/Sky Crates : 25%).
- Added Blizzard in a Flask (Found : Ice Chests : 25%).
- Added Tsunami in a Flask (Crates : Wood 2.5% : Iron 5%).
- Added Flash Freeze (Found : Ice Chests : 25%).
- Added Vitriol Myscelium (Crafted).
- Added Visceral Myscelium (Crafted).
- Added Fiery Slime Flask (Crafted).
- Added Jungle Lily Extract (Crafted).

- Added Reactive vials (Bought : Chemist).
- Added Wheighted Crimson (Crafted).
- Added Wheighted Corruption (Crafted).

- Added Brewing for Dummies (Bought : Chemist).

- Added a bunch of hidden reactions.

# General Changes #
- Gambler dummy projectiles can now home towards dummies, and will only home towards dummies.
- Gambler UI now only displays while holding a gambler weapon (Deck, Die or Chip Weapon).
- Changed The Alchemist's Cookbook tooltip.
- Alchemist Hidden Reactions now refund 50% of their potency cost.
- Slightly changed the alchemist cookbook menu.
- Alchemist main projectile now ignores invincibility frames.
- Changed Depths Baton projectile tile collide so that it is harder to hit through walls.
- Shadowflame Scepter portal projectiles now give a shamanic bond.
- Changed Forest and Slimy samples recipes to include a bottle instead of glass.
- Changed Empty Tiara recipe (-5 ingots).
- Reworked Goblin Oil and Hellfire Oil, removed oil coating.
- Reworked Glowing Mushroom Extract to absord neaby spores properties.
- Some projectiles now ignore iframes (explosions, mostly).
- Reduced alchemist cookbook and Hidden reaction codex value.
- Changed Blooming set recipe, renamed it to Lily set.
- Renamed "Hidden Reactions for Dummies" to "Hidden Reactions Codex".
- Reworked the Chemist NPC reaction hint system.
- Reworked PC : Shuffle entirely.
- Changed Gambler Decks tooltips.
- Changed Shaman Rod Projectile AI.
- Changed Depths Weaver Rod Projectile AI.
- Changed Bloom Shroom Projectile AI.
- Changed interface for this NPC: Croupier.

- Changed the following tooltips :
- Shaman bond type/level.
- Cross-mod mention.

- Changed the following sprites (thanks Bluninja !) :
- Vulture Talon.
- Harpy Talon.
- Mushroom Biome Chest (item + tile).
- Enchanted Scepter.
- Scepter of Starpower.
- Ice Flake.
- All Shaman Tiaras (including empty one).
- Slimy Lollipop.
- Aquaite Scepter.
- Molten Bomb.

- Changed the following visuals/effects :
- Phosprorescent Armor.
- All items form Abyss Fragments.
- Shaman Rod Projectile.
- Depths Weaver Rod Projectile.
- Bloom Shroom Projectile.
- Scepter of Starpower Projectile.

# Balance changes #

Shaman :
- Reduced Enchanted Scepter range by ~25% and damage by 1.
- Increased Shaman Rod Damage to 16 (from 8).
- Increased Depths Weaver Rod damage to 32 (from 16).

Alchemist :
- Gunpowder Flask damage increased by 7 per element used (15 -> 22).
- Water spores minimum speed is now twice as fast.
- Almost *all* alchemist weapons damage has been tweaked.
- Cloud in a Flask (and variants) now knock up all enemies in a small area around impact.

Gambler :
- PC : Bouncy Beginnings doesn't stack damage faster by hitting multiple targets at once anymore.
- PC : Jungle cost changed to 4 (from 3).
- PC : Blue King damage changed to 20 (from 16). Now gains 2 damage on enemy hit.
- Increased Gambling Chip, Gold Chip, Platinum Chip, Fossil Chip and Hellfire Chip knockback.
- Reduced rusalka damage to 32 (from 42), secondary damage to 1.5x (from 3x) and made them always appear.

# Fixes #
- The player now properly turns when throwing a flask with The Alchemist's Cookbook.
- Fixed Thorium cross-content recipes being flagges as added by thorium mod.
- Actually updated the Empty Flask sprite (oops).
- Fixed Static Quartz Scythe being obtainable without Thorium enabled.
- Fixed Shadowflame Scepter only giving a level I bond.
- Added Shaman tag to Abyss Fragments.
- Fixed alchemist items scaling off gambler stats.
- Normal attractite no longer counts as an extract for certain effects.
- Fixed Alchemist main projectile sometimes hitting twice.
- Fixed Glowing Mushroom Extract mushroom sometimes floating.
- Fixed Cloud in a Flask (and variants) not knocking enemies up in MP.
- Fixed Cloud in a Flask (and variants) not increasing Slimy Flask bubble spawn chance.
- Fixed Molten Ring spawning a droplet every frame if the player doesn't have a spirit bond active.
- Fixed Waxy Tear not giving critical strike chance.
- Alchemist oil combustion now doesn't always crit.
- Fixed Gambler Deck weird behaviours when drawing cards.
- Fixed PC : Blue Kind not dealing damage in AoE as it should.
- Fixed Static Quartz Dart damage stacking exponentially under some conditions.
- Fixed a bug due to which the croupier returned a card with a higher rarity than it should be.

< v >
Shaman rework.

# Additions #

< Alchemist >
- (Re)added the obsidian skin hidden reaction.

# General Changes #

- Removed shamanic bond levels.
- Removed shamanic bond bonus stat (leading to the change of a lot of tooltips, and item reworks).
- Removed the shamand bond hotkey, and all shamanic bond active effects.
- Reworked Sinister and Fragile presents.
- Hellfire Oil now acts as a replacement for Goblin Oil in hidden reaction recipes.

- Reworked/Changed the following items :
- Sinister Present.
- Fragile Present.
- Prismatic Idol.
- Abyss Precinct.
- Mythril Scepter.
- Amber Scepter.
- Opal Scepter.
- Onyx Scepter.
- Ruby Scepter.
- Sapphire Scepter.
- Emerald Scepter.
- Topaz Scepter.
- Amethyst Scepter.
- Ruby Idol.
- Sapphire Idol.
- Emerald Idol.
- Topaz Idol.
- Amethyst Idol.
- Ruby Tiara.
- Sapphire Tiara.
- Emerald Tiara.
- Topaz Tiara.
- Amethyst Tiara.
- Shamanic Empowerment Potion.
- Floral Stinger.

- Changed the following tooltips :
- Aquaite Scepter.

- Changed the following sprites :
- Abyss Empowerment (buff).

- Changed the following visuals/effects/sounds :
- Perishing Soul (projectile).
- Ice Scepter (projectile).
- Sun Ray (projectile).
- Ice Flake (sound).
- Orbital Minefield (main projectile).
- Wyvern Moray.

- Weapon bond changes :
- Shadowflame Scepter : Fire -> Spirit.
- Fibula : Fire -> Spirit.
- Reliquary Candle : Air -> Spirit.

# Balance changes #

Shaman :
- Mythril Scepter, Amber Scepter, Diamond Scepter, Shadow Weaver, Blood Caller, Ruby Scepter, Emerald Scepter, Topaz Scepter, Amethyst Scepter, Opal Scepter, Onyx Scepter and Abyss Precinct buffs now last for 30 seconds (from 15).
- Avalance Scepter damage increased to 19 (from 17).
- Spore Caller damage increased to 6 (from 5).
- Perishing Soul damage is now 65 (from 57). Tweaked its usetime.- Shaman :
- Wyvern Moray lingering projectile life time has been increased to 180 (from 120), Its damage has been reduced to 60% of the main projectile damage (from 80%).

Alchemist :
- The "Permanent Freeze" hidden reaction effect now stops for 1 second after attacking.
- The HellFire Oil can now be used instaed of Goblin Oil in hidden reactions.

# Fixes #
- Fixed players not obtaining a gambler deck when using their first card.
- Sinister present now properly increases shamanic damage by 15% and bond duration by 10 seconds.
- Fixed Flash Freeze being able to instantly freeze projectiles from the attack it was used in.
- Fixed Sinister Present and Mourning being able to give negative empowerment timers.
- Fixed a bug where other players using gambler decks would frenetically swing their arms.
- Cloud in a flask cannot move bosses, dummies, or knockback immune enemies anymore.
- Fixed some projectiels behaving weirdly in reverse gravity.
- Fixed compilation due to ExampleMod usage (direwolf420)
- Fixed errors due to gambler deck being empty on player load (direwolf420)
- Possibly fixed gambler deck check not getting synced, which prevented the Croupier NPC from moving in (direwolf420)
- Fixed Perishing Soul projectile visuals.
- Fixed Ice Scepter projectile visuals.
- Fixed Pirates Glory Visuals.
- Fixed Scepter of Starpower not granting any bond.
- Fixed the Ice Mimic Scepter being dropped by the wrong enemies (Bambino).
- Tweaked Shadow Orb and Crimson Heart modded items drop (Bambino).
- Fixed the Croupier selling the Hell card twice.
- Fixed the Alchemist Hidden Reaction Codex UI displaying empty lines at early stages of the playthrough.
- Fixed the Alchemist Hidden Reaction Codex UI being anchored to the player position and not the middle of the screen.
- Fixed a bug that caused the Wyvern Moray Projectile to not linger after hitting tile or an enemy.
- Fixed some gravity related issues.
- Fixed Shroom Chest Highlight texture.

# Possible Issues #
- After updating this mod, chests from this mod may not exist in old worlds.

< v >
Balance Patch

# General Changes #
- Harpy talon droprate boosted to 20% (from 16.66%).
- Renamed PC : Living Sap to PC : Unstable Sap (avoids confusion with Living Sap Flask).
- Living Sap Flask rework : now doesn't spawn healing bubbles if used without other ingredients, healing is doubled if used with an air element.
- Will of the Lurker now homes towards enemies in a short radius. It cannot hit the same enemy multiple times.

- Changed the following tooltips:
- All Gambler Decks
- Gambler Dummy Card

- Changed the following visuals/effects/sounds:
- Wyvern Moray Projectile now emits light.
- PC : Unstable Sap

# Balance changes #

< Gambler >
PC : Embers damage increased to 7 (from 6).
PC : Bouncy Beginnings damage increased to 11 (from 8).
PC : Snow damage increased to 15 (from 11).
PC : Sky damage increased to 21 (from 18).
PC : Shuffle damage increased to 8 (from 5) and damage scaling increased by 20%.
PC : Curse of the dungeon water bolt damage increased by 50%
PC : Living Sap damage increased to 10 (from 8), now follows the cursor more accurately.
PC : Poisonous Queen damage increased tp 11 (from 8).
PC : Ocean damage increased to 25 (from 13).
PC : Living lava damage increased to 38 (from 34).
PC : Blue King damage increased to 26 (from 20).
PC : Spiky Gelatin damage increased to 23 (from 18).
PC : Jungle damage increased to 10 (from 9).
PC : Deep Forest damage increased to 11 (from 7).
PC : Icicle damage increased to 32 (from 22).
PC : Hell damage increased to 48 (from 40).
PC : Enchantment projectile lingering duration reduced.
PC : Erratic magic damage increased to 55 (from 37).
PC : Forest damage increased to 6 (from 5).
PC : Guardian of the Night damage increased to 85 (from 52). Does not deal damage anymore before stopping once.
PC : Corrupted Nightmare damage increased to 12 (from 8).
PC : Spirit Tear damage increased to 20 (from 16).
PC : Desert damage increased to 8 (from 7).
PC : Bubbles damage increased to 13 (from 8).
PC : The Hivemind damage increased to 40 (from 35). Increased its damage scaling by 5.

Copper Chip damage increased to 21 (from 16).
Tin Chip damage increased to 23 (from 18).
Gold Chip damage increased to 30 (from 25).
Platinum Chip damage increased to 32 (from 27).
Fossil Chip damage increased to 35 (from 30).
HellFire Chip damage increased to 48 (from 43).
Gambling Chip damage increased to 25 (from 20).
Bouncy Chip damage increased to 25 (from 20).
Rusalka damage increased to 37 (from 35).

Gambling Die now increases gambling damage by 3-18% (from 2-12%).
Gemstone Die now gives a 4-24% chance not to consume chips (from 2-12%).

< Alchemist >
Living Sap Flask damage is now 4 (from 11).

< Shaman >
Base Maximum Bond duration is now 6 seconds (from 5).
Enchanted Scepter now exhausts slower.
Amethyst Scepter now exhausts slower.
Topaz Scepter now exhausts slower.
Opal Scepter now exhausts slower.
Onyx Scepter now exhausts slower.
Sapphire Scepter now exhausts slower.
Emerald Scepter now exhausts slower.
Diamond Scepter now exhausts slower.
Blood Caller now exhausts slower.
Shadow Weaver now exhausts faster (was unintended).
Vile Spout now exhausts slower.
Spine Scepter now exhausts slower.
Meteor Phasestaff damage increased to 8 (from 7).
Fire Bat scepter damage icnreased to 25 (from 23), it now exhausts slower.
Bloom Shroom base damage increased to 103 (from 93).
Sanctify now exhausts slower.
True Sanctify now exhausts slower.

Wyvern Moray damage decreased to 28 (from 32).
Orchid Scepter usetime increased to 35 (from 25).

# Fixes #
- Fixed a visual bug where the shaman usestyle "anchor point" could spawn multiple times.
- Fixed a bug that caused the PC : Unstable Sap to spawn 2 projectiles at once.

< v >
Balance and QoL patch

# Additions #

< Shaman >
- Added bond exhaustion rate stat.

< Alchemist >
- Added Keystone of the Covent (Found : Shadow Chests : 20%).
- Added Potion Bag (Bough : Chemist).

# General Changes #

- Demon Breath apparition rate in Shadow Chests is now 20% (from 33%).
- Fire Bat Scepter apparition rate in Shadow Chests is now 20% (from 33%).
- Sapphire Idol, Sapphire Circler and Prismatil Idol now reduce bond exhaustion rate by 10% instead of increasing shamanic critical strike chance by 10%.
- PC : Bouncy Beginning Slime can now bounce of platforms.
- PC : Spiky gelatin Slime can now bounce on platforms and moves faster horizontally.
- PC : Blue King Slime can now bounce on platforms and moves faster horizontally.
- PC : Living Lava Slime can now bounce of platforms and moves faster horizontally.
- PC : Ocean coconuts now rolls on platforms. Changed projectile kill dust.
- Demon Breath projectile no longer collide with tiles.
- Meteor Toolbelt rework : The buff now lasts 10 seconds (from 3), gives 20% movement speed (from 50%) and knockback immunity, and was renamed Meteor Agility.
- Changed Jungle Lily Bud tooltip.
- All Biome Set Cards not summon seeds after a set amount of hits instead of randomly. Changed tooltips accordingly.
- Changed Lucky Sprout tooltip.
- Moved the Gamber Dummy Card in the Croupier shop.

- Changed the following sprites:
- Jungle Lily (tile).
- Light Concentrator (catalyst).

- Changed the following visuals/effects/sounds:
- Taiga Truncheon (projectile).
- Ice Flake (projectile).
- Wyvern Moray (main projectile has been slightly improved).
- Jungle Lily (tile).
- Light Concentrator (catalyst).

# Balance changes #

< Shaman >
- Abyss Stormcaller now exhausts slower.
- Abyss Precinct now excausts slower.
- Nirvana damage reduced to 130 (from 200).
- The Core damage reduced to 100 (from 200).

< Gambler >
- PC : Living Lava damage increased to 43 (from 37).
- PC : Blue King damage increased to 31 (from 26).
- PC : Spiky Gelatin damage increased to 26 (from 21).

< Shaman >
- Heavy Bracelet armor increased to 20 (from 10).

# Fixes #
- PC : Jelly Clouds slimes timeleft is now properly reset on their first bounce.
- Fixed Topaz Idol tooltip.
- Fixed Topaz Circlet tooltip.
- Fixed various offsets in the alchemist cookbook UI.
- Fixed Obsidian Skin Potion name and description.
- Alchemist damage now scales with global damage multipliers.
- Gambler damage now scales with global damage multipliers.
- Fixed Ice Cycle behaviour with 3 or more active bonds. Adjusted usetime.
- Fixed Living Sap Flask healing being doubled if an air element was NOT used.
- Fixed a bug that caused shaman scepters with trails to sometimes not load on the first try.

< v > oops
# Fixes #
-Fixed a character creation bug.
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You know I just came from Project_Logic saw this mod clicked on it and saw what it added, I don't think my eyes a deceiving me any but xD and I am joking about this a full on Minecraft rip-off but better then minecraft xD please this is only a joke xD
I look forward to the potential of this mod, would be nice to spice up the overworld/underground for a change
holy moly your link to homepage doesn't lead to a discord, thank god xd

i love it when mods add structures, this is great
is this mod going to be structure-related or content based?
holy moly your link to homepage doesn't lead to a discord, thank god xd

i love it when mods add structures, this is great
is this mod going to be structure-related or content based?

This is not going to be geneation (or structure) related as a whole, I'm just going to implement my ideas, and make sure they are balanced for vanilla game at all time.

Nb : it used to link to a discord for the first day, but I hate that as well, so I made this page as soon as possible ^^

Thanks for the feedback guys :)
i'm really stoked, more content in prehardmode is always appreciated by me dudeo, i think new mechanics is a good idea for this mod

it already looks great pal
Their is a problem with the "mineshaft ghost" in multiplayer when its HP reaches Zero it dont actually die at all but resets all its health
Their is a problem with the "mineshaft ghost" in multiplayer when its HP reaches Zero it dont actually die at all but resets all its health
This is not a bug, just keep hitting it.
There IS a bug however with the chest syncing in multiplayer, that will be fixed as soon as I get the logic behind it.
This is not a bug, just keep hitting it.
There IS a bug however with the chest syncing in multiplayer, that will be fixed as soon as I get the logic behind it.

but i just start doing only 1 damage to it. and it would have all its health back.
but i just start doing only 1 damage to it. and it would have all its health back.
Upon reaching 100 health the ghost will enter in a state where you have to chase him through the corridors of the mineshaft, during which you cannot really deal it damage (it just gains a lot of armor and knockback resistance).
When that phase ends, it goes back to full health, and you can hit him again.
This happens 3 times before being able to defeat it.

Isn't it what happened ?

This being said, and since I do not understand mp syncing correctly, there may be problems with this ... I am sorry about that.
Upon reaching 100 health the ghost will enter in a state where you have to chase him through the corridors of the mineshaft, during which you cannot really deal it damage (it just gains a lot of armor and knockback resistance).
When that phase ends, it goes back to full health, and you can hit him again.
This happens 3 times before being able to defeat it.

Isn't it what happened ?

This being said, and since I do not understand mp syncing correctly, there may be problems with this ... I am sorry about that.

this is a video to show what happens. and maybe i can help you with the syncing issue. but why make it so the ghost get such a boost why not just make it like any normal enemy to prevent issues later on?

this is a video to show what happens. and maybe i can help you with the syncing issue. but why make it so the ghost get such a boost why not just make it like any normal enemy to prevent issues later on?

The ghost isn't like any other enemies simply because I wanted to make something unique with it :dryadtongue:
I am not willing to stick to usual standarts simply because I'd like to avoid issues ... I just have to fix them once I see them

Concerning your issue, if this is multiplayer, then I see why this may be happening, and ... well, it should be fixed as soon as I get how it works.
if this is singleplayer, however, I have no idea where this comes from, since i've never been reported nor experienced anything similar as of now, and more information could help fixing that specific issue.

Either way, thanks for reporting it and offering your help, if you want to talk more easily, I am frequently active on the mod's discord available up there
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The ghost isn't like any other enemies simply because I wanted to make something unique with it :dryadtongue:
I am not willing to stick to usual standarts simply because I'd like to avoid issues ... I just have to fix them once I see them

Concerning your issue, is this is multiplayer, then I see why this may be happening, and ... well, it should be fixed as soon as I get how it works.
if this is singleplayer, however, I have no idea where this comes from, since i've never been reported nor experienced anything similar as of now, and more information could help fixing that specific issue.

Either way, thanks for reporting it and offering your help, if you want to talk more easily, I am frequently active on the mod's discord available up there

yes this is all happening in multiplayer and your very welcomes
This reminds me of a mod from a long time ago...

tModLoader - Extraterrarial Mod [Needed Spriters]

Is this like an update to that mod, with only the Shaman class from it, but tweaked? It even has much of the same items, but done differently. I didn't quite get around to finishing a Shaman playthrough with that mod, but that could change with this new one. The mineshaft looks very cool to explore.
This reminds me of a mod from a long time ago...

tModLoader - Extraterrarial Mod [Needed Spriters]

Is this like an update to that mod, with only the Shaman class from it, but tweaked? It even has much of the same items, but done differently. I didn't quite get around to finishing a Shaman playthrough with that mod, but that could change with this new one. The mineshaft looks very cool to explore.
I was one of the two developpers of extraterrarial, two years ago.

This is just another take on the class it added, from my perspective, and with 2 years of programming experience from college ^^
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I've been doing a playthrough with this mod so far and I believe I encountered a bug. The Vile Spout is craftable with Demonite Bars, however, the Spine Scepter appears to be unobtainable. I'm guessing it's meant to be crafted with Crimtane Bars?

As for a suggestion, given the low amount of accessories for Shaman, perhaps the Idols could be combinable at some point in hardmode? I figure having all of the Idols active in pre-hardmode would be too OP.
I've been doing a playthrough with this mod so far and I believe I encountered a bug. The Vile Spout is craftable with Demonite Bars, however, the Spine Scepter appears to be unobtainable. I'm guessing it's meant to be crafted with Crimtane Bars?

As for a suggestion, given the low amount of accessories for Shaman, perhaps the Idols could be combinable at some point in hardmode? I figure having all of the Idols active in pre-hardmode would be too OP.

The Spine Scepter crafting recipe will be fixed in the next update, thanks for reporting the issue.
Actually, due to the multiple modifiers they bring, the shaman class has more specific accessories than, I believe, any vanilla class (14 !).
An accessory combining all the idols is an idea I've had, but I do not really know where to place in in the game. Around hallowed tier may be a good idea, but I would like players to struggle a bit in order to get it, considering how strong it is.
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