PC Out of Memory Exception

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    I've been playing daily since increasing the vm page file size as mentioned in my previous post, and the game seems much more stable. I've also turned on background and turned off multi-core. However I still have to keep video mode low or else I get the memory exception. Additionally I still have to use retro color mode or else the movement of the player is really sluggish. And I still experience occasional lags and some annoying screen flickering/flashing that distracts the play once in a while. My computer is a bit outdated and low-end, though supposed to be more than adequate for the minimum requirements. Back to digging and gathering...
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    The same problem has happened with me and I have tried with both the color, and the white lighting settings. So if anyone can help me, that would be great. :/
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    I would highly recommend you follow these steps if you pass recommended specs for Terraria!

    1. Uninstall XNA from your System.
    2. Restart your computer.
    3. Download and Install XNA from Microsoft (not the one provided in Terraria Install).
    4. Restart your System again.
    5. Start Terraria.
    6. OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: Delete the Config.json file from your Terraria Documents folder.
    This is just to be sure your system is sending the information to Terraria.
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    Hey um are you still alive? I mean did you find solution?
    If no its your happy day!
    Do U use 4t byte or the 128 gb.

    The way is increasing the Virtual memory of Windows.

    Window 10:

    • Go to the Start Menu and click on Settings.
    • Search performance.
    • Choose Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.
    • In the new window, go to the Advanced tab and under the Virtual memory section, click on Change.
    • At the bottom of the new window, uncheck "let system manage paging file"
    • then click on Custom size.
    • Set the top bar or Minimuim to 10000. Maximuim to 19999
    • Click OK to save the new settings.

    Thank me later ;)
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    That Does Not Work For Me ;-;
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    Mine crashes immediately after I open and load up the game. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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    Does any crash report generate, is it the same out of memory exception as these other folk? Could you list out your hardware specifications for me?
  9. SynexiaSaturn2DSX

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    i don't move my pc hardware
  10. SynexiaSaturn2DSX

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    Hi, I have it too!

    I did have color, still crashes. Dunno 'bout White lighting.

    I don't know.

    Not mine.


    I needed necessary stuff.

    I allocated a lot of RAM though.

    Memory leak? [insert DK64 Expansion Pak joke here]

    Quote way above would like to have a work with this reply.

    Same, but when I load a world it's game over. (crashes)

    Multicore: off
    Lighting: changed to white


  11. Grumpy Squid

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    Okay follow the below tutorial Marcus made to generate error logs, I need to know what the crash message is. Is it an out of memory exception, or is it something else?

    After completing the tutorial get the game to crash again, then go look at the error log and upload it here.

    If it IS an out of memory exception I need to know how much RAM you have. To find this do the following:

    • Press Windows+R on your keyboard.
    • type "msinfo32" without the quotes.
    • Screenshot the entire window that pops up and post the screenshot here.

    I also need to know if you're using any mods or if this is vanilla.
  12. charles0928

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    I fixed by using start options

    1.right click on Terraria in Steam library
    2.click on Set startup options(I think that's 시작옵션설정in english....I am South Korean)
    3. put in like this : -maxMem=(calculate like this: your memory size, subtract 1, multiply by 1024 subtract 512)
    examples: If 8GB, -maxMem=6656
    If 4GB, -maxMem=2560

    It worked for me.
  13. Grumpy Squid

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    There isn't really a reason to use any number of 4096, Terraria is 32 bit and can only use up to 4096Mb of RAM or 4 GB. It doesn't really hurt to put in a number higher than 4096 but just know Terraria can not use more than 4GB.