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Panic Necklace, Lava Waders & Flower Boots additional crafting paths


Official Terrarian
While I do enjoy using these on a new playthrough, They simply never end up going anywhere useful or are outclassed by options once Hardmode is reached. Even the Tiger Climbing Claws saw an end-game recipe, So why not give these a shot?

Adrenaline Rush: Cross Necklace + Panic Necklace

Increases invincibility time after taking damage, And increases the user's movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds. For the duration the user is immune to movement speed loss suffered from Slow, Chilled, Burning, and Mighty Wind debuffs. Does NOT purge the effects, It simply nullifies them temporarily.

Charged Blast Boots: Lightning Boots + Lava Waders

Allows flight, Increases the user's movement speed by 6%. And allows the user to walk on liquids. Grants 7 seconds of Lava Immunity. Flight is not impeded while submerged, However movement still is.

Green Thumb Boots: Flower Boots + Staff of Regrowth + Anklet of the Wind

Allows the wearer to move super fast, Causes grass, Moss, & Plants to grow where you walk. Effects all applicable surfaces where the user steps excluding Crimson and Corruption.

Agricultural Greaves
: Green Thumb Boots + Clentaminator + 100 Green Solution + 100 Purple/Red Solution + 100 Blue Solution + 100 Dark Blue Solution.

Enables the wearer to run incredibly fast. Converts biomes where the user walks. Can be toggled on & off. By default these boots spread Green Solution where they walk. Costs 0 Solution to operate, However the player needs at least one copy in their inventory to spread the respective solution. Has a range of 2x10 directly below the user.


I really like these ideas-- while the Lava Waders are nice and all, they tend to get horribly outclassed if you aren't in a liquid-heavy world.
Similarly, I like that your ideas use Lightning Boots instead of Frostspark Boots. that extra ice mobility is often a non-factor for me.
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