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PC 1.3.3 Changelog

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Holy crap! This update is amazing! Also, I got kinda shocked to see the Angry Tumbler enemy get introduced, since a long time ago I had suggested something similar. However since I'm such a small profile I doubt you probably saw it. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see it make an appearance

with exception of the first picture. all the others are anomalys that have happened for atleast a year and are to be expected when making a new world


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After getting just about everything from the update, I have to say I'm pleased with the update as well as the hotfix.
The literal only problem I have is that the Forbidden Sign deals 25 damage compared to the Stardust Guardian's 20; and he attacks much slower as well. And the sandnadoes are the only source of summon damage that can achieve critical hits; it makes me feel like I'd rather use the sandnadoes instead of the Stardust Guardian when I wear my Stardust Armor, because the DPS is pretty swell. I'm aware of the Guardian's ability, but he could still use a damage buff regardless.
Let's add this to the list of things to do in order to reach patch :p


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The literal only problem I have is that the Forbidden Sign deals 25 damage compared to the Stardust Guardian's 20

We noticed this early on, especially when the sandnados did a lot more than they do now. It's been rather illuminating, and at the very least, has given us some thoughts for the future. :)


Hello everyone,

We've got our first hotfix for Terraria 1.3.3 below, with a few changes, most importantly, some fixes for the server stability issues, as well as the inventory/quick stack bug. Keep us posted with any continuing issues you have, so we can make sure things are stable and reliable! We are still working on additional fixes, but we wanted to get some of these server fixes out as soon as we could! Below is the list of our changes in (only six more to go, right?!):

  • Fixed many cases of net disconnect/multiplayer bugs
  • Fixed inventory items "getting stuck" in multiplayer
  • Fixed death messages only showing player names under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Sky Fracture's sell & reforge costs
  • Fixed stopwatch not showing proper speed when in liquids

You can get the dedicated server file here:
Fabulous. Thanks for the hard work. Will the GOG version be updated soon? My account still shows 1.3.3.


Really loving this update so far, I really like the sandstorm event and all their crazyness it brings with. the Sand Elemental is a cool addon and I love the way she casts her spell somehow.

What I really REALLY love is that you've made a long-awaited counterpart for the only Hybrid armor in the game. I never thought that it could be so very fitting, both from strong monsters that are seen under a heavy storm, either really hot or really cold. It's a great thought. and a good filler for Summoners as well. can't wait to get the full set and see it's set bonus. :) Great job!

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thanks for update.

it's stuck


@SPOOKER-Z, could you make a report here: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?forums/pc-bug-reports.113/

And list all of the details you've shared here? Additionally, if you could be more specific about the details of your crash . . . any information you can share about what happened, or whether you were in a server or not.

I was wondering about reporting bugs, if I go to this link should I start my own thread? Or is it better to add to an existing thread of a similar topic? I believe my issues are all multiplayer related.

ETA - I was playing right before the hotfix, so I'm unsure if my bugs are now fixed, but I figured I could mention it just in case.
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Tunnel King

Steam automatically staggers scheduled updates to help prevent having their servers crash. If it's in your queue for downloading, you could try to click the icon to the right to start it immediately. This worked for me just now.


@Leinfors Why don't you guys think about adding a simple Launcher to the Game where you can switch the :red:ing versions if you want instead of forcing the players to play the newest version. It's a quality of life thing, and honestly you guys are actually supporting it without a launcher with a version switcher that there are so many pirated clients of older versions on the internet.
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