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Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Zynetic

    Zynetic Terrarian

    I have to agree that Sandstorms at the start of the game are completely unfair. With the huge spawn rates and the new Angry Tumbler enemy, it's very possible to get "stuck" in between two deserts until it ends up wearing off, and the movement speed debuff doesn't help at all. When you walk in and get a Tumbler, 2 Swarmers and a Charger and you haven't gotten through much of the game, there's not really much that screams fair about that, since Deserts are everywhere.

    This is just in Expert, I don't play Normal so I don't know if the enemies will feel more fair there.
  2. Dragrath

    Dragrath Skeletron Prime

    The monsters aren't that bad at least prehardmode, Though you have a point regarding the tumble weeds of doom which are extremely aggressive and tough to kill and could use a nerf (as all the other enemies are old ones just from the underground normally) unless a wind reversal happens it is basically impossible to move across the desert surface level though I have personally been finding the sandstorms too infrequent in my loot hunting though I imagine once I get everything I will probably find the mighty wind a bit annoying as so far only mounts really get through without much impediment.

    Yeah I can see this primarily on grounds of movement early on the sandstorm might be a bit to brutal to deal with as I find it difficult to tackle without a mount of some type or at least a grappling hook.As an event perhaps sandstorms could require a trigger condition? Say x amount of health and several bosses defeated?
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  3. J The Gamer

    J The Gamer Skeletron Prime

    all i need us the new track, WHERE DAT NEW TRACK, I'M TOO IMPATIENT TO WAIT!!!!!
  4. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Someone was so kind as to upload it to Youtube, if you want to give it a listen :)

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  5. J The Gamer

    J The Gamer Skeletron Prime

  6. Exodus Starlit

    Exodus Starlit Dungeon Spirit

    Cross-over action? Somebody say it is cross-reference (and I don't know what correctly it is).

    I was think about it before right now. It would be nice if Terraria could be these items:
    • Protectorate Unifor and Flower: because it will nicely remind about Starbound + doesn't look bad. (Flower could vanity accessory so I could dye wig/hair like with Nature Gift)
    • Protectorate Sign or Banner: same reasos as above and for those who don't like wearing vanity item.
    EDIT: Not because I like Starbound, because of Tiy a previous spriter of Terraria.
    Starbound could get Mythril or Ancient Shadow armor and Tree Statue because he made sprites of them.
  7. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Loki implied earlier in the thread that it was not a Starbound crossover. :)
  8. FalconFury

    FalconFury Terrarian

    When I was reading from SafeMan's post, I was so excited that you guys added new items and events. Then when you guys replenish the desert biome with drip sands and sandstorms with new enemies, i almost cried with a smile and gave this update a 2 round of applaus.

    Genuinely, it has been a pleasure hearing from SafeMan. He really saved the day, and I hope all the critics and non-critics will love to see this and then leave a comment on this amazing thread.

    Thank you.
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  9. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    I have one more question, Leinfors. How does the new distortion effect the underground and cavern biomes? It says that there were distortion effects added to the underground on the wiki, but maybe that's wrong. Correct me if I am mis-informed. Great update by the way!
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  10. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    The Underworld has the same distortion effect.

    Right now, there is a bug wherein large sand deposits underground (and during the day) can trigger the desert distortion effect, but that's really just extra desert distortion. The Underground/Cavern is not supposed to have distortion of its own.

    EDIT: Lol, that wiki entry is funny. It took the changelog features I wrote, and then added in an extra line that isn't true! I feel like this is slander or something. :p
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  11. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    Do you plan on fixing this bug in Or will it be held off until the future? Thanks for the clarification!:) I know there are a bunch of smaller visual bugs, will you guys fix those at a later day? For Example, the final update, whenever that may be?
  12. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu King Slime

    Oh, okay. My bad.
  13. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Its not my call what bugs get fixed and in what order, but its a purely visual bug that has no impact on gameplay, and we are working on much more significant, game impacting issues right now. Mostly I just find and report the bugs. ;)
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  14. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    Awesome, good to know! There are a ton of visual bugs that annoy me slightly, but the game-breaking bugs are certainly more important to fix.
  15. TerraAssassin

    TerraAssassin Skeletron Prime

    Holy crap! This update is amazing! Also, I got kinda shocked to see the Angry Tumbler enemy get introduced, since a long time ago I had suggested something similar. However since I'm such a small profile I doubt you probably saw it. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see it make an appearance
  16. Epidemy

    Epidemy Steampunker

    Okay, so what do i found.
    Main issues with World Gen - overlapping generated chunks / structures, "flying" trees and missed walls.

    So, i take a few snapshots.

    1. Desert/Cave overlap
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_00_43.png

    2. Flying tree
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_01_41.png

    3. Missed wall
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_11_20.png

    4. Small Dungeon entrance overlap
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_10_46.png

    5. Desert/Jungle overlap
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_03_24.png

    6. Another tree
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_09_36.png

    7. Walls...
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_15_06.png

    8. Tree. Again.
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_13_28.png

    9. ...that is just wierd
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_12_35.png

    10. Oh, come on! Really?
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_08_33.png

    11. Giant tree/Sword shrine overlap
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_20_05.png

    12. What force holds the middle chunk?
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_16_30.png

    13. Rails/Abandoned house overlap
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_27_02.png

    14. Dungeon entrance/Cave chunk overlap.
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_24_12.png

    15. Overlapping biomes mess
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_15_38.png

    16. Another Rails/Abandoned house overlap
    Capture 2016-09-11 22_28_53.png

    So... I screen this using only a few newly generated maps. 2 small, one medium and one large. EACH map contains that wierd stuff. I play Terraria a planty of time, so i know, that things happens sometimes. But since recent update each new map looks terrible. =(
  17. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Hello everyone,

    We've got our first hotfix for Terraria 1.3.3 below, with a few changes, most importantly, some fixes for the server stability issues, as well as the inventory/quick stack bug. Keep us posted with any continuing issues you have, so we can make sure things are stable and reliable! We are still working on additional fixes, but we wanted to get some of these server fixes out as soon as we could! Below is the list of our changes in (only six more to go, right?!):

    • Fixed many cases of net disconnect/multiplayer bugs
    • Fixed inventory items "getting stuck" in multiplayer
    • Fixed death messages only showing player names under certain circumstances
    • Fixed Sky Fracture's sell & reforge costs
    • Fixed stopwatch not showing proper speed when in liquids

    You can get the dedicated server file here:

    SPOOKER-Z Terrarian

    warning: you need a beefy computer to enter the desert, the sandstorm will crash you game
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  19. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    @SPOOKER-Z, would you be willing to provide your PC specs? We haven't had this issue on our end, even with weaker computers. Maybe there is something we can do. :)

    SPOOKER-Z Terrarian

    dual core cpu, gigabyte motherboard, 2 1tb harddrives, nvidia gtx 710, 550 watt powersource
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