tModLoader Pentacore Mod - 5 ores, 4 bosses, 2 minibiomes and more!

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    Votes: 37 20.3%
  • Nah, needs very much work.

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  • No, give up.

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Actually, i dont know if i will do more previews. Would you rather like it to be released in parts, and then as full with Atlantis, or wait for the full version?
Yeah, a mod with only like 14 items and 4 npcs kinda misses the point... well, i will finish the current one, and see what to do next!
The boss code nearly works, but, it still needs a few fixes. The minion code is also nearly working,... Now its mostly bugfixing and cropping. But i cant really guarantee its gonna be today. Some Bugs are sneaky.
EchoNex i have my own sprited weapon.I hope you like it.:)


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Thanks :D i think i should release the preview though, because i would disappoint lots of people if i didnt...
I would like a preview too but only if you think it`s good enough to represent the work you have done so far:)
First impressions are very important ;)
Most likely no, im going somewhere for the whole day (its 9 am as im writing this) and please, stop asking for release date. When i think its ready, i will release it.
Don't rush yourself too much, but if there is a bit of code you are really dreading, either do it asap or don't do it.
OK, long awaited, finally here. A VERY early preview of mod, only Shrumium (for your info, lots of other content is finished, but at the same time not worth of spoiling in a whole pack)
If you think something needs balancing or other type of work, tell me and i will consider it. Especially since whole post-ml content be balanced like this, its very helpful!!QAYGxIyL!HdV1Ir7p6D78mqVYzBKxwiKVkYTp6rGTLu6nNkHL9XU
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