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Hey all! Going to try and get the introductions ball rolling here...

My Life:

I live in England. I'm a physics graduate (technically) who then did most of an engineering degree in Cybernetics. Chronic fatigue (with brain fog and non-24h sleep) forced me to suspend studies several years back, hence why I've had a fair amount of time to play this great game. This is also why my content uploads are so painfully slow and erratic, sorry.

Anyway, when I started my current replay of Terraria I was aiming only to dig... Then came purely aesthetic (but liveable) builds... Then I made the mistake of making a slime statue gel farm, and slipped back into wiring... A clunky automatic lift build led me to the wiring section of the old forums, where another poster's weird alternating lift led to me (re)discovering 'insanely fast elevators'...​
Base of Operations my minimalist corporate HQ (old screen shot): FqWagav.jpg

Claim to fame: champion of the 'hoik' glitch (so fed up of hearing that word now, lol).

Links to my Terraria Stuff:
Guides on this forum - Player & General Hoiks | Item Hoiks | Fastest Engines Measured | Hoiktronics (what is it?) | Rapid Fire Dart Traps | Turbo Truffle Worm Farm.
Guides on old forum (i.e. my few threads)
YouTube Channel - on hoiks and wiring.
Imgur (Terraria album)
Videos on Steam
Reddit Submissions

My Other Stuff:
Blog - I've felt the need to sporadically pontificate on matters of science, technology, futurology, politics, movies, TV and games.
Flickr - been 'the photographer' for a while.
DeviantART - dabbled occasionally.

  • Hard sci-fi/space opera - Banks, Stross, Vinge, Reynolds, Rajaniemi. I think science fiction is a very important literary genre since it is the only one that always deals with societal change. This also extends to TV series like Ghost in the Shell (SAC) and the better genre movies like "her".
  • Music - Rock (indie, hard, alternative, progressive, electronic): Radiohead and 'Pumpkins, through Tool, Stabbing Westward to Imogen Heap and CHVRCHES, etc, etc. BBC Radio 6 Music in the kitchen. Percussionist and kit drummer (school orchestra, jazz and rock bands).
  • Sports - playing, not watching. Racket sports, but just badminton presently.
[Note: the layout and sections I've used here are only for inspiration; be creative with your own threads, by all means!]
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Funny story, I was actually put off by how he insisted on dropping tech words everywhere in Accelerando, but Laundry Files made me give it a second chance once I realised it was all written by the sae guy. :D


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but Laundry Files made me give it a second chance
Fair enough. You read Hannu Rajaniemi? I'd class him as Stross's sucessor - even more cutting edge crazy. I really have to get hold of the third part of his Jean le Flambeur trilogy to finish reading, really, but not managed much of anything of late.
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