Sprites Pet Accessories: A few small improvements for your pets!

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Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
(Note: You may not use my suggestion in any mods, as I am currently in the process of making a mod of my own that is implementing most of my suggestions. Thank you for understanding!)
So, this could’ve worked as a Small Suggestion Saturday, but I got too excited to show it off.

Pets are amazing, we can all agree on that. But do you ever wish that you could have multiple pets following you at once, or that there was a way to give them a (somewhat) practical use? I present to you a few accessories to improve your pets!

Spare Leash.png

The Spare Leash is an accessory that is crafted with 20 silk and 1 iron/lead bar at a loom. When equipped, you will get a second pet slot so that you can have two pets follow you around at once. The bonus slot does not stack with other leashes or Companion Charms, but still allows more pets to be summoned. Equipping in an accessory slot causes a red leash to be attached to all pets that changes color when dyed.

Paw Necklace Gold.png
Paw Necklace Platinum.png

The Paw Necklace is Crafted with 10 gold or platinum at an anvil. Crafting with gold/platinum will yield the corresponding color necklace. When equipped, pets will do 3 damage if they touch an enemy. Pets will not target enemies when this accessory is equipped.

Glow Juice.png

Glow Juice is crafted with 20 glow sticks and a bottle at a places bottle/alchemy table. When it is equipped, it increases the current light pet’s brightness by 10%. The brightness effect will not stack with other Glow Juices or Companion Charms.

Companion Charm.png

The Companion Charm is crafted with a Spare Leash, Paw Necklace, and Glow Juice at a tinkerer’s workshop. When it is equipped, all of the effects of the combined items are active, including the leash graphic if in an accessory slot. This lets you increase all your pets’ greatness at the cost of only 1 accessory space!

Additionally, these accessories do not have to be equipped to function, that way you can enjoy lots of accessories and more pets at the same time!

Thanks for reading this suggestion! Let me know what you think in the comments!
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Skeletron Prime
Huzbubber you have made my day many thanks to you
[doublepost=1523921975,1523921783][/doublepost]Just one thing: in 1.3 pets no longer de spawn when you die if they are equipped.

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Huzbubber you have made my day many thanks to you
[doublepost=1523921975,1523921783][/doublepost]Just one thing: in 1.3 pets no longer de spawn when you die if they are equipped.
Ah, forgot about that.
[doublepost=1523923519][/doublepost]Also, I just read that they do despawn when they die, but it doesn’t really matter.
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