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Download via Mod Browser ingame! Available on both 1.3 and 1.4 tModLoader!
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Enemies, resources, and other interesting objects can be marked using a bindable hotkey, creating a "point of interest" (referred to as "ping").
The locations of marked creatures and objects are visible to everyone on the map.
Pings can be seen through walls, making it a useful tool for alerting teammates to the location of enemies or loot.

Pinging NPCs has the benefit of stopping them from despawning if no players are in range.

Duration, limit and cooldown of pings are configurable in the server config, ping visuals in the client config.

The perfect mod for multiplayer!



Quick Guide:
* Press and release the hotkey to create a ping
* Hold the hotkey for a second to also notify everyone through the in-game chat
* Ping the same object again to remove the ping

Things you can ping:
: Yourself (Rendezvous location)
: Tiles (Blocks, ore veins, furniture, etc.)
: NPCs (Enemies, critters, etc.)
: Dropped items

Known issues:
* Some multitiles (Life Crystals, Pots, Pumpkins) don't properly highlight in the world
* Pinged dropped items are not lit up
* Players leaving and rejoining can bug out some pings
* Pinged tiles by other players that are far away won't show up properly

Future plans:
* "Click on the map" support (1.4 markers)
* Only ping things that are visible

If you want to add support for different languages, you are welcome to contribute localizations here: Github
List of localization contributors:
* Polish: Taco
* Russian: GodBybrid

Source code: Github
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any chance you can add the ability to ping on the world map?
That was planned from the start but then I found out 1.4 has a map ping (albeit lacking in features)
But since my focus now lies on 1.4 mods with the tml alpha being released, I might not add a map ping feature as it would clash with the vanilla one (sadly)
I will try to make pings appear on the map atleast
I didn't really want people to start pinging everything without an easy way of removing those pings (if the duration was set too high) since you have to do that by going to that location and ping it again to remove.
I guess I can increase it since it's the users problem, not mine
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