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Post your "Give me back my money Goblin!" moments


I remember I wanted to reforge my bat scepter once and it took me 40+ plat for godly. Then it took me 27 platinum for a good Snowball Launcher Explosives Rocket Ammo thing. Then 12 plat for good wings then like 10 gold for a workshop and 5 for rocket boots. I mean this guy. but I havent had any problems with reforges in the past 8 playthroughs ive had, maybe it's because i made his floor retractable and made a giant lava pit below.




You all are wimpy. These are my fails!
50 plat on Terra Blade
300 plat on The Horseman's Blade
47 plat on Snowman Cannon
10 plat on my Copper Shortsword (I was playing around trying to get shoddy... How?)
54 plat on Death Sickle
987 plat on Ankh Shield
43 plat on other Ankh Shield after I lost my first one
77 plat on Frostspark boots
89 plat on Master Ninja Gear
44 plat on Moon Shell
77 plat on my Angel Wings
247 on my Fishron Wings
I basically went through half my stock of plat coins. I only have 2k left! Lol killing bosses at once. Stupid Terra Blade starting my bad luck XD!


I spent about, I dont know, a solid 15 minutes reforging my Obsidian Swordfish. I get Godly, and because of my complete boredom, I click again. I realized too late that I had spent my hard-earned 50 platinum from farming the mechs


Wasn't it cheaper to use a copper broadsword for said melee speed research? :p
rounding is different by each weapon
i want to test the terra blade at it's fastest. because it's the fastest sword with autoswing (ignoring the bladed glove and digging claw, it's a sword after all)


Skeletron Prime
horseman's blade:
GODLY (reforged again accidentally)
it took me 35 platinum to get legendary
(btw, this is my 50th post!)


Empress of Light
i learned that if you get something with extra damage its fine and if the thing you have didn't start with a bad reforge then don't reforge unless you have a ton of money (gotten me up to 4 platinum when i killed the mechs doing this) but something that happened ages ago was i used 5 platinum on the excaliber then got godly


My. :red:ing. Sniper Rifle.
Now before you say "Kadius i know you, you are one of the ritches (legitimatley ritchest) terraria players I know. You are right, but OMG... That sniper. It took me a week, getting on after school every day and farming and farming bosses emptying my almost full piggy bank of platinum on my main to get that thing to unreal.
I think in total I spent almost 3-4k plat.
I am rich, why? I farm bosses... nuff said.
But omg, that god damn sniper. I get headaches thinking about it. My whole fortune I needed to rebuild on my main. I still had a few k of plat left but most was just gone. To this day I have like 10k plat earned from that bb so I guess it payed for iteself.
This is why my sniper rifle is my fav gun. Powerful. Ranged. And one of the highest pricing items in Terraria.
The sad part is I went past Unreal from spamming the button like 12 times.


Y'all can't beat mine. I got my Terra Blade months ago and I STILL haven't gotten a Legendary modifier. And I've been trying about 4-5 times a day. :(
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