tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

well thank you. but uh, can you like give me a link to where i can get it? or where i get it? or if its under my nose and i cant see it...
Where you can get what?
The mod is just downloadable from the ModBrowser and tModReader is downloadable from the tModLoader OP.
Has anyone tried this mod in multiplayer since tMod 0.8? Should it still behave erradically?
I don't think the update did anything to fix the current issues. Server support will be wrapped up in 0.8.2, after which I plan to work on getting everything synced up properly.
Also not sure what you want with hardcore characters. I would never run hardcore with this mod, since there are a lot more things that can cut a run short and you'd have to play very carefully. I'm not going to balance around hardcore.

As I have learned numerous times already, even before meeting any bosses. But I play hardcore exclusively, so. Thanks for the updates, Hiccup, I'll download 'em now for my next attempted run while I wait for Starbound 1.0 to hit.

EDIT: Is the Launching prefix supposed to inflict impact damage on landing? Because it doesn't...
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240k? Sounds like hardmode hardcore plus a real nasty prefix combined... *shrugs*

EDIT: Is the Launcher prefix supposed to deal falling damage? Because it doesn't. It should, right?
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