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tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Hiccup251, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    This mod has two goals. The first is to add variety to enemies via Prefixes. When an enemy spawns, it has a chance to roll a prefix in one or more categories. Prefixes can be as simple as making the enemy deal more damage, or a bit more complex like causing its attacks to inflict debuffs, steal life, or throw players into the air.

    The second goal is to add unique loot to be obtained from Rare enemies. Generally speaking, this loot will be weapons unlike what you would find in vanilla Terraria, such as Gunblades that can be swung like swords or fired like guns.



    V1.2.3: Updated to tModloader V0.10.
    V1.2.2b: A new type of throwing weapon, needles, craftable at each tier with tickets. Shaders added to Rare and other prefixes. Foil counter damage reduced by 30% on expert mode. Mirrored prefix reflects for 1/3 second after hit by a projectile, down from 2/3. Rare prefix frequency slightly increased in expert mode.
    V1.2.1.3b: Updated to tModLoader V0.9.2.1.
    V1.2.1.2b: Spawning bug hotfix.
    V1.2.1.1b: Updated to tModLoader V 0.9.1. Martyr damage decreased, Old One's Army now spawns correctly, assorted minor bugfixes.
    V1.2.0b: Updated to tModLoader V 0.9. Added new, unique potions craftable with cosmic tickets. Leeching prefix no longer steals defense, only life and damage.
    V1.1.2b: Major balance patch. Greatbows significantly buffed - base damage, base velocity, and charge mult all increased anywhere from ~10-30%. Hardmode Greatbows also charge faster. Greatarrow damage also generally buffed. Ammo crafted from tickets is now doubled in quantity. Gunblades and dueling swords also saw smaller buffs to damage.
    V1.1.1b: All greatbows charge mult 80% >> 85%, Hellfire Greatbow damage 16>>14, Shadowstrung Greatbow damage 25>>26, Orion sweetspot mult 1.15x>>1.25x, adjusted visuals on Orion, fixed some vanilla arrow interactions with Greatbows, adjustments to prefix exclusions (most multipart bosses like WoF and Skeletron Prime can’t get suffixes on secondary parts anymore).
    V1.1.0b: Added Greatbow class of weapons and Greatarrow class of ammo, some multiplayer bug fixes.
    V1.0.14b: Various bugfixes for reported issues.
    V1.0.13b: Basic Multiplayer support added, adjusted value modifier on prefixes (down on average), adjusted position of dueling swords to keep them from disjointing too far from the body, lowered Launching prefix launch velocity.
    V1.0.12b: Added Dueling Sword class of weapons, adjusted visuals of Pillar Fragment ammo, and made some balance changes.
    V1.0.11b: Actually fixed bound NPCs getting prefixes, added bullets to loot.
    V1.0.10b: Rewrote projectile damage formulae, added Generous, Philanthropic, and Cutpurse.
    V1.0.8b: Some bug fixes and a new 5th tier magic ring, Soul Well.
    V1.0.6b: Completely rewrote magic ring charge system, some bugfixes and balance changes to rings; excluded Rare from statue-spawned enemies (for real this time)
    V1.0.5b: Rare excluded from wall spiders, updated for V0.8
    V1.0.4b: various balance changes to magic rings, bugfixes
    V1.0.3b: small bugfix, excluded Rare from statue-spawned enemies
    V1.0.2b: small bugfix, added a couple images and tooltips
    V1.0.1b: small bugfix and removed test recipes.
    V1.0b: Rare prefix, along with its loot, added.
    V0.4.9: stoned doesn’t refresh if you’re already stoned, time and chance of getting petrified up; Regenerating now doesn’t regen if it’s on fire, poisoned, or envenomed; Projectile prefixes do considerably less damage and spawn less frequently pre-hardmode, now need to EoC, EoW, BoC, or Skeletron before they start spawning.
    V0.4.8: Excluded Projectile prefixes from Creepers; NPCs must have max life higher than 1 to receive prefixes; Excluded splitter from EoW, Lunatic Cultist, Skeletron, lunar pillars; excluded the Master Ninja from problematic NPCs; excluded suffixes from bosses; something else????
    V0.4.7: bugfixes, added Forceful, Launching, Halting, Wing Clipper, Psychic.
    V0.4.6: added cap to projectile charge when blocked by wall; added the Lightning God, the Master Ninja, Splitter, Stealthy; Petrifying stones for 1 second less; Regenerating slightly buffed; Flametrail reworked.
    v0.4.5.1: small bugfixes
    v0.4.5: projectile prefixes that can’t shoot through tiles now check the collision line; various bugfixes; various adjustments to range, damage and fire rate of projectile prefixes, now rolled on 1/12 enemies from 1/15; added Vengeful, Mutilator, Executioner, Bionic, Shadowflame, Dune Mage, Bubbly, Hellwing.
    V0.4.4: Reduced nullifier curse radius by 17% and made it hardmode only; Martyr changed to drop a modified happy bomb instead of exploding instantly on death; Big size modifier up from 30% to 40%; Bugfix where Channeler would try to buff dead enemies; added Leeching, Colossal, Miniature, Enduring; Added value multiplier for all prefixes - x2 for everything but post-moonlord and suffixes, which are x3 and x10 respectively - no multiplier for debuff weaknesses. Built in tModloader
    V0.4.3: Added name check to ensure prefixes are displayed, lowered velocity and damage of shadowmage and volcanic projectiles, channeler drains mana 25% faster, added dusts to volcanic, lightning rod, the Reaper, the Nullifier, Mirrored.
    V0.4.2: Adjusted weights, prevented target dummies from getting prefixes, changed malefic to leave player at 1 life, added Adaptive, Channeler, fixed bugs with post-moonlord prefixes.
    V0.4.1: Preemptively fixed known potential conflicts, buffed the Nullifier, allowed the heads of worm-type enemies to get prefixes.
    v0.4: Added Malefic, Voodoo, the Necromancer, 4 debuff vulnerabilities; Increased size of the Juggernaut, the Reaper now always deals at least its base damage; Worm-type enemies can no longer get prefixes; Fixed some bugs with projectile spawners and other special enemies.
    v0.3: Added Juggernaut, Reaper, Nullifier, and Immortal suffixes; Special effects prefix chance increased from 1/8 to 1/6.
    v0.2: Added Magebane, Party Animal, Flametrail, and Mirrored. Made Lightning Rod hardmode only
    v0.1.2: Fixed Caster name issue
    v0.1.1: Fixed prefixes being given to Town NPCs and critters (oops), added some projectile prefixes
    2/17/16: hotfixed Martyr spawning a broken projectile

    Prefix lists by category:

    1/4 chance; 2x value

    Tough: +50% max life.
    Dangerous: +40% damage.
    Armored: Increased defense.
    Small: 70% size.
    Big: 140% size.
    Persistent: More resistant to knockback.
    Enduring: takes 20% less damage.
    Colossal: 180% size, 20% more damage.
    Miniature: 45% size, 20% less damage.

    1/6 chance; 2x value

    Burning: inflicts On Fire!
    Hellfire: inflicts Cursed Flames.
    Frozen: inflicts frostburn and occasionally freezes players hit.
    Electrified: inflicts Electrified (hardmode only).
    Breaker: inflicts broken armor.
    Dark: inflicts darkness.
    Trickster: inflicts confused.
    Hexing: can inflict cursed.
    Slowing: inflicts slow.
    Venomous: inflicts venom.
    Petrifying: can inflict Stoned (scary!).
    Regenerating: Heals over time based on missing health.
    Martyr: Drops a bomb on death.
    Vampiric: steals life on hit based on damage dealt.
    Magebane: drains half the player's current mana on hit and deals extra damage based on the amount drained.
    Voodoo: Any debuffs on this NPC are also applied to the player.
    Vengeful: Deals up to 2x contact damage based on its missing health.
    Mutilator: Deals 2x contact damage to players at full HP.
    Executioner: Deals 2x contact damage to players under 20% life.
    Splitter: When killed, spawns 2-4 enemies of the same type with reduced stats.
    Stealthy: Mostly transparent - becomes easier to see when hit, but regains its stealth over time.
    Forceful: Throws the player back when it hits them.
    Launcher: Throws the player up when it hits them.
    Halting: Halts the player's momentum when it hits them.
    Wing Clipper: If it hits the player in the air, he cannot fly or double jump until touching the ground.
    Cutpurse: Makes the player drop, at minimum, 10% of their coins on hit. Player will always drop a least one of each type of coin carried.

    1/12 chance (1/20 pre-hardmode); 2x value

    Volcanic: Can shoot a homing fireball at medium range.
    Shadowmage: Can shoot homing dark magic at medium range.
    Lightning Rod: Can shoot electric projectiles at medium range (HM).
    Rune Mage: Can fire a magic projectile through walls at medium range.
    Party Animal: Fires harmless confetti at you.
    Flametrail: Leaves fire in its wake.
    Bionic: Can fire a laser at medium range.
    Shadowflame: Can fire dark magic that passes through walls at medium range (HM).
    Dune Mage: Can fire a slow-moving, homing spirit through walls (HM).
    Bubbly: Can fire bubbles at close range.
    Hellwing: Fires erratic-moving flaming bats at close range.
    Generous: Fires coins at the player, which can be picked up once they hit a tile. The value for these coins comes from the amount the npc would drop on death, so it can't be used to farm money. Higher value coins deal much more damage.
    Philanthropic: Like generous, but a spread of 5 slightly weaker coins.

    1/5 chance

    Flammable: Takes 5x damage from On Fire! and Cursed Inferno.
    Cryophobic: Loses 2 defense/second while Frostburned. Once at 0 defense, takes 16 dps.
    Toxiphobic: Poison and Venom deal additional damage over time based on how much health the enemy is missing.
    Pyophobic: Takes an additional 30% damage when afflicted with Ichor.

    1/10 chance; 3x value

    Mirrored: After being struck by a projectile, reflects projectiles for 1 second.
    Malefic: Deals damage to its target just by being nearby. Damage scales with distance.
    Adaptive: Takes 70% reduced damage from any damage type(melee, ranged, etc.) it has received in the past 3 seconds.
    Channeler: Steals mana from the player (faster when near) and uses it to buff and heal nearby NPCs.
    Leeching: Steals stats from nearby enemies periodically.
    Psychic: Throws its target around randomly when it has line of sight.

    1/100 chance; 10x value

    The Immortal: Has nine lives, and gets progressively stronger with each one lost.
    The Reaper: Reduced health and defense, but brings your hp to 1 if it touches you.
    The Juggernaut: Significantly higher health and armor, and completely unaffected by knockback.
    The Nullifier: Immune to all debuffs, and clears your buffs if it touches you. Curses you while you remain near it.
    The Necromancer: Periodically summons a skeleton to its side. Type of skeleton varies based on progression.
    The Master Ninja: Almost completely invisible. Revealed upon taking damage. Can reenter stealth when hit under the cover of an explosion, and can't be hit for a short time after doing so. +50% damage.
    The Lightning God: Rapidly fires lightning at the player, and lightning randomly strikes at its target from above when nearby.

    Enemies with the "Rare" prefix (1/100) will always drop a token when killed, of a tier based on your progression through the game. That token can be used for a chance at random loot for that tier, as well as Cosmic Tickets. Some tokens won't drop a piece of loot, but will drop extra tickets instead. These tickets are used to upgrade and recraft loot, and will later be craftable into consumable items and ammo.
    Enemies with any suffix drop Choice Tokens. These tokens can be crafted together with tickets to create a specific item from the tickets' tier.
    Tier 1, Amethyst: Beginning of game
    Tier 2, Topaz: Skeletron OR Queen Bee killed
    Tier 3, Sapphire: Start of Hardmode
    Tier 4, Emerald: Any mech boss killed
    Tier 5, Ruby: Plantera killed
    Tier 6, Amber: Lunatic Cultist killed

    upload_2016-3-31_10-40-57.png Gunblade: The original. A tier 2 weapon. Swing on left click, fire on right click. For every melee hit you land, your next bullet gets +25% weapon damage, up to 250%.
    upload_2016-3-31_10-44-22.png Gunblade: Spread: A shotgun mod of the original, tier 3. For every three melee hits, it adds another bullet to its next volley, up to 3 extra bullets.
    upload_2016-4-1_12-46-2.png Gunblade MkIII: A couple steps up from the first, this handles much the same. However, a new feature has been implemented: When you fire a shot buffed up by melee attacks, you gain a decaying defense boost based on the power of the shot. This makes it safer to get back into melee range and start building up power once again.
    upload_2016-4-1_12-49-16.png Gunblade: Burst: A modification of the original gunblade of tier 4 power. The Burst Gunblade is more focused on using ranged attacks, then closing in for a few melee hits. This is due to the fact that, in addition to melee hits buffing shot damage, firing shots buffs up your next melee hit. The buffed up melee attack inflicts a damage-over-time effect of length and magnitude dependent on the melee buff.
    Work on a charge system instead of consuming mana.
    upload_2016-3-31_10-48-16.png Ice Shard: A tier 1 magic ring. Upon use, shards of ice start spawning above the player that accelerate towards the cursor.
    upload_2016-3-31_10-54-58.png Death Knell: A tier 3 magic ring. The bell tolls for all nearby enemies with less HP than the damage of this weapon. Very long recharge time.
    upload_2016-3-31_10-56-19.png Light Spear: A tier 4 magic ring. A ring of holy spears surrounds your cursor location, then fly towards the center. They stick in enemies hit, dealing damage over time.
    upload_2016-3-31_11-13-29.png Lightning: A tier 4 magic ring. A simple but powerful lightning bolt spell that can arc to nearby tiles. Quicker than average recharge time.
    upload_2016-4-1_12-53-24.png Nebula Parasite: A tier 6 magic ring. Fires a small parasite that homes in on enemies, doing minimal damage on hit. However, it infests the enemy hit, dealing significant damage over time. If the enemy dies while under this effect, the parasite will seek out a new enemy nearby.
    Enter a brief counter stance on right click.
    FencerFoil.png Fencer's Foil: Tier 1. Countering melee hits instantly damages enemies.
    BlessedRapier.png Blessed Rapier: Tier 3. After countering an hit, next attack deals 2.5x damage.
    FrostbiteEpee.png Frostbite Épeé: Tier 4. Any projectiles that would hit you while countering are reflected with massively increased damage. Inflicts frostburn with melee hits.
    ShadowflameEstoc.png Shadowflame Estoc: Tier 4. After countering a hit, next attack fires a shadowflame that deals high damage.
    Hold to draw back the bowstring farther, increasing damage, velocity, and knockback. Special effect and bonus damage if fired during the "sweetspot," a 1/4 second window right after hitting full charge, indicated by a sound and dust effect. Special effects listed below.
    WoodGreatbow.png Wooden Greatbow: Tier 1. Allows arrows fired to penetrate an additional enemy.
    upload_2016-6-14_16-54-12.png Hellfire Greatbow: Tier 2. Fired arrows explode like hellfire arrows, but with a slightly larger AoE.
    upload_2016-6-14_16-55-24.png Azure Greatbow: Tier 2. Arrows slow enemies for 5 seconds on hit.
    upload_2016-6-14_16-56-45.png Greatbone: Tier 3. Arrows fired penetrate up to 4 additional enemies and have unusually high velocity. Charges 20% faster than the average greatbow.
    upload_2016-6-14_16-58-12.png Shadowstrung Greatbow: Tier 3. Arrows spawn homing tiny eaters on death, each dealing 60% arrow damage.
    upload_2016-6-14_16-59-44.png Lightcrystal Greatbow: Tier 4. Arrows explode like the Crystal Serpent on death.
    upload_2016-6-14_17-0-36.png Monsoon: Tier 5. Fires 4 additional arrows in a spread.
    upload_2016-6-14_17-5-12.png Teravolt Greatbow: Tier 5. Arrows leave electric fields on death. Since the field deals damage so quickly, this bow loses some damage when sweet-spotting.
    upload_2016-6-14_17-18-26.png Orion: Tier 6. Arrows fired are followed by 10 phantom arrows over 10 seconds, which deal full damage. There is no limit to the number of phantom arrows being fired. Charges 50% faster than the average greatbow.
    Craft with cosmic tickets. Hold right click to prepare up to 6 needles to throw all at once. Needles fly straight, and are considered throwing weapons.

    Iron Needles: Tier 1. No special effect.
    Azure Needles: Tier 2. Needles burst on tile contact, dealing 130% damage to nearby enemies.
    Hellfire Needles: Tier 3. Burn enemies hit. If an enemy is struck by 6 needles, it will explode for considerable damage partially based on its max life.
    Assassin Needles: Tier 4. Enemies at full health or below 20% health have a 1/4 chance to be crit for 400% damage.
    Teravolt Needles: Tier 5. If an enemy is struck by 6 needles, it will take bonus damage partially based on its max life and be stunned briefly. Stun has no effect on bosses.
    Lodestar Needles: Tier 6. Every needle is followed up by a lunar flare that deals 130% damage.

    Crafted with Cosmic Tickets.

    Duelist Draught: Tier 2. The last enemy you dealt damage to takes 10% more damage from you and deals 10% less damage to you. Effects applied after most others, so consider it a unique 1.1x/.9x multiplier.
    Tenacity Tonic: Tier 2. Taking damage has a vastly reduced effect on natural life regen. Normally, being hit would set the natural regen timer to 0 - this causes it to instead by set back by just 5 seconds.
    Elixir of Reconstruction: Tier 3. Heal 25% of the last damage you took over 10 seconds. Taking another hit during this time will override the last and reset the timer.
    Shock Tonic: Tier 3. Build up static charge while moving along the ground. When full, the electricity can be discharged via melee attacks or coming into contact with an enemy, dealing (30 + player defense) damage.
    Earthen Draught: Tier 4. Take 15% reduced damage as long as you are touching the ground. Additive stacking with other endurance effects like the endurance potion.
    Elixir of Flight: Tier 4. Fly up to 30% faster and longer.
    Elixir of Steel: Tier 4. Gain 4 defense when hit, stacking up to 20 defense. Defense bonus falls off after 15 seconds.
    Battle Dancer Draught: Tier 5. Gain up to 20% damage by hitting enemies, but reset to 0% when hit. Additive stacking with most damage enhancers.
    Craft with Cosmic Tickets.
    Splitter Round: Tier 1. Splits into two bullets shortly after firing, each with 70% of the original's damage.
    Azure Round: Tier 2. Explodes if it hits a tile, dealing 20% bonus damage in an AoE.
    Hollow Point Round: Tier 3. Very high base damage, but affected more by target's defense.
    Shadowflame Round: Tier 4. Burns enemies with shadowflames.
    Polar Ice Cap: Tier 5. Shatters into ice shards on hit, much like a crystal bullet. Shards do 75% of the bullet's damage.
    Pillar Fragment Round: Tier 6. Splits into 2-3 random celestial fragments shortly after firing, each with 60% of the bullet's damage. Effects are as follows:
    Solar: Explodes on contact with an enemy.
    Nebula: Slow, with homing capabilities.
    Stardust: Pierces through enemies.
    Vortex: If it wouldn't crit, it has a second 33% chance to crit.​
    Greatarrows are heavy, and normal bows can't make full use of them. Fire from Greatbows with a full charge for special effects. Each special effect is detailed below.
    IronGreatarrow.png Iron Greatarrow: Tier 1. Penetrate +2 enemies and gain some bonus damage.
    AzureGreatarrow.png Azure Greatarrow: Tier 2. If it hits a tile, sticks to it and then explodes for 1.4x damage after one second.
    VileGreatarrow.png Vile Greatarrow: Tier 2. Poisons enemies for 30 seconds.
    CrystalGreatarrow.png Crystal Greatarrow: Tier 3. Penetrates 2 enemies, with a crystal bullet-like effect on hit (3 shards) and on tile collide or 3rd hit (5 shards).
    CursedGreatarrow.png Cursed Greatarrow: Tier 3. Penetrates 2 enemies, and leaves a trail of cursed flames in its path. Inflicts cursed flames for 10 seconds.
    IchorGreatarrow.png Ichor Greatarrow: Tier 3. Releases a bouncing ichor stream on hit, and inflicts ichor for 20 seconds.
    DragonslayerGreatarrow.png Dragonslayer Greatarrow: Tier 4. Marks the target for 5 seconds. If the target is already marked, deals additional damage equal to 5% of the enemy's max health, max 500, scaling with ranged damage.
    VenomfangGreatarrow.png Venomfang Greatarrow: Tier 4. Pierces up to 9 enemies. Envenoms enemies for a full minute. On tile collide or 10th hit, releases 3 venom fangs.
    WrathfulGreatarrow.png Wrathful Greatarrow: Tier 5. Pierces up to 9 enemies. Spectre Wrath effect on hit for half of arrow damage. Doubled effect on tile collide or 10th hit.
    SanguineGreatarrow.png Sanguine Greatarrow: Tier 5. Pierces up to 9 enemies, but loses 5% damage on each hit. Steal life equal to 5% of damage dealt.
    VortexGreatarrow.png Vortex Greatarrow: Tier 6. Pierces indefinitely, gaining 10% damage on each hit. Suspends enemies hit for 1.5 seconds + .5 seconds for each enemy already hit. Suspended enemies take additional damage. Bosses cannot be suspended, and instead take 30% extra damage from the arrow.

    Demonstration of Greatbow use and the Greatbone's piercing effect:

    Orion special effect:

    Azure Greatarrow:

    Dragonslayer Greatarrow (Target Dummy apparently has ~1000 max life, based on the bonus damage):
    Cursed Greatarrow
    Nebula Parasite (the parasite proceeds to seek out other enemies):


    Vortex Lightning:

    More detailed document with information on the loot in this mod (outdated)

    The framework for this mod allows me to add new prefixes fairly easily. If you have any suggestions for new prefixes, please comment with the prefix name, effect, and any special conditions that must be satisfied for an enemy to be assigned the prefix (e.g. hardmode only). Note: I have greatly slowed down the addition of new prefixes as I work on loot content. The bar for prefix ideas is much higher now than it was at the start of development.

    PLEASE comment with any bug reports, strange interactions, or serious balance issues. I rely on feedback here to catch anything that slips through the planning and bug-testing phases.

    Multiplayer support has been added - please post any bugs encountered in multiplayer.

    @Eldrazi for his help with several issues with code
    @PhoenixBlade for his sprite work
    @ArmyFrog for his sprite work on Greatbows and Greatarrows
    @Flashkirby99 for letting me adapt his Longbow code from his tconfig mod
    @Battle Bee for letting me modify and use his Melter Trident sprite
    @Severynn for his sprite work on potions
    @thegamemaster1234 for help implementing shaders
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
  2. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    Hmm... interesting stuff ;)
  3. Good idea! However, maybe not a bomb and maybe just a grenade, as it's a little op. So is the cursed flames in prehardmode. Also, can bosses have these?
  4. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    This is certainly a good idea, but what items are you planning for these enemies to drop? Would they be modded items, or more gold? Perhaps their chance to drop rare items could be increased (Rod of discord, Slime staff, etc.).
  5. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    May I suggest rare suffixes?
    Something like "Green Slime the Moonbreaker" that fires a thinner Moon Lord-esque laser, or "Volcanic Spiked Slime the Unrelenting" that is 50 faster and takes no knockback. These would be rarer with increased stats and have an increased drop rate for the mobs rare drops, and could stack with prefixes. They would start to appear post-Eow/BoC.
  6. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    I assume you're talking about Martyr. It doesn't actually spawn a bomb, it just explodes on death. I updated the description to better reflect that. Cursed flames on-hit and most other prefixes are not gated by hardmode, though that may change in the future. I actually haven't tested this with bosses yet, but since I didn't exclude them prefixes should apply to them. Destroyer and EoW are probably pretty broken right now, now that I think about it. Will need to take a look at that.

    The loot prefixes are something that I thought was a good idea when I started the mod, then slowly came to realize that there really aren't a lot of resources that you'd be happy to get from random enemy drops at most points in the game that also wouldn't break progression really badly. If I don't get good suggestions or come up with something myself regarding this, I'll probably just give up on that category. Modifying existing enemy drop chances is somewhat daunting, and honestly not all that rewarding or interesting.

    Suffixes that have a significantly greater effect than prefixes are definitely something I will look at in the future. I have current plans for some rather strong prefixes that are only unlocked after Moon Lord, as well, to facilitate more interesting endgame play.
    Yuyutsu and Azu like this.
  7. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Yeah, now that I think about it, increasing drop chances based on prefix would be quite a challenge, and my idea could break progress a bit :p. So unless you mod in items or something like that, I don't think items should be a priority (maybe extra gold to help with money farming?).
  8. hotwatergamer

    hotwatergamer Terrarian

    On the idea of extra loot, I'm fond of having the rewards be like fishing, where when you kill a prefix mob they have a chance of dropping a "crate-like" item that contains items from a specific loot table (maybe even having prefix-specific drops like the moon-breaker slime dropping a moon rock that does something) that stops it from being too overpowered and adds another collection into the game to complete. Feel free to tweak this idea!
    Edit: Just found out that mobs can have more than 1 prefix :dryadconfused:
    Imagine a boss with multiple prefixes at once! :dryadeek:
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2016
  9. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    I've actually been working on a sister mod (Rare Enemies) that follows a pretty similar premise. 1/100 enemies are "rare," and drop a Mystery Token on death. That token is a consumable that draws from a progression-based (#of unique bosses killed) loot table when used. This was meant to be a place to put all the content I create, but, well... I haven't made all that much yet. It takes a lot of stuff to fill up a loot table that's supposed to improve after every boss, and I haven't made enough cool stuff to put in yet. Anyway, if/when this is in a publishable state, I'll either put it up as a standalone that could be used alongside this mod or merge the two together.

    Good luck killing that Regenerating Armored Shadowmage Eye of Cthulu! There's approximately a 1/500 chance of an NPC spawning with three prefixes right now.
    Azu likes this.
  10. hotwatergamer

    hotwatergamer Terrarian

    If it counts I got a skeletron with both hands "small" and the head was volcanic XD
    also the fact that the boss death message has the prefix of the main body is awesome!
  11. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    New version up with a couple of my favorite prefixes so far: Magebane and Mirrored.

    Magebane enemies are terrifying for wizards, and dangerous for everyone else. They steal your mana, dealing a big chunk of extra damage if you've got a lot left in you.

    Mirrored enemies are the first of the Post Moon Lord category. When they take damage from a projectile, they reflect all other projectiles for the next second. These guys will absolutely ruin your day if you don't deal with them carefully.
  12. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    How do I tell what prefix an enemy has? Does it say on the name of the enemy?
  13. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    Yes, if you hover over the enemy their name will contain any prefixes they have.

    Edit to avoid double post:

    New update adds 4 suffixes! These are some pretty serious modifiers that can make any enemy a force to be reckoned with. They are rare, though; enemies only have a 1% chance to spawn with a suffix, and they only start spawning once Skeletron is defeated.

    I'd like to hear thoughts on Suffixes and how you think the player should be rewarded for defeating enemies that have them. Are the buffs too little? Too much? What should you get for killing these especially strong enemies?
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2016
    Darklordofhell likes this.
  14. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Wow. Those suffixes are very strong, almost too strong. But hey, you shouldn't nerf them (just my opinion) because they definitely make the game really fun. Now, whatever you plan on implementing as drops for these enemies, they should be really good (perhaps some special token to a better loot table, like you mentioned earlier). Also, some suggestions for a prefix:

    Reflecting: For whatever debuff the enemy is afflicted by, you are inflicted by the debuff as well (unless some items of yours prohibits it, Ankh Shield, etc.)(It should be a hardmode or post moon lord thing IMO)

    Also, what do you think of negative prefixes, like slow, weak (reduced defense and health), or frail (less damage)? Or maybe some negative prefixes could allow enemies to be afflicted by debuffs they usually couldn't get? Like say the destroyer usually is immune to all debuffs, but a prefix like flammable (idk) would make it prone to flames and cursed inferno.

    I hope you like my suggestions and I really enjoy this mod so far! Keep up the great work!
  15. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    How rare are suffixes? I went through a bloodmoon without finding one. Suffixes seem pretty op, I do not think they should affect bosses. Also to try to be cautious around enemies with a suffix, maybe they should have a special kind of dust surrounding them?

    Also some prefix ideas

    Bionic - Can shoot a laser at you
    Demonic - Shoots a demon sickle at you
    Fireproof - Immune to On Fire!

    And suffix idea,

    The Necromancer - Prehardmode can spawn Skeletons around it, Hardmode can spawn Armored Skeletons around it, and Post plantera summons rusty armored bones.
  16. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm wondering if I should work out a way for players to get permanent stat boost items from these enemies, with every prefix/suffix on an enemy increasing the chances of dropping such an item. The stat boosts would have diminishing returns, but would technically be uncapped (think borderlands badass rank, if you've played it). An enemy with 3 prefixes and a suffix would be guaranteed to drop one. This feels like a good reward to me, but it would be easily abusable through automatic grinding.

    I like the idea of turning debuffs back on the player - it wouldn't be too hard to have the npc give its target the debuff if it's within a certain distance of them. Since it would be difficult to actually check if the debuff was player-inflicted, how about we call it "Voodoo"? I think it doesn't have to be restricted to hardmode, since it isn't terribly powerful and the number and power of available debuffs scales up throughout the game anyway.

    Negative prefixes could be a potential new category. I like that this mod as it is now pretty much only adds to challenge, so I want to avoid straight cuts to base stats. However, your idea to make enemies particularly susceptible to certain debuffs requires player interaction and could prove very interesting, while still being relatively simple to implement. For example, Flammable: Enemy is not immune to On Fire! or Cursed Flames, and takes additional damage over time when it has either debuff.

    Suffixes only appear on 1% of enemies. I agree that they would be pretty ridiculous on bosses, but I also feel like their rarity makes it okay for even bosses to have them available. If I continue to get feedback that they should be kept off bosses, I may reconsider. You're definitely right about how they should be more recognizable - especially the ones with greater offense like the Reaper. I'll try to figure out a thematic way for them to stand out.

    Bionic and demonic are nice and simple, they may find their way in. It's easy to make an npc immune to a debuff, but I feel like it's not really a big deal to be immune to just one. The chances of that kind of prefix impacting a player's experience much are pretty low.

    Spawning NPCs wouldn't be very tough - this is a solid suggestion. Easy to make it distinguishable by adding dust when it summons something, too.
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  17. Huggles

    Huggles Skeletron Prime

    Seems very interesting. Im gonna keep this mod in my watch list ;D.
  18. hotwatergamer

    hotwatergamer Terrarian

    Party animal should totally be super common! I want confetti everywhere!
    Suggestion: maybe a prefix that makes the enemy teleport like chaos elementals?
    or one that locks your camera or the way your facing? maybe that's too much...
    Finally, maybe eventually making a setting for rarity if some crazy person wants it to be incredibly likely for certain prefixes/suffixes? I don't know if that's possible though.
  19. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I think those items should be brand new accessories that drop with a certain chance based on the prefix (for example, think Volcanic. Maybe, unless this is really hard to code, an accessory could drop that made a fireball spawn when you get damaged). And no I haven't played Borderlands, but I see what you mean.

    I understand that you want this mod to be challenging, and yeah, debuff involvement could change up the game. For example, new fighting strategies could be developed if we know a boss could be prone to, say, ichor.
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  20. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    I've not been able to successfully decompile Terraria, so I don't have access to sections of code like chaos elemental teleportation. It's probably a lot more efficient than anything I'd make, and keeping things from teleporting into solid tiles would be a considerable amount of work going in blind. It's a good idea, though.

    People are always welcome to use tModReader to unpack this mod and mess with the code, then rebuild as a personal version. Rarity is all handled in a pretty simple way that would be modifiable even by someone who doesn't have a great understanding of coding. I don't plan to make some kind of interface to facilitate changing rarity because of this.

    I'm a pretty slow, bad spriter, so I probably won't be adding a wide variety of accessories like this unless someone wants to create sprites for them. Your example accessory would be pretty easy to code.

    I really like debuff vulnerability as a mechanic, and will be working on adding these in for the next update.