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PRIME Texturepack!


Skeletron Prime

Hello! I'm the creator of PRIME Texturepack.
Prime aims to keep vanilla's feel while looking much better.
So far we have ~700 textures done making us the second most complete original texturepack for Terraria.

Our Developers:

Extra Credits:
Mr e

Heres the link to join the discord and download:

Thank you Herbert for boosting our server!

I wont bore you with an essay, heres some screenshots:
Boys like you.png

Like it when its goin down.png

I got you.png

And I ain't trying to stop it now.png

Your body.png

Im getting it confused with love.png

My body.png




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Skeletron Prime
I have to join a discord server to download?
This looks good! I just.. Wish I didn't have to join yet another discord server to download it. :(
Theres many reasons we use a discord server, like easy tech support and being able to notify people when an update comes out if theyre interested. But yes thats the only way to download it. If you dont care for any updates and dont need help installing, youre totally free to just leave after you download


Official Terrarian
"Terraria: Jappa's Texture Update"

This pack is really good! These are as good as, if not better than the original textures!
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