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PC Pumpkin Moon Tips?


This is a couple hours after my 6th pumpkin moon, and I don't seem to be getting anywhere :nursesigh:
I've gotten to the 10th wave, but no drops but spooky wood
I have an arena and regen items, and I've been using a ridiculous amount of potions >_>
Haven't beaten Fishron yet, none of the Plantera/Dungeon weapons are strong enough
Help me stick to magic items please :u
Is it just RNG or am I doing something wrong? On the first solar eclipse I got 4 BHS and jumpy eye (what I didn't need) but no death scythe or moon thingie (what I wanted)
Specter Armor
Nimbus Rod (Deadly)
Magnet Sphere (Demonic)
Inferno Fork (Mythical
Wings (Lucky)
Magic Cuffs (Menacing)
Lightning Boots (Menacing)
Obsidian Shield (Still working on ankh) (Menacing)
Destroyer Emblem (Lucky)

I use magic power potion and menacing/lucky to "make up" for the 40% less damage

I have (Spare) :
All Plantera items
All Golem items
Spectre Staff
Terra Blade

I'm fine with reforging or farming for stuff :/ I have like 5 plat from the moons and farming.

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mmm I don't know about much about mages but I would change the boots for a sorcerer emblem since you're lacking damage and if possible an avenger emblem, and also when you get a blood moon go to a hallowed area to get the hallowed key mold, so you can get the rainbow gun, pretty fun and a good magic weapon...also if you have all items from the golem use the heat ray. and in the next pumpkin moon hope to get the bat scepter, pretty useful to kill the duke (which gives good stuff)


Skeletron Prime
Don't die

You arena is pretty basic , I think a more extensive one would suit you much better, just add on as many traps as you can while still making it reasonable. I think beating Fishron would be easier using a tactical shotgun w/ chlorophyte bullets, also don't forget to have a flat surface to run on while fighting, preferable a skybridge.


Duke Fishron
A large-scale, trap-heavy arena is hardly needed at all. All you really need is the following for Pumpkin Moon, and you can reach wave 15 just fine.

1. Wood platforms about 30-40 blocks in length, and about 25-30blocks above ground

2. Camp Fire and Heart Lamp. A tiny pool of honey may also be useful, at the same level as your wood platforms

3. Faliron + Beetle Scale + Ichor Flasks + any damage/crit boosts + Fishron Wings for speedy flight

4. Ironskin and Regeration Potions are handy.

And finally, don't forget to...

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Yrimir's arena CRUSHES the pumpkin moon, you dont even have to use what he had used.
He did frost moon but it has the same effect on pumpkin moon.


Duke Fishron
I just realized that you wanted to stick with Magic. Well... that changes things a bit, as the best you can really get DPS-wise pre-Moon is the Bubble Gun, but that also requires defeating Duke Fishron, AND trying to keep close range. Razorblade Typhoon is good, but because it's piercing, it won't always produce desired results. Therefore, using a mage on the Pumpkin Moon without a Bat Scepter can be tough. You could, however, use the Leaf Blower, which can be obtained from Plantera. It MIGHT be enough to get you passed wave 10, and therefore, give you a chance of getting the Bat Scepter.

That being said, try using the Leaf Blower in combination with Yirimir's arena that Coolgum15 suggested.


Heh.... I'm not nearly good enough to beat fishron without moon items XD, I did some of your tips ^>^ and I got bat scepter after my 13th try (yes,13th) and after about 9 plat of reforges I got it to godly :)

*After 3 times wrecking pumpkin moon to wave ~14
..... :dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused::dryadconfused: no more drops besides spooky twig, well dang I'm just going to go farm fishron :/ lets hope a world long skybridge made of asphalt can make up for my RNG and noobness
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