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the snow spirit

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Time to sharpen those swords, shine that armor, and reforge those accessories because, it's time for a PvP arena tournament! I need a few days to set up the stage, then the tournament can begin. Those who wish to help, my PSN is snow-obsidian

The rules are simple, either kill the opponent, or knock the player out of the layer and into the lava. There are some accessories that will be excluded, they are: wings or flying boots of any type, lava warders, lava charms, or shields. There are also some weapons that will not be allowed, they are: the picksaw, the north pole, the sniper rifle, and the blizzard staff because of its short range. Other weapons are allowed, but any homing weapons/ammo will not be allowed. Finally any recovery weapons/armor will not be allowed.

I need at least 4 friends for this event, any more and I will have to move the event's date/time for the extra people.
Yes it is still going, but I need help with it. You see, I need more people to participate, and to help me with the build.
I apologize for the long wait, but the good news is that the PvP arena is now complete. The bad news is, is that due to events happening tomorrow, I will set the event date to Monday, July 13, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET., or when I run out of friends to invite. This is going to be a good time to ask if you're going to participate, and if you're not on my friends list, send a request.

Now just a recap on how this is going to work, I will select 2 players and invite them in. When you get in there will be two teleporters, on for each side, pick one (two players cannot be in the same teleporter room.) When you get in the arena's waiting room stand right next to the door when I see both players by the door, I will unlock them. (I will be in a little pod above the stage where I control the rooms and the stage.) Stand between the two little bumps in the floor, and I will remove the bridges. Afterwards the fighting can begin.
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You're kinda late to be asking that, but no one came to the event on the date/time that I put in. So in other words, yes you may join, I will set it up tomorrow July 18 at 12:00 p.m. (afternoon) ET
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