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    Table of Contents:
    1. Intro
    2. Download
    3. Spriting
    4. To-Do
    5. Credits
    Hello, everyone! After the abandonment of both the original mod by @INFINITE POWER and the open-source rewrite by @Ardosos, as well as the closed-source format of the Rebranding mod by @BowToes, I've decided to write yet another version of the same mod.

    Quality of Life: Recipes intends to recreate, add to, and improve the recipes introduced by Quality of Life. Note that these are the recipes only. Gameplay tweaks and changes are not included, outside of vanilla recipe changes. The new mod uses the original sprites by INFINITE POWER and some code from Ardosos' version of the mod; otherwise, this mod has been written from the ground up.

    An up-to-date full table of recipes with icons can be found on the GitHub page.

    • Gold/Platinum Bar (x15) + Lens (x5) = Sextant
    • Gold/Platinum Bar (x8) + Iron/Lead Bar (x15) + Cloud (x15) + Snow Block (x15) = Weather Radio
    • Book + Armored Cavefish + Specular Fish + Neon Tetra + Bass + Trout + Atlantic Cod = Fisherman's Pocket Guide
    • Sweetheart Necklace + Star Veil = Sweet Star Veil
    • Frog Leg + Lucky Horseshoe = Frogshoe
    • Fart in a Balloon + Honey Balloon + Sharkron Balloon = Bunch of Balloons
    • Bunch of Balloons + Bundle of Balloons = Cloud of Balloons
    • Cloud of Balloons + Frogshoe = Cloud of Frogshoe Balloons
    • Lava Charm + Obsidian Rose = Lava Orb
    • Charm of Myths + Mana Regeneration Band = Lifeforce Bracelet
    • Toolbox + Toolbelt = Heavy-Duty Toolbox
    • Mana Flower + Celestial Cuffs = Celestial Flower Cuffs
    • Lava Waders + Frostspark Boots = Elemental Boots
    • Elemental Boots + Master Ninja Gear = Elemental Ninja Boots
    • Elemental Ninja Boots + Flower Boots + Gravity Globe = Atomic Ninja Boots
    • Atomic Ninja Boots + Cloud of Frogshoe Balloons = Atomic Cloud Boots
    • Angler Tackle Bag + Angler Hat + Angler Pants + Angler Vest = Angler's Fishing Gear
    • Utility Helmet + Nanites (x20) = Cybernetic Utility Helmet
    • Night Vision Helmet + Spelunker Potion (x20) = Caving Gear
    • Caving Gear + Mining Helmet = Mining Gear
    • Goggles + Hunter Potion (x20) + Dangersense Potion (x20) = Orange-Tinted Goggles
    • Orange-Tinted Goggles + Mining Gear = Utility Helmet
    • Life Crystal + Stone Block (x50) = Heart Statue
    • Mana Crystal (x3) + Stone Block (x50) = Star Statue
    • Gold/Platinum Crown + Stone Block (x50) = Queen/King Statue
    • Extractinator + Alchemy Table = Alteration Station
    • Black + Blue + Green + Purple + Red + Yellow Slime banners = Supreme Slime Banner
    • Ice + Jungle + Lava + Sand + Spiked Ice + Spiked Jungle Slime banners = Elemental Slime Banner
    • Elemental Slime Banner + Supreme Slime Banner = Ultimate Slime Banner
    • Angry Bones + Dark Caster + Cursed Skull banners = Dungeon Banner
    • Dungeon Slime + Blue Armored Bones + Rusty Armored Bones + Hell Armored Bones + Necromancer + Ragged Caster + Diabolist + Giant Cursed Skull banners + Dungeon Banner = Supreme Dungeon Banner
    • Paladin + Skeleton Commando + Skeleton Sniper + Tactical Skeleton + Bone Lee + Dungeon Spirit banners + Supreme Dungeon Banner = Ultimate Dungeon Banner
    • Goblin Archer + Peon + Sorcerer + Thief + Warrior banners = Goblin Army Banner
    • Alien Hornet + Alien Larva + Alien Queen + Storm Diver + Vortexian banners = Vortex Pillar Banner
    • Star Cell + Flow Invader + Twinkle Popper + Milkyway Weaver + Stargazer banners = Stardust Pillar Banner
    • Brain Suckler + Evolution + Nebula Floater + Predictor = Nebula Pillar Banner
    • Corite + Crawltipede + Drakomire + Drakomire Rider + Selenian + Sroller banners = Solar Pillar Banner
    • Pirate Captain + Corsair + Crossbower + Deadeye + Deckhand banners + Parrot Banner = Pirate Crew Banner
    • Zombie + Raincoat Zombie + Demon Eye banners = Undead Banner
    • Present Mimic + Flocko + Gingerbread Man + Zombie Elf + Elf Archer + Nutcracker + Yeti + Elf Copter + Krampus banners = Frost Moon Banner
    • Scutlix + Tesla Turret + Gigazapper + Ray Gunner + Gray Grunt + Brain Scrambler + Martian Walker + Martian Drone + Martian Engineer + Martian Officer banners = Martian Madness Banner
    • Scarecrow + Splinterling + Hellhound + Poltergeist + Headless Horseman banners = Pumpkin Moon Banner
    • Frankenstein + Swamp Thing + Vampire + Creature from the Deep + Fritz + The Possessed banners = Solar Eclipse Banner
    • Eyezor + Reaper + Butcher + Deadly Sphere + Dr. Man Fly + Nailhead + Psycho + Solar Eclipse banners = Supreme Solar Eclipse Banner
    • Mothron + Supreme Solar Eclipse banners = Ultimate Solar Eclipse Banner
    • Caving Gear uses 20 Spelunker Potions instead of 25.
    • Celestial Flower has been replaced with the Celestial Flower Cuffs.
    • Added recipe for Elemental Ninja Boots.
    • Atomic Boots have been changed to Atomic Ninja Boots.
    • Supreme Slime Banner uses the Black Slime Banner.
    • Elemental Slime Banner uses the Lava Slime Banner.
    • The Grand Design requires the Mechanical Ruler.
    • Undead Banner requires Raincoat Zombie Banner.
    • Master Fishing Gear has been removed.
    • Sharp Sea Necklace has been removed.
    • Removed most crafting recipes for rare item drops.

    Download the mod from GitHub ( (direct) or from the Mod Browser.

    v1.3.2 2019-04-19
    • Fix: restricted helmets/goggles to head slot only
    v1.3.0 2018-06-06
    • Added Atomic Cloud Boots
    • Added Angler's Fishing Gear
    • Added Frost Moon, Martian Madness, Pumpkin Moon, Solar Eclipse banners (thanks, Freedbot!)
    • Expanded banner tooltips
    v1.2.2 2017-12-08
    • Fix: Undead Banner including Demon Eyes
    v1.2.1 2017-11-06
    • Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.1
    v1.2.0 2017-07-27
    • Added mining armor bonus for Utility Helmet
    v1.1.2 2017-07-26
    • Changed sextant and weather radio crafting stations to table and chair
    v1.1.1 2017-07-24
    • Item descriptions are set using built-in game languages
    • Fix: Atomic Boots are now called Atomic Ninja Boots
    v1.1.0 2017-07-23
    • Added recipes for: heart/star/queen/king statues, sextant, weather radio, fisherman's guide
    v1.0.0 2017-07-23

    New sprites are needed! If you're a spriter and you're interested in contributing, check out this section for a list of sprites that need replacements.

    • Celestial Flower Cuffs
    • Atomic Cloud Boots
    • Dungeon Banner
    • Supreme Dungeon Banner
    • Ultimate Dungeon Banner
    • Equipped sprites for accessories
    • Inventory sprites for banners
    • Animated sprite for Alteration Station
    • Anything on the to-do list
    • Any of INFINITE POWER's original sprites

    Note that this to-do list is subject to change. Not everything will be implemented.

    • Biome banners
    • Solar Eclipse Banner
    • Martian Madness Banner
    • Pumpkin Moon Banner
    • Frost Moon Banner

    • @Freedbot for Solar Eclipse, Frost Moon, Pumpkin Moon, Martian Madness event banner sprites
    • @INFINITE POWER for the original QOL and sprites
    • @Ardosos for the code for the Alteration Station
    • @PyroSalamander for suggesting the Cybernetic Utility Helmet
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  2. Klein Bottle

    Klein Bottle Official Terrarian

    great mod, are you opened to more suggestions for combinations ?
  3. abluescarab

    abluescarab Skeletron Prime

    Absolutely! I do reserve the right to deny requests, though, for a number of reasons:
    • if I feel they might throw off the balance of the game;
    • if they're impossible to implement at the moment;
    • or if I feel that they wouldn't fit with the general idea of the mod.
    However, I'm open to most ideas, so let me know what you'd like!
  4. Untouchablekill

    Untouchablekill Official Terrarian

    Why the thought of a "Man" potion is funny, It should say mana ;D

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  5. abluescarab

    abluescarab Skeletron Prime

    Edit: @Untouchablekill, after a double-take, that is a typo in the QOL Rebranding mod by @BowToes, not mine. ;) But your report has pushed me to change how I set the tooltips of each item, so thanks anyway!
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  6. Untouchablekill

    Untouchablekill Official Terrarian

    No problem, I'll go ahead and shoot that report over to that thread then, glad I could help :p
  7. HermesHarbinger

    HermesHarbinger Terrarian

    Hello, are you still keeping this updated? The recipes that use the Heavy Work Bench don't seem to be functioning.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I messed up the one I was trying I guess. And the Fisherman's Pocket Guide uses the Bookcase instead of the Heavy Work Bench apparently. You might update your github to reflect this.
    Thank you for this mod, if nothing else it's so nice not to have to do 10000 fish quests and just hope you get the things you need.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
  8. abluescarab

    abluescarab Skeletron Prime

    Oops, I messed up the crafting stations of a couple items on the GitHub. I'll see about fixing it. Edit: Should hopefully be right now. Thanks for the heads-up, @HermesHarbinger.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
  9. Greasy Hippo

    Greasy Hippo Terrarian

    What exactly makes the cybernetic utility helmet better than the utility helmet?
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  10. Chen_IDY

    Chen_IDY Terrarian

    Hi!This is an interesting MOD.Can I translate this MOD into Chinese?
  11. abluescarab

    abluescarab Skeletron Prime

    The Cybernetic Utility Helmet is an accessory instead of armor, so you can free up your helmet slot. The Utility Helmet is also applied to the mining gear set bonus, though, so's up to you which one you want to use.
    Yes, you can. That would be great! Thank you!
  12. Chen_IDY

    Chen_IDY Terrarian

    Thank you for your permission. This is MOD which has been translated into chinese.

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  13. Pathetiquette

    Pathetiquette Plantera

  14. Muscar

    Muscar Terrarian

    Since the original Quality of life mod hasn't been updated and doesn't seem to work with terraria 1.3.5, does this somehow fix that or is it not for latest terraria at all? I REALLY want the original and this mod.
  15. onikwuthkro

    onikwuthkro Terrarian

    This is a good mod, btw I recommend setting up a page for the mod. Or at least link to this post ._.

    By the way, I suggest to make a new placable combining heart lantern and start in a bottle.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
  16. Yune

    Yune Skeletron Prime

    Hello @abluescarab , are you open to suggestions? if you are do you think you can add the shield of Cthulhu to the elemental boots? it has always bothered me that you can dash but not hit anything while doing it, I mean Bone Lee clearly dash and kicks your *** while hes at it.

    Thanks for the mod, it has always been on my list.