Weapons & Equip Quasar Pillars, Arms of Shiva, and the Endgame Thrower

Going a bit scientifically, in cosmology Vortex is used as a second name of Black Hole (Don't argue with me; I'm into astrophysics like no one else), thus Black Hole related things being just Vortex things. Vortex is ranged, so this theme is now occupied. Also, Vortex is in the center of the Quasar, so, you know... It wouldn't be really original.

Well, it is a split off of the range class anyway.

I'm just going to say one thing: nebula and stardust are the same. Nebulas form stars. Nebulas are made of stardust.

This would actually even further that, as summoner was a split off magic :p
This isnt op by any chance.This is endgame and still is outclasses by the Last Prism if this is in game.The last prism is the best weapon in terraria and cant be outclasses by anything but something even better than it.This isnt that item.
I always felt like there should just be the three basic classes that armors originally benefitted (Like the hardmode ore armors for Magic, Melee, and Ranged) then have three subclasses for each. Magic has Summoner, Ranged has Thrower, Melee possibly has something with yoyos or boomerangs. I would say the Arms of Shiva should at least throw their own throwable attack rather than copying your own.
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