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Story Quinn Silver


Hello Everyone! Welcome to Quinn Silver



Quinn Silver is a manga-styled comic using the custom Thick Shadow Border (TSB) art style.
Quinn Silver follows the story of an armature detective named Seiven William Quinn along with his younger sister Trovia Quinn, friends Aigren and Tiffany Deanteny
Please bear in mind that comics take a while to make as they are produced on Paint.net. Also, while storyline, locations, and key elements have already been predetermined and carefully thought out, this is a work of fiction so do not expect every tiny detail to be scientifically plausible. Every element within this comic was developed my @ArmyFrog so if you plan to borrow any ideas for your own work of art/literature, or a Terraria mod, please ask for permission (and I will almost always say yes as long as you credit me). With that out of the way, please enjoy Quinn Silver.

Labritorium Arc
Living within the Labritorium, a massive building able to contain a functioning society, Seiven Quinn one day hopes of leaving the building. As it is mentioned in his diary, the people of the village of Mar Vahria were forced to evacuate into the building after a loud explosion occurred some twenty two years ago. For what reason, no one seems to know, however, since the explosion, no one has been able to leave. Although wanting to leave the tower, Seiven has a bigger goal in mind: the whereabouts of his mother.

Chapter One: Seiven William Quinn
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