Terraria Makeship Series - Silver Armor

Greetings Terrarians!

We hope that everyone that was interested had a chance to pick up the Terraria x Makeship Hallowed Armor Plush late last year. Those should be shipping out just as soon as Makeship completes manufacturing, etc. In the meantime, we are pleased to reveal the second in our plush armor series with Makeship - Silver Armor!

The subject of Terraria's box/cover art for many years, Silver Armor has always been an iconic set - since the very early days of Terraria itself!

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Casting a shimmer all around from the sun glinting off of its polished surfaces, Silver Armor is the best way to adventure in style early on in the world of Terraria!

Taken straight from the iconic Terraria cover art, the Terraria Silver Armor plush includes a Silver Pickaxe as well as a Silver Bow – perfect for keeping enemies at bay as you delve deeper in search of ore and treasure. You can always strap the one you are not using to your back for safe keeping.

We think it looks pretty awesome - and we hope that you agree. To place your order or to find out more, click the banner/image above or the link below! We are already early in planning on what armor will be next... as well as other ideas.




Makeship utilizes a unique method for determining whether or not a plush gets manufactured and shipped out to players. Essentially, each campaign goes out as a preorder for a set period of time - for this campaign, that will be 21 days - and if the plush orders meet the minimum quantity needed (200), the plush gets made and shipped out to everyone that bought one. If it doesn't hit that level, then no one is out a dime - but sadly, our Silver Armor plush will only ever exist as a concept.

The short version:
  • The Silver Armor Plush will be available for preorder from today through the next 21 days
  • If Makeship receives at least 200 preorders, the plush will be manufactured and shipped to customers
  • If it does not hit that threshhold, then the plush will not be made, everyone gets their money back, and we will hope for better results on our next attempt.


That's pretty much everything to share on this campaign. We really want to see this one be a smashing success - because we think this plush is really cool, and we are really excited to make more armors in the future. Your support here will tell the tale on both fronts. So, if you like what you see and you think the Silver Armor plush might look great in your collection, pick yours up today!
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