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WIP Radiation biome


It's a biome that will be placed at one of the 3rd's of the world, it's like the crimson/corruption where it has a underground version of its self,
grass type: infected
Stone type: toxic stone
Tree type: deceased wood
Enemies: the Infected (Zombie type) Rad cockroaches (as tall as player)
The spitter (type of ranged zombie)

This is a work in progress


Skeletron Prime
A few things to consider as you add to this suggestion:
  • What reason would a player have to come to this biome?
  • Given the theme, would there be any sort of debuff or negative effect from coming here?
  • What does the biome look like?
  • What loot is available in chests, and how can it be obtained?
Also, it seems like more of a disease/plague themed biome than a radiation themed biome. If the latter was your original goal, you may want to adjust what you have or add more along those lines.
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