Random Chitchat Thread


Stardust Pillar
If you need to get the phone and charger of the ground you could aways get a small bench or stool to set it on
I've tried that with the heater (or whatever it's called, I don't feel like translating the dutch name) before, and it kept falling and just made it worse
and the reason my phone is as close to the ground as possible when charging is because otherwise, like all of my devices, it will not keep a stable connection to the thing it needs to have a stable connection to: the :red:ing charger
and then it'll have 20% the next morning


Eater of Worlds
really? I have a bunch. I don't use them but I do go on the website. my username over there is godzillafan 101. see if you can find me. just click it and go to latest posts
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