Relationships with NPCs + extra


Making a mod with this for 1.4. Coming after tmodloader goes to beta.

P.S. Since terraria is very combat-centric, I want to make primary rewards for good relationship with npcs to be them following you like a minion(without taking a minion slot obviously, they arent a projectile anyway) and a buff to their strength.
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Definitely is a neat feature to interact and improve bonds with the npcs just like harvest moon or animal crossing, Give gifts or special kind of items that improve our relationship with all the npcs in the game.

Depending on giving some items to sertain npc will increase or decrease bonds to them. for example you can't give an old shoe that you find by fishing to the dryad because she will throw the thing directly to you. but if you give nature's gift to her will increase interest in you.

The range of relationships can be like, friendship, love, hate or indiferent etc.

Must be a kinda of list where all the npcs are displayed where you can see the progress in relationship for every single npc you have unlocked.

Also, depending on the relationship you have to them, they will give you discounts or gifts, new fraces or if they hate you, refuses to sell you stuff, refuses to defend the village or even abandon it and you must wait for another npc to take the place of the one who left.

And we dont forget that maybe you can marry the npcs by giving an end game item if your bonds are strong enought.

Sry for the bad english.

also some PVP ideas:
Team Platforms:

Team Blocking Tiles:

Dash Block:

Instant death by touching Block:

Launching Pad:

Insta buffs by switch:

Weapons/ ammo
Early game Healer weapon:

Healing Ammo or Weapon:

Bad Prefixes on accesories:
I would love for the dryad to show visible anger towards me and all the horrible things I do to it. I hate the dryad and i want to hate me too. I agree with this suggestion.


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The main idea? Eh, I'd probably not add it in, or I'd add in a less complicated version of it because I do like the idea that your relationship with NPCs can change their prices. The overall idea just doesn't fit in with the theme/nature of Terraria.

The healer weapon ideas are decent, but it'd be much better if there was a singleplayer use to them.

The PVP idea though... I LOVE IT! It would definitely make for interesting Team PVP.


I agree that dating NPCs or Mobs(because I saw someone say they'd date a slime) this should be in a mod and not in the actual game. Because rewriting the wiki would be tiring id this was in the actual game and I agree that it'd be kind of like Steward valley and NPCs die remember and I already get extremely upset with the guide NPC opening the door so what's more if you build up a relationship with an NPC and then Skeletron prime spawns randomly and kills your beloved NPC and now the NPC forgets everything and has a different name AND YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN!

So yes this should be in a mod and not in the actual game. This is just my opinion on this I am dramatic.


And I'm pretty sure the since the leaves on the Dryad's body is part of the Dryad's body it pretty much means she's walking around the place naked. This is why the Dryad shouldn't be allowed to be around the angler. This also means the painter is painting naked paintings. I'm saying this because once again she's preventing me from mowing the lawn by hiding the lawn mower.


(Second one is just for joking around)
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i can see this going horribly wrong ppl would just date the draid or mechanic and we all know what stuff is made of them still it would be a fun little addition.
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