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Empress of Light
A big special thanks to the following:
@White (For helping me with Clock and Dresser class)
@W1K (For also helping with Clock Class)
@Bullseye55 and AvalonMod Team (For letting me use their Chest code)
@Yoraiz0r (For helping me with modding in general and for making tAPI)
@Pumpking (For helping me fix my Tile issues early on)
Re-Logic (For making a super awesome game called Terraria)
@bluemagic123 for making tModLoader and answering my questions throughout the process of porting.
@Snickerbobble for letting me use some of their awesome ideas and sprites!

The team for this mod consist of:
Me (Spriter/Coder)
@Snarferman (Spriter) (RETIRED: went on to make their own game)
@Anubscorpiak (Spriter/Idea Guy)


Ever wanted more furniture sets? Think there should be a certain piece of vanity or furniture in game?
Then this mod is for you!

Currently this mod adds 17 Furniture sets and will feature more. 1 Vanity Set, 6 armors, 20+ weapons, 14 Buffs, and 3 NPCS.
Test: Made with Perfectly Generic Object
Capture 2016-11-26 13_55_49.png

Tropical: Made with Palm Wood and Seashells
Capture 2016-11-26 14_48_27.png

Iris: Made with Weirdly Colored Petals
Capture 2016-11-26 20_47_41.png

Rose: Made with Weirdly Colored Petals
Capture 2016-11-26 18_04_21.png

Tulip: Made with Weirdly Colored Petals
Capture 2016-11-26 21_09_03.png

Elegant: Made with Porcelain (stone+clay)

Jam: made with Jam (any fruit+ empty bottle) at a Canning Station
Capture 2016-11-26 15_30_37.png

Stardust- made with Stardust Fragment Blocks at an Ancient Manipulator (Lighting is subject to change)
Capture 2016-11-27 00_07_49.png

Solar- made with Solar Fragment Blocks at the Ancient Manipulator
Capture 2016-11-26 23_21_36.png

Vortex- Made with Vortex Fragment Blocks at the Ancient Manipulator
Capture 2016-11-26 23_29_10.png

Nebula- Made with Nebula Fragment Blocks at the Ancient Manipulator
Capture 2016-11-26 23_49_28.png

Sandstone- made with Sandstone (raw not brick)

Sweets- made with Craft Candy at an Oven
Capture 2016-11-26 16_39_49.png

Shadow- made with Shadow Essence (Ebonstone and Cursed Flames)

Misc: (tiles that are a separate piece of furniture and do not have a corresponding set) Planter of Flowers (just throw a clay pot into the guide), Decorative Wine (crafted from Wine consumables and craft back),Decorative Pina Colada(same as the Wine)Decorative Ale. Buff/Health/Mana Potions (not including flasks for now)
Wine and Pina Colada are crafted at a keg with a Wine Glass and Coconut Cup respectively.
Capture 2016-01-25 18_13_11.png

Capture 2016-05-02 15_37_18.png
Capture 2016-03-22 15_49_05.png

Demon's Infermantle Armor = Late game Melee set, 100 defense total, set bonus combines some early hardmode armor set bonuses.
Super Scythe (melee)- 171 damage
Equinox Lantern (magic)- 180 damge
Hellfire Magnum (ranged)- 133 damage
Sun's Flare Staff (summoning)- 100 damage
Pallasite Kunai (throwing)- 55 damage

Magician Larrini's Armor = Late game Magic set, 63 defense total, set bonus allows for teleporting to cursor by double tapping the down key and more max mana and nebulas.
Sorceror's Sword (melee)- 180 damage
Magician Hat (magic)- 150 damage
Crystalline (ranged)- 180 damage
Elemental Card (summoning)- 100 damage
Magic Card(throwing)- 55 damage

Lord's Nature Armor = Late game Ranged set, 75 defense total, set bonus spawns a leaf crystal and changes depending on what biome you're in.
Energy Spear (melee)- 170 damage
Rosethorn (magic)- 110 damage
Flourish (ranged)- 125 damage
Veridian Tree Limb (summoning)- 100 damage
Plant Ball (throwing)- 55 damage

Windstar's Hero Armor = Late game Summoner set, 64 defense total, allows for more minions and a stardust guardian.
Divine Cosmos(melee)- 140 damage
Star Rod (magic) - 160 damage
Galaxicannon (ranged)- 201 damage
Shooting Star Staff (summoning)- 100 damage
Shooting Stariken (throwing)- 55 damage

Orion's Hunter Armor = Late game Throwing set, 20 defense total, thrown weapons that damage enemies have a chance to heal.
Brutal Chakram (melee)- 155 damage
Ghostly Sword (magic)- 120 damage
Arm Cannon (ranged)- 125 damage
Armed Insignia (summoning)- 90 damage
Throwing Axe (throwing)- 55 damage

Zillyhoo Armor = Hallowed Armor quivalent, has same stats as hallowed armor, set bonuses are similiar to hallowed armor.
Zillyhoo Wand (magic)- 48 damage
Ahab's Crosshairs (magic)- 48 damage
Flourite Octet (throwing)- 34 damage
Zillyhoo Rifle (ranged) - 45 damage
Zillyhoo Pistol (ranged) - 42 damage
Warhammer of Zilyhoo (melee) - 42 damage
Pop-a-Vrillyhoo (melee) - 50 damage
Zillyhoo Spork (melee) - 48 damage
Boring Katana (melee) - 57 damage
Zilyhoo Sword (melee) - 66 damage
Energized: makes you run faster
Dream State: a unique healing buff from the dream fountain


- Vanilla Potions (save imbue flasks for now)

- Vanilla Foodstuffs

- Vanilla Mirrors

- Vanilla platforms

- Test Furniture (Complete with platform)

- Tropical Furniture

- Iris, Rose, Tulip Furniture (Complete with platform)

- Elegant Furniture

- Jam Furniture (Complete with platform)

- Lunar Fragment Furniture (Complete with platform)

- Sandstone Furniture (Complete with platform)

- Sweets Furniture

- Shadow Furniture (Complete with platform)

-Crystal Furniture (Complete with platform)

- Apple Pie, Apple, Lemon, Lemonade, Lemon Bar, Apple Juice, Coffee, Wine, Pina Colada, Rye/Wheat Bread

- Beverage Brewer, Canning Station, Aegis Contraption, Dream Fountain

- Veridianite, Starlight, Pallasite, Mantillum Ore

- Nebula Orb

- Computer, Cook Book, Fridge, Oven

- Jellyfish Chandelier, Pufferfish Lantern, Kelp Lamp, Pearl Candle, Treasure Chest

- Derse and Prospit Banners

-Homestuck Aspect Banners

- Wood Lattice Walls (all woods except: mushroom, cactus, spooky, dynasty).

- Lunar Fragment Walls

- Perfectly Generic Wall

- Sweet Block/Wall

- Color Team Walls


· Decorative Potions and Foodstuffs

· Decorative Modded Consumables

· Consumables: Pina Colada, Wine, Apple Pie, Apple, Apple Juice, Cherry, Lemon, Lemonade, Lemon Bar, Jam (Fruit+Bottle at Canning Station, used for Jam furniture)

· Materials – Weirdly Colored Petals (currently crafted from Sunflowers by hand or at a workbench), Perfectly Generic Object (Gel, Dirt Block, and Cog at a Solidifier), Brass Bar (Tin/Copper and Iron/Lead at a regular furnace+ used for crafting dungeon lanterns and Brass Platform), Sugar (bought from the Grocer), Craft Candy (made from Sugar at the Oven, used for Sweets Furniture).

· Ore mentioned from above. You have to beat Moon Lord to get the Celestial Blossom to use for ore generation.

- Magician, Nature, Infermantle (Demon's), Windstar, Hunter, and ZIlly armor.

· Curtain- can be used as fashionable rope for your home. Made with Silk at Loom.

· Canning Station is made with wood.

· Oven is made with some wood and iron/lead bars.

· Beverage Brewer is Made with wires.

· Computer made with iron/lead bars.

· Fruit drops from trees.

· Wheat is made from Hay. Used for desserts and breads.

- Throwable Eggs, useful for knocking town npcs out of the way.


- Grocer: Doesn’t sell much for the moment. Can be spawned by having an Apple in inventory and proper housing available.

-Marble Elemental: renewable resource of marble from marble caves

Bubble- beginner mobs that spawn in the forest and ocean. Drops bubble blocks.

Flower Zombie- prehardmode zombie that drops Weirdly Colored Petals.
Q: How do you get apples?
A: You get them through Grandma for regular money. Grandma can move in after placing a cookbook (20 paper (crafted with wood by hand) at a bookshelf) in a suitable empty house.
Q: There's items that need Magic Beans to buy; where do I get those?
A: For the time being you get them from Green Capsules by right-clicking the Toy Vending Machine.
Q: Alright how do I get that?
A: Grocer must be moved in (the regular have an Apple with you in your inv.) and the world's evil boss must be downed, i.e. Brain of Cthulhu/Eater of Worlds.
Q: There's a Star biome mentioned does that gen or not?
A: It's manmade like a surface Mushroom biome; you get the biome blocks from Blue Capsules and don't worry you don't have to be a master builder or anything when making it.
Q: I got a Joker Card from fighting in a Hardmode Blood Moon what dropped it and what does it do?
A: It drops from Clowns at a 15% chance; it spawns Zillium underground which you can make armors and weapons out of (but you do need a Titanium/Adamantite Pick to mine them).
Q:I've used the Celstial Blossom and found the ores it generates but I can't mine it or craft it into anything.
A: Firstly you need a pick/drill with 210% power. Secondly you need Aegis Contraption (just toss Luminite Bars into the guide to see the recipe). Finally: Aegis contraption and Celestial Blossom ore are used to make upgraded stuff Post-ML and will mostly likely need something from earlier in the game.
Q: How would I report a bug in this mod?
A: I prefer bulletpoints if it's a complex/long bug. If it's something like "Hey is this supposed to float?" then you don't need to. It also helps to list other mods you're using so I can more accurately see what's causing the bug.
Q: How do I get Weirdly Colored Petals and a Trowel?
A: 2 ways of getting Petals: drop from most Flower Biome enemies or flower you collect with a Trowel. A Trowel is made with a Lead/Iron Bar at any workbench.

If you don't see an answer to your question here let me know and I'll add it to the FAQ. If you ask something that's on the FAQ without reading it then sorry I can't help.
Capture 2016-09-22 02_11_25.png

(Thread) - re arrange mod/thread info and update images.
(Mod) - begin work on Post-Moon Lord Bosses. Other stuff I'm forgetting currently.
-fixed ore spawn for celestial blossom and joker card (HOPEFULLY)
-Sweets and Elegant Furniture got a new look as well as some new tasty blocks and walls to go with them!
-Some weapons have new sprites
-Added a new currency: Magic Beans
-Added Grandma. She's your grandma! Why don't you visit her?! She can be moved in after you place a Cookbook(20 Paper (made from wood) at a Bookcase) down in a suitable housing and sells some farm related things.
-Grocer has a couple of new things to sell!
-A new item had been added: Fertilizer! *currently only makes saplings grow.
-A new surface biome has appeared: Floriana, the Not So Garden of Eden.
-While you need a new world for the biome to gen; don't worry as you can craft and obtain the blocks for the biome (Fertile Soil is 1/10 Dirt+1Fertalizer and Vinestone can be gotten from the new capsule).
-Added enemies to Stellaria and Floriana
-The Toy Vending Machine has some new colored capsules containing some nifty builder stuff
-Did I mention there's some new Living Wood/Leaf walls? (will add more in soonish)
-Oh and iron and lead bricks!
-Added two new flower types: Lotus and Tigerlily (Wands included, furniture to come soon!)
-There's 2 new growables: Hot Pepper and Ash Potato. Hot Pepper is grown on Jungle Grass while Ash Potato is gronw on.... Ash. Planters work too!
-New foods have been added! They give you some buffs for a time.
-Chill Machine added. Used for making a couple of the new foods.
-Sugar has more uses now.
-Buffed/Nerfed Flowerrific wand accordingly to new recipe.
-Upped Bubbles' spawnrate a touch. They drop some new stuff occasionally!
-Added new Keybrands; Starwood armor now has a hardmode counterpart: Astral Watcher
-Added Starlite Fragments
-Added Floralwood armor, weaponry, and a furniture set
-??? More stuff I may be forgetting
-Forgot to mention: crystal furniture and other vanilla themed platforms have been removed since vanilla has those now

-Added more bat lanterns that drop from their respective bats(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Added Eye Lamps that can be crafted with Lenses(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Wandering Eye, Twins, EoC have their own lamps/chandeliers(Thanks @Anubscorpiak)

- Ankh and its components can now be placed(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-The remaining regular fish aquariums have been added (Questfish Aquariums in the future maybe?)(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Display pieces for Giant Worm and Bone Serpents have been added and are occasionally dropped by them(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Bells have been added as decoration and even make a noise under certain conditions(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Ice and Magic mirrors now have Decorative Variants along with the Harp and Magical Harp(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Added Potion Bottles with variants (you can craft with a Bottle at a workbench.Also Thanks @Anubscorpiak ).

-Magic Weapons now have Decorative variants and can be placed(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Vanilla Powders and Dusts can be placed(Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Imbue Flasks now have Decorative Variants along with thrown waters( Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Test and Tulip furniture got a much needed resprite.

-Potion tiles also got a repsrite (Thanks @Anubscorpiak).

-Flask Bottle is available (pretty much the same as potion bottle in everything. Thanks @Anubscorpiak ).

-Bubble Popper MKI now makes a noise when swung.

-Fixed a bug where Post-MoonLord Ore would spawn after defeating Moon Lord instead of spawning after using the Celestial Blossom.

-Energy Spear also got a resprite (definitely more accurate in palette colors).

-Flower Boots are now craftable at a workbench with some Rich Mahogany, Weirdly Colored Petals, and a Sky Blue Flower.

-2 new fruits have been added: Watermelon and Orange (they aren’t used in anything yet, they do have decorative variants though so enjoy that for the time being (Thanks@Anubscorpiak .

-Grocer also sells Watermelon and Orange now.

-Added Moonsetter Furniture/Blocks/Wall(thanks @Anubscorpiak!)

-Added Starshine Furniture/Blocks/Walls (thanks @Snickerbobble!)

-Added Mob Related Tiles: (Key Mimic Chests, Worm Lamp, Bat Lantern, Hive Lamp, Snatcher Pot, Man Eater Pot, Blood Jelly Bowl, Fungo Bowl, Pinky Cage, Pixie Lamppost, Blue/Green/Pink Flame Wheel Lamps). Mimic Chests, Bat Lantern, Worm Lamp, and Hive Lamp are drops from their related mobs. To see the recipes for the rest give the Guide: Jungle Spore, Glowstick, Mushroom, Pink Gel, Dungeon Bricks, and Pixie Dust. (Thanks Anubscorpiak!)

-Informational Accessories, Movement Accessories (save wings), and Temple Key can now be placed and still give their respective informationals. (Thanks Anubsorpiak!)

- Added Combo Crafting Stations: Work Tables, Desks, Inventors Workshop, Architects’ Workshop, Living Weave Loom, Basic/Advanced/Master Kitchens, and Ancient Contraption.

-Resprited some stuff (they needed it honestly).

-Added More Bottle Lanterns with Buffs. (Thanks Anubscorpiak!)

-Moondust has been added and is crafted with a Fallen Star and a Dirt Block.

-Added Giant Alchemy Plantboxes (Thanks Anubscorpiak!)

-Added Aquariums and a Butterfly Collection Tile (Thanks Anubscorpiak!)

-Added some more Flower themed items: Flower Robe and Florist Bloom.

-Added a new weapon to deal with Bubbles: Bubble Popper MKI

-Moonsetter Plate blocks can be crafted at a Skymill with Moondust and Stone.

EDIT: Also attempted to fix marble elemental spawning in dungeons.
  • Rose, Iris, Tulip, and Flower-rific Wands have been added. ( All you need is Wand of Sparking, Respective Flowers, and some fallen stars).
  • Wand of Sparking has a recipe now. (Wood and Stars).
  • It's now possible to make coralstone (t's literally coral and stone) and seaweed planters (seaweed from fishing and flower pots).
  • a new food item has been made: Complete Breakfast. (requires Bacon, Egg, and Any Bread). Also has a Decorative version as well. Acts like a healing item, but be careful though it causes Potion Sickness.
  • A new mob has been introduced: Flowery Zombie. Drops a random amount of Weirdly Colored Petals.
  • Coins sounds have been taken out for now until ModOption is available.
  • Grocer now gives a hint on how to get Iris/Tulip/Rose and how to craft a Trowel.
  • Actually forgot to mention this last changelog: Lantern Fruit lanterns are in game and are made with any fruit and a torch.
  • Oh yeah not that this is too drastic but I slightly altered the energized buff in graphic and gameplay.
  • Added Cherry Pie and Fish Sticks (and their decorative variants) both are made with wheat at the confectioners' oven with cherry and fish respectively
  • Grocer now sells Eggs, a new throwing item for earlygame. Capable of damaging town npcs too. There's also a decorative variant.
  • Team walls have been added.
  • Bubble spawns a little less now.
  • You can craft Flour from wheat at a workbench.
  • Wheat and Fruit droprate have been decreased slightly (they were cluttering up a lot of chests and inventories).
- Bubbles have been nerfed and should be more managable.
- Resprited Stardust furniture set to look more appealing and less boring.
- Moon Lord now drops the Celestial Blossom for spawning the endgame ores (for those wondeirng yes it's 100% drop)
( -
  • Fixed Pop-A-Vrilyhoo not behaving like it should.
  • Added a Vending Machine for Drinks (you just need iron/lead bars)
(1.5.2) -“I warned you about the updates bro. I told you dawg.”Update

Added Platforms for modded furniture sets (Save Elegant and Tropical because they can use marble and palm platforms respectively)

Added the rest of the ore weapons mentioned for melee, magic, ranged, and summoner.

Added Shadow Furniture set (Corruption Flesh furniture set equivalent) and Shadow Extraltar (you’ll need some demonite, cursed flames, and ebonstone

Added 2 new armor sets and their ores. An endgame Thrower set (stats for it are subject to change in the future) and a new Hallowed armor equivalent complete with its own weapons.

Added a new item to spawn ore for hallowed set equivalent.

You can now get the flowers by having a Trowel in your inventory. To craft a Trowel you need at least 1 lead or iron bar at a workbench or anvil.

Changed Cherry Bomb recipe to have it crafted with 5 Cherries and 3 Torches.
(1.5.1)- -Nature Armor now has a set effect.
-Magician, Windstar (thanks @Snarferman for sprite !), and Infermantle Armors have set bonus now and are added into the mod.
-Added new weapons: Star Rod(Starlight), Energy Spear(Veridanite), Magician Hat(Mantilum), Rose Thorn (Veridanite) (thanks @Scarecrow for sprite!).
-Added Cherry Bomb; a new way to get explosives for mining.
-Added pickup sounds to the vanilla coins (Wind Waker Rupee noises anyone?)
-Added Platforms for: Lihzahrd, Flesh, Frozen, and Dynasty Furniture Sets.
-You can now obtain Wheat by cutting grass.
-Tulip, Rose, and Iris flowers can be obtained by the same method as Wheat and are now used for crafting Weirdly Colored Petals.
- Oh yeah some Tropical furniture pieces got a much needed resprite.
(1.5) -Grocer has been readded and sells Sugar and Sweet Blocks (for now).
-Added Sweets themed furniture set (sprited by @Snarferman!).
-Craft Candy is made from Sugar at the Oven and is used to make the Sweets Furniture set.
- 4 new ores now generate after Moon Lord’s defeat.
- Currently there is only one armor set you can make and it’s made from Verdanite.
- Nature’s Armor Set is now available and is centered around range. Does not have a set bonus just yet.
- Paper Lantern and Log Table have been added.
- Treasure Chest, Jellyfish Chandelier, Pufferfish Lantern, Pearl Candle, and Nautical Chair have been added.
- Aegis Contraption has been added and does something special when you right click it. Made from Luminite Bars and Fallen Stars.
-Dream Fountain had been added. Does not have a purpose yet. Crafted with 1 of each fountain type from witch doctor and 10 fallen stars.
( Added Brass Bar, Log Bench, and Nebula Orb.
(1.4.2) Added Sandstone Furniture, Cook Book, Fridge, and Phantom Thief Vanity.
( added breads,apple pie, and two new decorative banners (Thanks @BloodstainedAngel !)
(1.4.1) Added Stardust Furniture Set. Added Solar Furniture set. Added Vortex Furniture Set. Added Nebula Furniture Set
-Sinks have been added
-Perfectly Generic Object is now crafted at a solidifier
-Porcelain stuff is no longer crafted at a furnace
-added new mirrors for the vanilla sets
-added new food and potion tiles
-Chests are now their own tiles
-Everything has been updated for 1.3+
-Grocer NPC has moved onto better pastures and tells how to make a beverage brewer (Wirex10 @ Workbench)
-Computers are now made with lead/iron bars and some wire
-Jam is the only Furniture Set to require a special station
-Canning Station crafting has been made less expensive and only requires 20 wood to make.
(1.3.1 x 2 combob)- built for r16 tAPI. Ottoman and Computer have been added. Just toss silk and iron/lead for those 2.
(1.3.1)- Added Jam Furniture, Jam (consumable and tile), Laminated Floor block and wall variants, Silk Carpet, and Canning Station (just throw some wood or tin cans into the guide). Also made Seaweed Planters craftable.
(1.3)- Added Elegant Furniture, Porcelain, Coffee consumable and tile, rest of foodstuffs I forgot have been added as tiles, added Mirror furniture pieces for each set.
( All 1.2.3+ Foodstuffs and Potions as tiles. Made an Alt Wall for Living Wood which is made at Living Loom.
(1.2.2)- Added Beverage Brewer (no use at this time), Added Placeable potions (potions before 1.2.3, Added Flower blocks and their respective walls, Grocer now sells appliances (and some crafting stations along with new items in the sweets shop). Removed Crafting Groups to prevent further crashing. Made another variant of Planter of Flowers. Added Flower Blocks/Walls (I forgot to put this in last time, whoops.)
(1.2.1)- Added Placeable Soup, Pumpkin Pie, Lesser and Regular H/M/R Potions (thank you Snickerbobble), Perfectly Generic Block and Wall. There is a new NPC called the Grocer (hint you need something from the trees for him to move in) he doesn't sell much for now.
(1.2)- Added Iris,Rose, and Tulip furniture sets, tweaked Test and Tropical furniture sprites again, Perfectly Generic object has been added and is crafted with cogs, dirt, and gel. Flower Petals have been added to make the new furniture sets: Blue Flower Petals are crafted from Waterleaf and Moonglow, Red are crafted from Deathweed and Fireblossom, and Yellow from Daybloom and Sunflower. Made Cogs craftable from Copper/Iron/Lead or Tin/Iron/Lead. Decorative Ale added. The mod finally shows what version (I forgot to put that in before, oops) it is. Added Wooden Lattice Walls (you can craft them in the 6 wood variants at a workbench like you would with regular walls
(1.1.3)-Fixed Lightsources not having 2 tile states (there had to be an on and off sprite of said lightsources) tweaked the tropical furniture sprites again for more contrast.
(1.1.2)-Added Coconut Cup (palm wood at a workbench),added Pina Colada,added Decorative Pina Colada.
(1.1.1)-Tweaked the Tropical furniture sprites to not blend in so much with one another.
(1.1)- Added Tropical furniture set,Added Wine (consumable and decorative),Fixed a few graphical anomlies with the Test Door(Door did not fill 16x16 frames all the way), Seashells are craftable by coral at a work bench for the new set.
Release(1.0)- Added Test Furniture and Planter of Flowers
tModLoader Version

There's also a discord chatroom for the mod now!

Wanna support the mod? Just copy and paste the banner into your signature!

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Will their be blocks, walls, and fences?
Yes there will (probably mostly walls and fence than will be blocks). I haven't delved into that part just yet, but I'll see if I can't get a few blocks/walls sprited and coded within the next week or so.
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Put a poll up re-guarding me updating the mod.
I haven't thought about an update schedule for this mod just yet (with college and other reasons tossing me around the field).
Hello, despite this mod having a great deal of potential it isn't finished therefor it should be in the WIP section of the forums, not the released. If you'd move this discussion to the Works-in-Progress forum that would be great. If you choose to do so and your discussion is completely moved over you should ask a moderator to lock this discussion. Thank you, Ranch the Unofficial Moderator.
There were quite a few mods I've seen in the released section the have [WIP][Released] in the title. I have made the decision to release my mod to the public, but also have marked it for updating (as ideas keep coming). I hope this message does not come across as horrible and is only meant to be informative.
I figured I have no place telling you to delete your discussion, I looked over the rules and came to the conclusion that you were "gucci". Keep on keeping on man!
The Tropical Furniture sprites have been tweaked. I tried adding a few new items in the process but it made tAPI crash hard so I had to remove them :sigh:
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