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tModLoader (Released-WIP)The Nightmare Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by --Elias--, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. --Elias--

    --Elias-- Pixel Pirate

    Hello everyone! Here I bring you the Nightmare Mod! Elias Avatar Smirk.png
    For now, it adds a Hard-Mode Thrown Progression. In later updates, I plan to add Post Moonlord weapons and bosses!

    Egyptian Items

    Ancient Egypt Fragment
    ropped by Basilisks
    Electrum Bar
    -Crafted with Ancient Egypt Frags, Souls of, and Gold/Platinum Bars
    -Used to craft Egyptian Items
    Anubis' Gauntlet
    -Increased thrown stats!
    Egyptian Scarf
    -Increased thrown Crit!
    Egyptian Vase
    -Summons an Egypt Being to follow you around!
    Fossil Shuriken
    -Crafted with Shurikens and Souls of Night
    Explosive Kunai
    -Crafted with Bone Throwing Knives, Grenades, and Souls on Light
    Anubis Armor
    - +18% increased throwing damage
    - +15% thrown critical strike chance and velocity
    SetBonus : Bonus LifeRegen

    Shredding Items

    Shredder Claw

    -Throw out metal claws
    Shredding Ninja Armor
    - +22% increased throwing damage
    - +15% thrown critical strike chance and velocity
    SetBonus : Immunity to knockback

    Eclipse Items

    Eclipse Fragment
    ropped by mothrons
    -Used to craft Eclipse Items
    Ecliptic Dagger
    -Homes in on enemies
    -Non consumable
    Eclipse Glaive
    -Bounces like LightDiscs
    -Non consumable
    Eclipse Armor
    - +27% increased thrown damage
    - +17% thrown critical strike chance
    - +36% thrown velocity
    SetBonus : Greatly Boosted Movement Speed

    HadeFlame Items
    -Dropped by Red Devils
    HadeFlame Bar
    -Crafted with HadeFlame and Chlorophyte
    -Used to craft HadFlame Items
    -Applies debuff to enemies
    Hade PitchFork
    -Applies debuff to enemies
    -Shoots out 2 per swing
    HadeRune Cards
    -Non consumable
    -Applies debbuff to enemies
    -Shoots out 3 piercing cards
    HadeFlame Armor
    - +22% increased thrown damage
    - +22% thrown critical strike chance
    - +35% thrown velocity
    SetBonus : All thrown weapons apply "Haded"

    Celestial Items
    Orion Fragment
    -Crafted with 1 of each fragment (makes 4)
    -Used to craft Orion Items
    Orion Khopesh
    -High piercing
    -Applies "Ichor" debuff
    Orion's Gauntlet
    -Throws 2 constellations that explode on impact
    -Non consumable
    Orion Tools
    -Same as the lunar tools
    Orion Soarer
    -Extemely fast wings

    Last 2 items have a 10% chance to drop from MoonLord (MUAHAHA MOAR FARMING)
    Celestial Planet Slicer
    -Homes in on enemies
    -Slight Piercing
    Hand of the Moon
    Orion Armor
    - +44% increased thrown damage
    - +35% thrown critical strike chance
    - +45% thrown velocity
    - +LifeRegen
    SetBonus : All thrown weapons summon "Phantom Daggers" upon hitting an enemy
    (Plus an extra bonus for convenience! Find that out yourselves :cool::p)

    Mutant Items
    Mutated Chunk
    -Crafted with Ectoplasm, HadeFlame, Beetle Husks, and Glowing Mushrooms
    -Used to craft Mutant Items
    Plasma Gun
    -Fires red plasmas
    Deadpool's Sai
    -throw out Sais
    Deadpool's Katana
    -Fast Swinging sword
    -Special RClick
    Deadpool's Scpetre
    -Shoots something cool!
    Chimichanga Cannon
    -Go see for yourself!
    Mutant Spandex Armor
    -A LOT of LifeRegen
    -Increased damage and crits!

    Universal Items
    -give one of the fragments to the guide...
    UniversalMask.png UniversalGuard.png UniversalGreaves.png


    -Boom Stick mount
    -Dropped by Mourning Wood

    Misc. Items
    MiscItems.png ExcaliKnives.png
    Dragon Knife
    -Crafted with Dragon Bone (dropped by Basilisks)
    Devil Arm
    -Dropped by Hell Armored Bones

    -Throws Red Orbs that explode into Demon Skulls
    Razor Aqua Shuriken
    -Dropped by Duke Fishron with a 25% chance
    -Throws piercing water shurikens
    -Crafted with Souls of Fright and Hallowed Bars
    Brain of Aggression
    -Crafted with Brain of Confusion
    -17% increased damage!
    (Brain of Confusion sucks too much in comparison to the worm scarf TBH)
    Bavy Wyvern
    -Pet, dropped vy Wyvern
    -Crafted with Excalibur and Mechanical Souls

    Unobtainable / Cheat Items
    -If you use cheat sheet, you will notice a large amount of items that are currently unobtainable
    Here are the reasons :
    --Only for Testing
    --I'm figuring out a balanced way to obtain them
    --They don't work out like I want them to
    --I want them to come out in the next update
    Some Stuff!

    Currently Working on
    -Vanities & References (mostly from DMC)

    -ReLogic for making Terraria
    -bluemagic123 for making tmodloader
    -Snrasha for IMMENSE help
    Feedback on what to change is accepted!

    UPDATE 10-23-16
    Check the ModBrowser!


    Keep checking this page!
    Elias Avatar Smirk.png

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    Last edited: Oct 23, 2016
  2. Burst

    Burst Golem

    Nice mod. Is it already on tModloader?
  3. --Elias--

    --Elias-- Pixel Pirate

    trying to publish, but it doesn't say. For now I'll put up a dropbox link, wait a li'l bit :)
  4. Burst

    Burst Golem

  5. --Elias--

    --Elias-- Pixel Pirate

    Can you check if the links works?
  6. Burst

    Burst Golem

    I have to register first... How about Mediafire?
  7. SteveisNoob

    SteveisNoob Pixel Pirate

    Google Drive should also work, just set the file publicly visible
  8. --Elias--

    --Elias-- Pixel Pirate

    Just placed a ZIP file instead :p
    This way external sites aren't needed
    Yuyutsu and SteveisNoob like this.
  9. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out!
  10. General Milky

    General Milky Terrarian

    >a reason to visit Hardmode underground desert

    About time!
    --Elias-- likes this.
  11. Jack Macleod

    Jack Macleod Eye of Cthulhu

    Gr8 mod m80, 8 out of 8 would r8 again (nah but seriously this mod is awesome)
  12. EmeraldXLapis

    EmeraldXLapis Terrarian

    Such a great mod! KEEP IT UP MAN!!! :D
  13. Mechantera

    Mechantera Official Terrarian

    THANK YOU! Finally, someone finished the throwing progression that Thorium missed out on.
    Huggles likes this.
  14. Yah it here already
  15. Huggles

    Huggles Skeletron Prime

    Looks really really really good. Ty for finishing le throwing progression that thorium missed out.
    Mechantera likes this.
  16. FireFlyTerraria

    FireFlyTerraria Terrarian

    Wow! This looks awesome! Can't wait to try this out when I'm done with my yo yo play through, but this looks super awesome! I think it needs a few pre HM armors, super great otherwise!

    MISSINGNO Terrarian

    the sprites really wow me, looks like a great mod for something just recently published
  18. KingSora

    KingSora Terrarian

    Look great! Can't wait to try this one out!
  19. Unfortunately, while trying to run this mod, most of the in-game UI disappears.
    * I lose the mouse cursor.
    * Pressing escape just freezes the player in place until I let go. The inventory doesn't open at all.
    * Chat window and messages don't appear

    However, everything seems to work fine if I load it along side Thorium.
  20. Spoopyro

    Spoopyro Skeletron

    I love the sprites so much and they look like they belong in the vanilla, But I feel like it needs one thing to make it perfect.
    The throwing weapons should look like they break when they land on a tile, like the shurikens. They just disappear and it looks kinda bad.