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tModLoader (Released-WIP)The Nightmare Mod


Pixel Pirate
Hello everyone! Here I bring you the Nightmare Mod!
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For now, it adds a Hard-Mode Thrown Progression. In later updates, I plan to add Post Moonlord weapons and bosses!

Egyptian Items

Ancient Egypt Fragment
ropped by Basilisks
Electrum Bar
-Crafted with Ancient Egypt Frags, Souls of, and Gold/Platinum Bars
-Used to craft Egyptian Items
Anubis' Gauntlet
-Increased thrown stats!
Egyptian Scarf
-Increased thrown Crit!
Egyptian Vase
-Summons an Egypt Being to follow you around!
Fossil Shuriken
-Crafted with Shurikens and Souls of Night
Explosive Kunai
-Crafted with Bone Throwing Knives, Grenades, and Souls on Light
Anubis Armor
- +18% increased throwing damage
- +15% thrown critical strike chance and velocity
SetBonus : Bonus LifeRegen

Shredding Items

Shredder Claw

-Throw out metal claws
Shredding Ninja Armor
- +22% increased throwing damage
- +15% thrown critical strike chance and velocity
SetBonus : Immunity to knockback

Eclipse Items

Eclipse Fragment
ropped by mothrons
-Used to craft Eclipse Items
Ecliptic Dagger
-Homes in on enemies
-Non consumable
Eclipse Glaive
-Bounces like LightDiscs
-Non consumable
Eclipse Armor
- +27% increased thrown damage
- +17% thrown critical strike chance
- +36% thrown velocity
SetBonus : Greatly Boosted Movement Speed

HadeFlame Items

-Dropped by Red Devils
HadeFlame Bar
-Crafted with HadeFlame and Chlorophyte
-Used to craft HadFlame Items
-Applies debuff to enemies
Hade PitchFork
-Applies debuff to enemies
-Shoots out 2 per swing
HadeRune Cards
-Non consumable
-Applies debbuff to enemies
-Shoots out 3 piercing cards
HadeFlame Armor
- +22% increased thrown damage
- +22% thrown critical strike chance
- +35% thrown velocity
SetBonus : All thrown weapons apply "Haded"

Celestial Items

Orion Fragment
-Crafted with 1 of each fragment (makes 4)
-Used to craft Orion Items
Orion Khopesh
-High piercing
-Applies "Ichor" debuff
Orion's Gauntlet
-Throws 2 constellations that explode on impact
-Non consumable
Orion Tools
-Same as the lunar tools
Orion Soarer
-Extemely fast wings

Last 2 items have a 10% chance to drop from MoonLord (MUAHAHA MOAR FARMING)
Celestial Planet Slicer
-Homes in on enemies
-Slight Piercing
Hand of the Moon
Orion Armor
- +44% increased thrown damage
- +35% thrown critical strike chance
- +45% thrown velocity
- +LifeRegen
SetBonus : All thrown weapons summon "Phantom Daggers" upon hitting an enemy
(Plus an extra bonus for convenience! Find that out yourselves :cool::p)

Mutant Items

Mutated Chunk
-Crafted with Ectoplasm, HadeFlame, Beetle Husks, and Glowing Mushrooms
-Used to craft Mutant Items
Plasma Gun
-Fires red plasmas
Deadpool's Sai
-throw out Sais
Deadpool's Katana
-Fast Swinging sword
-Special RClick
Deadpool's Scpetre
-Shoots something cool!
Chimichanga Cannon
-Go see for yourself!
Mutant Spandex Armor
-A LOT of LifeRegen
-Increased damage and crits!

Universal Items
-give one of the fragments to the guide...


-Boom Stick mount
-Dropped by Mourning Wood

Misc. Items

Dragon Knife
-Crafted with Dragon Bone (dropped by Basilisks)
Devil Arm
-Dropped by Hell Armored Bones

-Throws Red Orbs that explode into Demon Skulls
Razor Aqua Shuriken
-Dropped by Duke Fishron with a 25% chance
-Throws piercing water shurikens
-Crafted with Souls of Fright and Hallowed Bars
Brain of Aggression
-Crafted with Brain of Confusion
-17% increased damage!
(Brain of Confusion sucks too much in comparison to the worm scarf TBH)
Bavy Wyvern
-Pet, dropped vy Wyvern
-Crafted with Excalibur and Mechanical Souls

Unobtainable / Cheat Items
-If you use cheat sheet, you will notice a large amount of items that are currently unobtainable
Here are the reasons :
--Only for Testing
--I'm figuring out a balanced way to obtain them
--They don't work out like I want them to
--I want them to come out in the next update
Some Stuff!



Currently Working on
-Vanities & References (mostly from DMC)

-ReLogic for making Terraria
-bluemagic123 for making tmodloader
-Snrasha for IMMENSE help
Feedback on what to change is accepted!

UPDATE 10-23-16
Check the ModBrowser!


Keep checking this page!
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Wow! This looks awesome! Can't wait to try this out when I'm done with my yo yo play through, but this looks super awesome! I think it needs a few pre HM armors, super great otherwise!
Unfortunately, while trying to run this mod, most of the in-game UI disappears.
* I lose the mouse cursor.
* Pressing escape just freezes the player in place until I let go. The inventory doesn't open at all.
* Chat window and messages don't appear

However, everything seems to work fine if I load it along side Thorium.


I love the sprites so much and they look like they belong in the vanilla, But I feel like it needs one thing to make it perfect.
The throwing weapons should look like they break when they land on a tile, like the shurikens. They just disappear and it looks kinda bad.
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