Require a right click to slope blocks with a hammer.

The Storm

Have you ever tried to remove a wall but there's a block in the way and you accidentally slope the block? Or perhaps vice versa? Well a simple fix would be to make hammers function like this:
Left click: Destroy walls
Right click: Slope blocks
This is just a small little suggestion this time but anyone else relate to this?
(Also this is the 2000th discussion in this sub board, what an achievement)
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Teh Manticore

Mmmm! There was something I was trying to hammer and I kept removing the wall. Turned out the thing I wanted to toggle wasn't toggleable, but separating the two functions sounds like a great idea.


A simple, eloquent solution to a frequent irk of mine. You *never* want to do both at once, always one or the other, so it's frustrating when the behavior is a bit ambiguous.


Official Terrarian
That sounds like something that would help in me building things, and if you can make this a mod then I would LOVE to try it out.
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