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Adventure Revenge! - An Epic Adventure Map! [Pre 1.2]


Official Terrarian
  • Read all signs before opening chests.
  • You can buy from vendors. The only things you can't buy are Dynamite, Bombs, etc. No explosives. And no buying picks, etc.
  • No tools. They will be provided as needed.
  • No crafting. You will at times be needed to place blocks, you shouldn't have problems needing to take them out though.
  • Not really a rule, just a little tid bit of advice: From seeing/hearing of some really sucky attempts at the Eye of Cthulhu boss, I've noticed it because people were getting to the Eye with only the 150 arrows you started with from the castle. It's because some people do not know barrels can be opened like chests. In the village of survivors there is a barrel with a big bundle of Fiery Arrows, and if you miss those arrows the Eye of Cthulhu fight is next to impossible. So, please, look in all the barrels in the survivors village, it's for your own good!
  • Put the world file into your Worlds folder. Instructions here.
  • Do not create a new character. I've supplied a character with the necessary starting items. Put him in your Players folder. His name is Rivers. Follow the same instructions for installing the world but put him in your "Players" folder.
    • If you can't find the Player file, please make sure you downloaded the Single Player version. It can be found at the link below, then clicking "Other Downloads".
  • Due to only one person needing the map, all multiplayer players need to create a new character.
  • Up to 4 players can adventure their way through.
Special thanks to scaryguy334, Boarden, AndrijaG1, Rarity, and Kiko-Maxx for beta testing.
Change log:
v1.0.1 - Fixes some missing walls and some typos. If you see more typos let me know!

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Don't forget to "like" it, or tell me off below. ;)

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Official Terrarian
I don't see the player file...
When you go to the download page, click "Other Downloads" towards the middle of the screen, above the description. Then download the "Single Player" version. There's a player file in that download.

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